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  1. Yes, it’s down temporarily for security reasons.
  2. Lost more work than I thought. Still fighting to restore stuff, but lots needs to be redone from scratch. Depressing. Need a better backup routine (and discipline).
  3. There are a few in HU‘s XTRAS, several .max files for maps, weapons, characters. Don‘t recall if there are vehicles, too.
  4. Despite the recent setbacks, mod work is almost back on track, albeit quite a bit behind schedule. Will be tough to make up for the lost work and time, put I‘ll push on trying to at least get some form of “teaser” out the door (relatively) soon.
  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Rocky.
  6. Finally, after days of struggling, my Mac is humming along again. I‘ll be taking a break before I resume modding... which probably means I‘ll start working on HU right after I had some coffee, a couple of cigarettes, and some playtime with my dog. Ghosts never surrender.
  7. Tough couple of days. System troubles. Lost a ton of work. May need a break, once I get the machine up and running again. Apple is not what it used to be.
  8. Been trying to update the wrapper again, but SIP / Gatekeeper / code signatures and notarization drive me insane. Apple has completely lost its way. Nothing just works anymore, everything is a drag. So sad.
  9. Ouch. Keeping my fingers crossed! Hope you got a backup, just in case?
  10. Nobody needs to tolerate anything. If the mod is "intolerable" for you, don't download it. Again, if they don't want to, they don't have to. No one is forcing you to download anything. If that was the main goal, I wouldn't be modding a hardcore tactical shooter that is almost twenty years old. Just wait and see. I think I'll find a nice solution.
  11. I won’t even touch FOV changes, sorry. Release is still way off. Too much work to be done.
  12. The full version will still be 80 GB, though.
  13. Okay, mipmapping has been fixed, automated compression is underway for another downsizing test. Looking good so far. I may be able to squeeze a compact HU version into about 20 GB install size. How‘s that for “lite”? 🙂
  14. It looks like mipmapping any RSB with Alpha 1 and materials alphas is a bad idea, irrespective of DXT compression, it just becomes more visually obvious with DXT. Will have to brush up on javascript some more, but should get this fixed soon.
  15. With a bit of javascript support, batching Photoshop is back on the menu. 🙂
  16. Correction: The problem is NOT the alpha 1 channel, but additional alpha channels for material surface properties.
  17. Back to HU, I had hoped for automating DXT texture compression via batch (which would still take weeks), but apparently compressed ARGB (alpha channel) RSB with embedded mipmaps cause unsightly clipping errors, and there’s no way to filter them out. Back to the drawing board we go.
  18. This is not really my expertise, as I don’t use altered game cams, but here’s what I can tell you. Richard‘s FOV mods where created with Cheat Engine, which allows injecting altered code into the memory space of a running executable (that‘s why such a mod often gets flagged as virus / trojan horse). Cheat Engine doesn’t really require any programming knowledge, but changing e.g. game camera perspective involves a lengthy process of finding the memory registers where the POV is stored and then changing its contents until you find the perspective you want. A good place to start would be to run Cheat Engine during (single player) gameplay and look what happens when using the “official” way to switch cameras in GR’s “observer mode”, which is done with respective key bindings (by default F2 to toggle observer mode, then F1 to switch cameras). It’s not a trivial undertaking, and IIRC Richard spent a lot of time adding more than just a new default FOV, but also new perspectives for leaning / peeking etc.
  19. Still learning what this old game can do. Loads of under-the-hood changes incoming. Lots of new dev notes, too. We have pz3 returning to GR modding (and 3dsm modeling - this WILL get interesting indeed), and it looks like Zee is rejoining our GR modder ranks, too. Oh yes, things are getting a lot more interesting. Meanwhile, HU has passed the 80 GB mark, but I plan for at least one „light“ version (~ 20 GB) for those with limited bandwidth or low on disk space.
  20. Things are getting more and more interesting. 🙂
  21. So, after days of calculations the VRAM budget works in theory. Will have to try and see if the maths adds up in-game. Please keep your fingers crossed!
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