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  1. The other thing that may or may not be an issue is dirty pins in the slot. In the past I have wrapped alcohol soaked paper towel around a card's edge connector and slid that in and out of the slot. Or you could use folded up paper towel or some shirt cardboard as a stiffener. Just remember to slide it in/out and NOT side to side. And as always YMMV, no warranty, I am not responsible for your usage of this information, etc. A visual inspection of the pins would be a first priority though.
  2. It may also be worth noting that any significant other may have an issue with you using a clicky mechanical keyboard at night in the same room..... or even during the day in the same room if it is quiet and they are easily bothered by these things. Also, keep in mind that even when using a MX Black switch hammering them will still make plenty of noise when the key bottoms out just like any other keyboard. You can try rubber o-rings to quiet things down a bit though.
  3. http://www.overclock.net/t/491752/mechanical-keyboard-guide With my PCs I have used/currently own: IBM Model F - original PC and PC AT IBM Model M - E140640 and 1390120 Cherry MX Black - steelseries 7g Cherry MX Blue - das keyboard pro model s And some random miserable alps switches in old non-IBM PC things. This is not many keyboards but I still have an opinion. If I could get the IBM Model F switches in a modern layout I would be incredibly happy since the two I have are more solid feeling and sounding than my two Model M keyboards. But the Model M is still good. The Cherry MX Blue switch is also much nicer in my opinion than the MX Black. But I also like a nice clicky tactile switch. If I was not able to use MX Blue, I would want to try MX Brown or MX Clear since they are tactile as well despite their lack of a click. I have had no issues playing any game with a mechanical keyboard. I would suggest looking for MX Blue switches but keyboards can be a very personal thing and you might not like the noise or feel.
  4. The A10-6800K was released a couple weeks before you did your build if I remember correctly. I did not mention it because I presumed you were looking for the 5800K's price drop after the next new thing was announced.. But it sounds like you upgraded, did you? Also, if you were running an A10-5800K your socket is probably FM2 instead of AM3/AM3+.
  5. Guys, when you see spam just hit the report button and leave the thread. You do not need to reply to the spam.
  6. Squad_e, Steam uses sales to get a larger number of people buying things they would otherwise not bother with. This can have two effects: You try something and find games you like and want to play more You try something and it sucks but you are not that upset because you did not pay $60 for it like you would have for the boxed copy. Either way increased sales are a result, and if you like the game you try you might look for a sequel or other titles of a similar genre. Steam's sales are not because nobody likes steam. The sales are there to rape your wallet and rake in as much cash as possible. Also, 90% of the games available through steam are rubbish? Steam has a wide selection of games from across the spectrum; AAA to indie, it is all there. (except some EA titles, but that is not a problem)
  7. This mod is packaged with a readme file in .pdf format. It answers your question about installation and even has a nice picture. Open this --> "readme_bp_weaponspack_v3.0_graw2.pdf" and it will make everything clear.
  8. On the topic of old simbin games I am quite fond of GT Legends. Lots of mods for that one too.
  9. This is the best I can get where I am. At least it is not through the cell network like riley. (though I am still on wireless stuff, just different wireless stuff) *Edit And here is one down to Texas, half of the latency is just the wireless crap to my house.
  10. Fluke landings are always fun. (900KB) http://www.poopr.org/images/ps4bdfujr929xra7ezbp.jpg It was a few months ago but IIRC I just came in really slow and used the hill as a runaway lane. However that island is small and seems it was more intended to be a decoration. And no, there was not enough room for takeoff. Had this been any other jet a fireball would have resulted. Their wings are just not designed for slow speeds. However that VTOL one probably could have landed. haha
  11. Is that happening on just one site or all?
  12. The CM Hyper 212 Evo is a great choice for a budget-friendly cooler!
  13. A Ferrari would be more like a dual/quad socket board imo. However I would gladly take a Challenger/Camaro to the corner store instead of a dodge neon or something. hehehe (but then it would be my primary car including trackdays) Of course car analogies only go so far. While a *really* valuable car may live in a garage, you would not be likely to spend $5000 on a computer and then leave it off most of the time. My point about the A10-5800K was more this:(the power consumption part) http://hexus.net/tech/reviews/cpu/46157-amd-a10-5800k-dual-graphics-evaluation/?page=3 And if after a few years you want to toss into the mix a GTX670 for some extended life: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/61510-amd-richland-review-a10-6800k-a10-6700-benchmarked-15.html You will have to excuse the A10-6800K review, I used it instead of the 5800K one because there are more results in the graphs but it still includes the 5800K. Perhaps you are not ever going to use a discrete card and that is fine, it does spectacularly well on it's IGP vs other IGPs despite the extra power usage. And about upgrading, when the Phenom II X6 came out I was very much considering upgrading since my motherboard had a BIOS update available to support the new CPU. but in the long run I may as well have just started with the i7 considering the upgrade price. Being able to upgrade a CPU is certainly nice do not get me wrong. Except that unless you start with a weak CPU, by the time you need to upgrade that CPU the whole system probably needs an upgrade as well. And I really hate saying that but it is realistic. If you can make your CPU work for a few years without cursing it or banging your head against the wall then more power to you. I never had much luck with that though, so if you will excuse me I have to go back under my rock and cringe because I know you want to play games and I do not trust that sort of CPU&GFX to last in a gaming rig. But prove me wrong.
  14. IDK man, if you think an A10-5800K will last you a good solid five years before being too slow then you can go ahead and try it. However I am going to say that I sure am kicking myself for going AMD in 2008 instead of getting an i7. I had deemed them too expensive since I have bills to pay too you know. Now I regret it. I bought a slow, barely overclockable CPU, with a terrible performance:watt ratio just because it was initially a little cheaper. I am not making that mistake again and I do not have to break the bank in order to not cheap out like basically all of my previous systems. Of course it helps that I am not very interested in consoles so that saves a *lot* of money. Sales on Steam and GOG also permit better hardware too.
  15. What twcrash? There is activity, it has just not been posted here. The latest update was June 15th. I do not really understand why you hate Ground Branch so much, but please take it elsewhere unless you actually have something solid and useful to say.
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