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  1. Ghillie suit and a SR25 and you are done! Love that map.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGj5IR2sGa4&feature=player_detailpage
  3. Yep, that's the idea About SOAF, don't even bother with that, it's a bad Ghost Recon + Raven Shield mashup brought to the lowest denominator,
  4. Can't you put the different armor types as the classes and then include all kits to all them?
  5. How I envy you. Here this beauty would cost around R$135k-180k (US$67k-90k) (without adding the taxes!) Even if it was officialy imported by Ford, it would still end costing a lot.
  6. I watched some of those, but not all 13. I think some of the footage are post collored.
  7. Was going to post it Ledanek, saw it on Facebook. Amazing stuff. This really got me interested now, never saw a game that could offer me these options bundled with the so wanted realism.
  8. What actually the issue? Jokes aside, I had the same problem. It kept saying me the post was empty.
  9. Every politician that got involved in WW2 battle plans and general frontline tactics failed. Thank god Hitler wanted to voice his opinion and the reich had to obey.
  10. Norton won't catch anything because it's not a 'virus' in the common sense. It's a change in the registry. EDIT: I tried to replicate it, cliked the link at google search several times. Nothing different happened.
  11. Yep, it's a known virus (specifically an adware). It's commonly not dangerous, just annoying.
  12. Nice. Here's summer. 28ºC now. Friday we will probably reach the peak this week at 34ºC Never saw snow, in my whole life
  13. Don't know if you reported and the admins got it working again, but I just downloaded it right now. The link is working.
  14. Blakarion Op For Vehicle Pack
  15. Operative: the most generic username EVAR!
  16. Well, the problem is most games don't have the same scope Ghost Recon has. In the same veins, you could try any of the first 3 Rainbow Six (closer engagements, mostly CQB), or SWAT 3/4 (even closer, claustrophobic, scenarios). You could also go to bigger scenarios (OFP, ARMA and ARMA II, the problem being on the fact these games can be too complex). My favourite is SWAT 3, of course: it's too easy too mod! On the downside, it's too old also. Also, here you probably won't spread much your team (up to 10 people), you'd better walk slowly and together. And you will spend lots of time handcuffing the suspects, what can be pretty boring.
  17. Oh, finally! Never toyed much with PS and my current PC lacks it. Might give a look! Does it requires a student license like AutoDesk does?
  18. It's not possible to mod the core AI. You can do adjustments to perceptiveness, but that's it.
  19. Seriously, the game is pretty old, there's less than a dozen of active modders and it's hardcoded anyway. Do you think no one would have modded the AI if it was possible?
  20. Hi Alex. I also got 3DSMax student's license (tough mine is 2010) and, yeah, only up to 3DSM 2005 will accept the RedStorm plugin.
  21. Evoken - In Solitary Ruin (Funeral Doom Metal)
  22. The only thing that keeps me away from steam is that they can simply pull a game out of their library. Don't know how it works or if it has already been done, but it's part of the customer agreement. Probably if a game is too old or too unpopular they just take it down.
  23. I feel your pain. This is when I agree on using 'cracks' or other deemed illegal softwares. I mean, you bought original copies of the games, and yet they punish you for it? About the broadband price, I also feel your pain, it's well overpriced here in Brazil too!
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