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  1. Do you guys think this is the real deal of a move back to true GR feel. I mean are you excited about this. It seems a complete 180 from GRFS.
  2. I know I am being harsh but it needs to be said. Why would Ubisoft publish something you make. And the Cryengine license is per product only. It is extremely rare that a publisher would buy rights to use a license on multiple products. And even if it is released as a free mod they will still bring legal action against you for copyright infringement. Change the name, change the map design, change the story and then you can release something inspired by Ghost Recon. It would see the light of day and the community would be just as pleased to see it. After that you can anonymously rele
  3. There isn't a hope and hell that UBI will allow this. Forget about RSE as UBI owns the copyright. They will 100% shoot you down. You can do a game based on Ghost Recon, which at the very least needs a name change. You can't ship the same story and same maps. This is just stupid. How people have been shut down trying to make HALO remakes. Do yourself a favour an rethink the project so that it at least stands a chance of making past UBI's copyrights.
  4. Yeah Cryengine is much much easier. UDK is more flexible and professional orientated but a pain to use especially for simple things.
  5. Maybe a small team is already making a mod for another yet to be released shooter. Maybe that small team is making a tactical shooter based on Ghost Recon but with a great new story, some new mechanics, new UI and much better graphic fidelity using UDK.
  6. You should learn UDK to prepare for modding for Takedown and Ground Branch.
  7. That was an old version. I had added parallax mapping to all the terrain textures which gave great results, especially with regards the mountains. But I have moved to UDK now for a project.
  8. No Takedown and then Ground Branch. We already have scripters, programmers, map designers and UI designers. But we need texture artists, animators and character modellers. I have made several guns for the mod already but I can't texture a damn. Below are a few examples.
  9. I hope the admins don't move this thread because I want it here for a reason. I am part of a team making an ambitious mod for a yet unreleased game. I don't want to go into specifics but it will be Ghost Recon inspired. We need people who are passionate about Ghost Recon and are willing to put in many months of work into making something special. What we need is someone who can take an untexutured model in 3DS Max or Maya and add good diffuse, normal and specular maps to that model. We also need an animator and character modeller. We already have scripters, programmers and modeller
  10. If it's coming out on PS3 then it's coming out on Xbox 360 and probably PC as well. If it's like the other re-releases then it will have improved visuals.
  11. Great to hear there is progress being made. Keep it up.
  12. Good mod and alot of fun. The train depot mission is annoying though. I'm getting sniped by people I can't even see or grenade spammed. And all this within 15 seconds. That mission is missing the fun factor. I think you should consider dialing down the spotting distance on this one.
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