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  1. No issues with killing enemy, not seen 1 of them ever get back up after being dropped. However, there is 1 type of enemy that is fully armoured up, and I see no possible way to kill the dude with bullets. Stalked 1 from at least 300M, hit him with over 20 sniper rounds. Up close they do go down with 4-5 shotguns in the face. Or 2-3 mags in an assault rifle. Unlocking a perk means the knife you have always had, suddenly enables you to do a take down on them, still. I kinda liked moving in on a base and spotting them all, then eliminating them 1 at a time. Sometimes stealthy, sometimes using only the GL. But just running straight in the middle gun ho works too, lol. Have to be honest, I though the basic AI driving skills where amazing compared to some games. Didn`t seem to matter what I was in, they always knew I was coming towards them and swered out of the way, or puled over, without crashing nearly every time. Wish I knew about that mod before KRP, would of made it more challenging to find the stuff. It can be frustrating to some though, a simple in game option would of been nice. I read on the forums that you can reset all the enemy bases so that you can continue looting and have enemy again all over to fight. I have the latest patch, but I do not have the option to reset bases in menu, under gameplay, any hits? Can this game be restarted from the beginning, complete new go at it without previous awards and stuff?
  2. Been having a load of fun with this, really good game SP for me. Outstanding environment, and the open world gameplay is really well done. Wish I had picked this up on release... First time using UPlay in a long time, have to say, not had a single hitch last few weeks at all. But I find it annoying to have to run both Steam and UPlay just for SP. Anyhow top game, got a long way to go yet, think this 1 is going to take a long time to finish.
  3. Cheers Wombat. Patch 1.008 contains all previous patches. Have been silently stalking the thoughts of others on the 9ms server and working on these fixes in the background.
  4. First post updated with last download.
  5. Pretty sure that was never built for this game.
  6. Great vids pz3. Interesting work there.
  7. Modifying other mod files need permission. I struggle to see how anyone could possibly have any issue with this, but still.
  8. Rambo mod is pretty good. Only managed to solve this by creating a mission, sry to jump the gun. gtf file would require all main map files having a new zone added in Igor.
  9. Modders have jobs, but still they spend time creating maps, weapons, and all that stuff. For free. We do try to respect them.
  10. Copy the contex file to your mod root directory, maybe need to rename it, cannot remember. My_Mod_context Put this line in: <mod_bundle name="My_Mod"/>
  11. Removed download link. Not cool really. Hopefully you, or someone can fix this? I can look at it at weekend otherwise. Needs to be fixed, and can be fixed.
  12. You want to open them all in the lighting tool and find some real nice results also.
  13. I had to install Games for Windows Live to be able to save my progress, or is this not the case? I tried starting off twice, and found no way to save game within the game or Steam.
  14. Just picked this up recently, only managed an hour or so, but really good game. Not something I expected to enjoy tbh. Looking forward to some spare time to play more. Absolutely hate GFWL. Wth do I need to agree to the XBox terms and fickwuts. Can MS not at least respect PC players and create a PC platform for us to use? Maybe 1 without XBox slapped all over it. No wonder you see so many GFWL hate posts around. I mean come on, if you move your cursor away from the user name box while logging in, you stop typing ######.
  15. What kind of content can I monetize on YouTube? wow, was not aware of that actually.
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