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Obsidian Edge - a mod for FarCry


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I have to say that I'm incredibly excited about this release - and I haven't even played it yet!!! LOL - let me explain. I've been having woefull PC problems for nearly 2 weeks now (I won't bore ya's with the details) so I haven't been able to play anything at all, let alone re-install FC. But I have been keeping our local LAN informed about this mod so they're all fired up to give it whirl this week (hopefully I'll be up and running by then). Should look sweet on my new 6800 Ultra :yes:

Anyway, I know it's going to be good. I just love the CryTek engine - the stealth part of FC is without peer IMO. I would dearly love to have the time to do a SP campaign for it, but unfortunately I have too many committments these days. I dearly hope someone does one for this mod - it would be a killer :rocky:

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Rocky, I noticed you playing OE in one of the servers and I've been told you killed Camel.  How did you do that?  He's one of the best players.  NJ!

It was my one and only kill, but it was a fair firefight and I won so I am proud of it!

I had never played FC multiplayer before so I was a bit of a n00b to the whole experience, so thanks to to BsR guys that were there answering my n00b questions.

The one question that is still bugging me though - is it meant to be like in slow motion? I couldn't help but feel even running was too slow....?

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The walk speed is faster than it was in GR for example, the run speed is a bit slower. You can run a 13 second 100 meter dash in this mod, and that's if you're running w/the pistol or knife in your hand. If you're running w/one of the other weapons you move slower.

The game has many nuances. :D

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I've seen a few of you in the server, several nights in a row. And I've also gotten good comments from you. We have yet to release the final version, so we're always interested in making changes. I recommend ya'll grabbing FC for $15 and trying this out. The price alone is worth it for FC s/p. The AI is head and shoulders above what we're used to seeing.

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This is a review of OE written by UBI moderator CusTds_Lst_Stand. It was posted as a response to questions about our mod. It was unsolicited by our mod team.

Having played this for over a week now, I kept saying I would try to write a proper critique to post here, but in all honestly everytime I've been on the PC, I've just wanted to play! It is the most addictive thing I've played since the first time I tried Far Cry MP...

So I'll give it a go now... where to start?


The quality of the maps is outstanding and varied. bow From the compact and colourful Devils Cove to the wide open spaces of Tank. From the oppresive atmosphere of Valley and Swamp to old an favourite reworked like Railway and a new favourite, the verdant escarpments of Caves. You should take in the amazing NVG effects that go with Bridges, before arriving at Invasion. I leave that till last as it is simply the biggest departure from the standard FC map that you can get, house to house fighting reminiscent of Bosnia or Stalingrad in the Cry Engine... OMFG... Eek

Couple this with the sounds, both localised and environment. Imagine sneaking through swamp land looking for the enemy, when a FOB frog decides to jump from pad to water. Was it just a frog or is there someone there...? You are searching house to house and you hear gunfire. Have your team engaged the enemy or is it another part of the city? While this runs through your mind you hear a shell land no more than 20 feet away... Blink


Nice mix of reworked oldies and new ones.

3rd person views are great, hope someone will help you out with the 1st person, we ahve seen great work like this by others, I hope they will spare you the time!

XM8 is what the OICW should have been, love the red dot, yeah I know you predicted it.

Rocket Launcher is nicely balanced, splash is not so big so you have to be very accurate and you only get one shot!

The pump action shotgun comes into its own at shot range; totally devestating, but I like the way it is ineffective at longer distances.

For someone comming in from FC dont expect the standard assault favourites to work exactly the same. There is a lot more recoil that takes some getting used to, you have to fire in short burts, just like when first playing FC.

Hand munitions are a favorite improvement for me with plenty of flash bangs, try these at night for extra fun! Only complaint is due to timer of frag grenades it is impossible to toss one just over a wall, you will get an airburst with the standard FC technique, or you need to be able to throw them through or off something. I know you had thought about "cooking frags" that would allow a longer fuse, or even better if the duration 'g' was held for varied the throw? Complicated balistic calcs invovled there but I cant praise everthing can I! Wink


This is a big departure and may be where new players will struggle. Game play is slower than FC in both LMS and VIP. The main reason for this (apart from the obvious modified run speed... lol) is that most servers only allow one spawn per game. If you try and run and gun ala FC, if you are killed you are spectating until the game is over. Now I am used to this, it isnt a problem, in fact I use my frequent early deaths to watch the better players and learn from them, but hell, is it frustrating if the last two on both sides are camping... Shortening of the game length timer has helped with this.

So the above adds an edge not in FC how about the games?

Well for both, you have to join a team per FC but once you have selected your equipment, you have to click ready to launch the game. This takes some explaining to new players but i guess is there to allow an even start to games?

