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  1. Recently upgraded my monitor after so many yrs to&Dell 27 Gaming Monitor - S2721DGF Still hesitant to upgrade to Win10, what is the best Console to transition from PC....recycling my keyboard and mouse...that would work with my monitor? XBOX X series seems to be the way. Mainly want to play some CODMW & CODMW 2 Been out of the PC Game/Upgrade/PC Building for the longest Thanks
  2. https://i.imgur.com/JxVMHsw.mp4 https://imgur.com/a/poz8OXS
  3. Can't get myself to do a PC upgrade when we're trying to size down dramatically....so no new games to play under the Win10 Requirements....so I'm practicing this YouTube as a possible 2nd Income....I may have found a "niche" in the backpack world of Mystery Ranch
  4. Just saw that too somewhere in my computer room
  5. What Is He Up To? 17,794 views Jun 1, 2007
  6. Wyndon Pendergraft made mods along with EricJ. At this age, I'm lucky to remember some of the Old Guards Usernames around here He patiently helped me learn the ArMa Editor Anyway, he dropped of FB for a while and until yesterday with his friend posting this for him His GoFundMe is here if you'd like to help a fellow GR Member https://gofund.me/d4406a2a thanks Cpl Ledanek
  7. this you referring to?
  8. yup, didn't bring my Gorillapod to use as tripod....creating content is too much work
  9. Been busy at the hospital and trying to distract myself from the world and trying....trying to stay silly and maintaining my trolling status on youtube, here's my latest Mystery Ranch Dragonslayer: EDC Winter Edition Bag Dump ....there's a thrilling video on garlic gardening if you're into that kinky stuff Also, I changed my FB name....again.... to Yoku Dekimas h i t a if you want to look at LOLCATS and more trolling
  10. my mistake....Hatchetforce....updated my post. sorry old friend, part of "growing up"...getting names mixed up...drinking lion's made coffee instead of regular coffee...hope you can relate anyway, there's an old thread on Master of Chaos where I was able to reach out to HF.... wish him well and his family.... and to EVERYONE HERE...Good Health to all. Hope you guys are staying safe, taking your Vitamins C, D and Zinc.
  11. Hello to every old school members in 2022 Stopping by because I came across that brought back Hammerhead's name in this new book I'm reading ....First casualty : the untold story of the CIA mission to avenge 9/11... yes, Hammerhead was mentioned here a couple times. Just started so not sure which is better vs Master of Chaos by Linda Robinson. If Hammerhead is reading this, I'd buy the book if he can sign this one also. Cheers
  12. Necro Thread I thought I'd share here too, with an obsession that started some years ago...obsessing about backpacks....then joined some Facebook Groups called The Perfect Pack and Mystery Ranch Interest and Sales...eventually buying into Collaborations...anyway, here's a review/impressions about my latest "Acquisition"...Like, Comment, and bang that notification...whatever you kids call it... CHEERS guys My YouTube Channel
  13. That time of year again i.imgur.com/OpiEEef.mp4
  14. That opening riff, I saw a Chevy Truck rising from a dune....was I wrong? 😃
  15. I think the phone just didn't recognized it. We had over 800+ pictures and videos, it took a while to probably "build" a cache of "thumbnails." Zee called it correctly. Glad that is solved. Unfortunately, there were some documents, downloads, and notes that we won't find out if recoverable by the technician. Time to find a replacement smartphone that automatically backs up every chance possible and upload to the Clouds. Maybe, time to get a Google Pixel since the reviews rave about the camera and Google pretty much "appropriates" everything nowadays. Looking at Google Pixel 4a. Simple enough. Until then, my wife has my S9 so don't n00ds or LOLCAT pics there.
  16. Anyone ever experienced this on an Android Phone=Samsung Galaxy S7: While moving pictures from Phone's Internal Camera Storage to SD Card storage, ALL the pictures disappeared. I'm racing to find a FREE recovery tool to do a deep scan to find the pictures. PM me if you know one. Thanks UPDATE: fixed
  17. Hit me up in FB, pm me for my fake name for FB. And yes, I have tons of pictures, videos, gif of LOLCATS. anyone in touch with WK77?
  18. Thanks, sent them an email. Fingers Crossed
  19. This was under Windows Gaming Network and not Origin. I'm confused on who to ask for Support: EA, Crytek, Windows or Origin? I found the string of numbers. I just ran short of time to see which numbers.
  20. Heeeellllooooooooooooooo In lieu of Crytek announces Crysis Remastered I dug up my copy, but, couldn't find the Product Key/ Manual. Back in the day, there was a way of going thru RegEdit to find the Product Key inside the CD-ROM. Anyone knows how to do this? Here's proof I bough this game back in May 18 2008 Meantime, I'll install Crysis Warhead since I have the Product Keys for that game. Thanks update: Found a string of possible codes in the SETUP Folder ...Could these be the numbers?
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