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  1. With the recent release of Tomb Raider and it's problems with GF cards, there is more possible evidence that GR:FS is not going to work on GF 5xx cards without Ubi fixing/patching the code in the game. It won't matter how good Nvidias drivers are if the problem is on Ubi's end: http://www.hardocp.com/news/2013/03/05/nvidia_gpu_performance_issues_in_new_tomb_raider
  2. Glad they fixed it. Surprising they didn't advertise the patch or release patch notes, but from what I gather the 1.7 patch only specifically patches the "Host is using Downloadable Content which you do not have"" bug you were experiencing.
  3. Hi Mike, I doubt the progress on the Guerrilla modes would make any difference. Unfortunately I have no other suggestions. I am guessing that it is a v1.6 patch issue and I wouldn't hold my breath that Ubi will fix it anytime soon. You can prob see in a thread I started some time ago that GRFS PC does not work for those of us with GeForce 5xx series cards and they still haven't fixed it after knowing about the issue for months, as well as they promised support for XP at launch but still haven't delivered Probably the most reliable way to enjoy GRFS is on an Xbox ...
  4. Hi Mike Can you give us a bit more info on your PC's specs (CPU/GPU/NIC etc), what Windows OS you are using, any antivirus/firewall software and are you playing on a LAN or over the internet You are right that a Mac should behave like a pure PC if booting up from bootcamp into Windows (ie. not virtualized within Mac OS) If all your computers could see each other previous to patch 1.6, it is likely a patch 1.6 issue/bug Can the 2 Macs see each other after patch 1.6?
  5. Looks like the trailer debuted during the Super Bowl. I heard they are developing FF 6&7 at the same time Looks sweet, trailer has a little bit of a spoiler at the end on a returning character
  6. I have a SB X-Fi PCIe card for my gaming rig and the crystalizer does make a difference for the audio. They aren't too expensive these days and you can actually use the PCIe slot in your computer for something!!!
  7. WOW! Very cool indeed Looking forward to seeing more ...
  8. @Rocky - did you mention what brand PSU you got to replace your old one? I had an old Enermax PSU in a P3 700MHz years ago that actually emitted smoke when it died. BTW, I think you PSU warranty gets voided if you open up the unit right? I agree with just using the compressed air method @Roco - yes, I also have probably too many old systems sitting around. Like an old farmer, you never know when a part comes in handy to fix your's or a friend's computer. Last year I cleared out all my P3 and older systems, and now just have nothing older than P4 Socket 478 systems for spare parts. I was able to resurrect an elderly friend's old P4 1.6GHz whose motherboard shorted out with a spare mobo and 2.4GHz P4 + 2GB RAM - he was pretty pleased with the speed upgrade
  9. Sorry to hear about the HD failure John. I also have known the sickening feeling of losing data on a HD - once not too long ago when I did a reformat and messed up the master boot record on a slave drive. I knew I should have backed up that data drive first and spent a lot of time kicking myself after. Hope you will be able to retrieve your data with the PCB swap
  10. Do your other games look fine? If other games work OK, it's nothing wrong with your computer or drivers. Only thing I can suggest is turn down some of the graphic eye candy settings
  11. Installed the v1.6 patch today and I got bad news and good news! First, the bad news is that SP crashes even faster than before - I loaded up my last save point twice and it crashed within 5 seconds. Didn't bother trying a third time Great news is that I actually played one round of MP! The first time I loaded up MP it said "Server Connection Lost" but at least it didn't crash the game, so I tried again and I was able to join in halfway through a match and played to its conclusion (approx 5 min). When the server started loading the next match I lost the connection again (but the game didn't crash!) I tried joining another match again and got to a wait screen which somehow just ended and I gained 3 levels lol. While waiting for another round I tested out the firing range. Pretty great idea to let you test out your loadouts while waiting between matches. However, the countdown timer stalled at 10 sec and then the game crashed ... I got a little dialog box that said "Unable to recover. Device removed: Device hung due to badly formed commands" I guess I will wait for the next patch now ...
  12. Entertainment Weekly just had an article about SEALs showing up in pop culture in 2012, not all of the below include references to taking down Bin Laden ... Books - Chris Kyle's American Sniper - Mark Owen's No Easy Day Movies - Act of Valor (note one of the actors Rorke Denver is coming out with his own book in 2013) - Zero Dark Thirty TV - Nat Geo's SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden Videogames - MoH - CoD
  13. Heard this got limited release in the States around Christmas with very positive reviews. Anyone see it yet? Should see a wide release sometime in January
  14. Thanks for the info. I still have my GameCube and it is a great system.
  15. 1. Do NOT install Windows XP on the D: partition as you will lose whatever OS is on your C: partition forever 2. Do you have anything on your E or F drives? If it is just data, you can free up one physical drive by migrating that data from E or F to the D partition instead 3. Once you have a full physical drive (E or F - how big are they anyway?) then when you boot up your PC, log into the BIOS and make whatever physical drive you emptied out the initial boot drive, then do a fresh install Win XP on that one. To be absolutely safe, unplug the SATA/power connectors from your other 2 physical drives before you do the Win XP install 4. If you want to boot back into your C: drive, then you will have to change the BIOS default hard drive settings on startup. Most modern BIOSes have an option to pick which drive you want to boot from at startup even without logging into the BIOS
  16. Sorry for the late reply on this, as I just noticed it. This has to do with the underscan/overscan properties which you can adjusti in the Nvidia control panel. It happens with ATI cards as well when you hook up a PC to an monitor using HDMI
  17. I just installed an Intel brand SSD and it didn't need to format interestingly - must have already been pre-formated in NTFS as I did a Win 7 install ...
  18. What OS are you using? Go to Screen resolution and see if you can switch primary and secondary display. Otherwise, try to change the settings in your video card control panel that installed with the drivers If worse comes to worse, you would just have to unplug your 2nd monitor
  19. DS: Why don't you just buy an extra hard drive and pop it into one of your existing systems and install XP on your new drive. You can just change which HD the system starts with during boot up. I just did that this Christmas - bought an SSD and did a fresh install of Win7 on it. That same rig's original HD has triple booting with XP/Vista/Win7 on it, and I can boot into any of those old installs by changing HD boot preference in the BIOS at startup. Most current hardware still has XP drivers, so it whould not be a problem with any of your systems. That would save you a few bucks instead of buying a whole new rig/monitor/kb/mouse etc. Note that you can't install XP over Win7 and still be able to boot up into Win7. You would have to install XP first then Win7 after to get a dual booting HD.
  20. Well, had some time over the holidays and patched the game to v1.5 and got Nvidia's latest v310 drivers. Booted up the game and was able to play about 5 minutes before the "driver crashed" If anyone has seen a workaround for GF 570 cards, please post it here.
  21. The issue would likely be solved in your video card's control panel under "over/underscan" What kind of graphics card are you running? AMD or Nvidia? Here's the solution for ATI-based cards http://www.bit-tech....atalyst-driver/ Anyways, I would just be happy if the PC version you have is running without crashing on your PC
  22. Need more info - which graphics card are you using, drivers, screen resolution etc.
  23. Congrats mig and Dannik. Sounds like you guys have some very sweet and powerful rigs
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