LMS is just what it says 2 teams fight to the death, Last Man or team Standing wins. So imagine playing assault only there is no flag. You have spawned at one of the 4 spawns but dont know where the other team is... This takes some getting used to, but the command map is invaluable, it shows the location of your team on a terrain style map. Like all games, watch those that know what they are doing, if they are all heading NW it is fora reason! When someone shouts out that they see the enemy you can check where they are and they can give a bearing using the easy to use key bindings supplied in the server admin pack. (although these will get you killed if you dont remove existing second key control bindings... Angry lol )

Anyway it is in this environment that the oustanding cammo comes into its own. Scanning a hillside the enemy is sooo difficult to spot if they are stationary. BTW loved the blur as the bincos refocussed, but tried then in airstrip within OE and didnt get that effect, will it be in the final for "all maps" or only OE dedicated ones?

VIP... Now this is special...

As described much more eloquently by others, you start up like in LMS but as the game launches one player is randomy selected as the VIP. If he dies you lose. Same goes for the enemy... This game is a blast, different tactics of the VIP adding to the mix. Should you hide? Should you add your firepower to your teams? Amazing atmosphere if you are the VIP and you are being hunted with no support left!

Oh and did I mention that this is playing at a ping of around 250... No lag... Excellent job Soroc & Suli!


I biatch that I have few people to play with! This is a pain on the larger maps, can you allow map voting on your servers while the Mod is still debuting? It is frustrating to have to go through the large maps telling each other where you are to have a fight! I have seen someone else suggest it, but i think you said it wasn't possible, if you could have two map cycle lists and call a different list depending on the number of players that would be cool. (Small maps for few players.)

New players come in are frustrated that they cant join, the lockdown message could be a little more welcoming and perhaps include the max game time remaining? The first time I saw it i thoguht I had somehow joined a passworded server...

I know it is getting away from what you want, but in Europe the number of players so far seems few... How about allowing more respawns until new players get the hang of things? Bamboo upped it to 2 for a few hours last week and it seemed to keep new players in longer instead of "###### this is too difficult, I am off to the Orange 2"

Like I said earlier the cammo is excellent, but how about a desert kit for Tank and Railway?


Yeah like you guys have said in game... I'm hooked! And as a certain other game doesnt support 4600ti's until i get the long awaited upgrade you are stuck with me!

So what words would i pick out to describe OE? Well as you can see I am an engineer for a reason, my writing doesn't do it justice... Angry Blue Guy But to give it a go...

Feel.. Atmosphere.... Edge.... Tension... Yep they all apply and in spades. It is very professionally done and above all its fun!

If you havnt tried it, please do especially if you are in Europe!! If you have and didnt like it for reasons I have covered here, give it another go, be patient... It is well worth it!

And trust me, until you have handglided or base jumped devils coves peak, you havent lived!

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I decided to bump this as the release is coming soon and I have a proposal for the community........

Without saying too much and getting some people in trouble, we now have the ability to do coop w/this mod. The game code is complete along w/3 gametypes, we may add a fourth. Do any of you in the community want to be part of this? If you take a chance to play the m/p aspect of this, you'll see that it's approximately what most GR people wanted from GR2 (and 3). We have the ability to add coop for all of those that would like it.

What we need is members from the community to step up and get involved. This game engine pwns, and most computers can run it even w/older vid cards. I'd like to add coop and s/p for all of those old school GR peeps who have requested it.

It's up to the modders and scripters of the community to get involved. As I stated the gameplay code is finished. Now let's see if all the talk about making our own FPS is just talk.

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I posted here cuz all you modders have a great chance to get in on a great mod. Right now it's m/p only, as until recently we could only affect the m/p code. Things are different now. :D

I'd love to see something happen w/coop and s/p for this mod and the community. Everyone would have something to enjoy from OE. Right now we have 25 maps...................Missions for those would kill. And you can chopper insert and fast rope. Almost anything is possible.

Here's a short clip of a WIP map, there's no name for it yet. It's being made by Prozac360 (who is also doing our weapon models). The player movement is from FC, so the speed is fast. It's not that fast in OE. Enjoy the flick. ;)

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the PGA might contact Prozac360 on that WIP map. Talk about landscaping design. Jezz!

The Future Warriors of the US Army could use this for training. It looks big enough to get lost.

I wish I got skills to help. If you guys are close I'd buy the Mountain Dews/Brawls/RedBulls, just so you guys can get the SP started.

Ruggbutt, I installed your CD-ROM, but never got to try it. HD had to be reformatted, curtain rods had to be installed, garage had to be cleaned. But its on the top 3 of my to-do-list, once those chores are done.


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