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  1. When we had our no respawn server up you'd see a lot of the old school GR players. It seemed like the server was always full. Once in a while someone would show up that couldn't figure out what "no respawns"meant in the server title in the list and they'd complain about dying too quickly. Very few stuck around but the ones who liked the challenge quickly converted. Our squad played 2000+ matches on 2 ladders and never once played a respawn game. It was more fun, more intense and more tactical. For practice we'd run day docks with unlimited spawns and that got my squad quick with their reflexes and honed their muscle memory but not one of those games stands out. I still remember several dozen map drops we played with no spawns. This 5 years later. That's the mark of great gameplay and a great game.
  2. I gotta agree with you. ArmA has some things right with the sounds as well, the hypersonic "snap" of the bullets are correct. Overall GRAW2 spoiled the hell out of me and my 5.1 Logitechs............
  3. Our squad is looking forwards to Ground Branch. We discussed the next game that was good enuf to get the whole squad interested in shooters again. We're a diverse group so some like AA, others like ArmA, some like GRAW2 but we all loved [GR]. I'd love to see Ground Branch be the next Game of the Year. It's a shame GRAW2 wasn't supported, had UBI listened to the suggestions of this community they still might be selling copies. As it is, UBI puts out the titles and grabs the money. Then on to the next project. The last UBI title I purchased after [GR] was Lock On (I did buy GR2 for console, I still feel raped for that one). Then several years down the road GRAW2. I doubt highly that UBI will get another dollar from me. I know most of my squaddies feel the same way, all 30+ of us.
  4. The EBDA server is for people who really like to play the game. I don't understand why some servers limit the GL but promote sniper camping..................It's my preferred place to play and even though I'm not a GL whore, I enjoy blowing snipers up from a hundred meters. In fact, I rarely take the g/l cuz I really like the silenced SCAR L. Love the iron sights, scopes make me feel...............ghey.
  5. The 416 is a great gun, but I don't use scoped rifles therefore I absolutely hate the iron sights on it. IMHO the SCAR L is the SA80 of GRAW2.
  6. Light Scar Silenced. Accurate, fires fast in single shot, controllable in full auto.
  7. You used to get more, but this was broken in the 1.5 patch.
  8. I appreciate the UBI mods giving it a shot, but UBI will never get another dime of my money. They've had since they canceled GR2 to make things right. They've proven that they could care less about PC gamers so they can kick rocks AFAIC. I'm adopting the try before you buy program from here on out if UBI is involved.
  9. If we have more people playing it online than we do AW1 or 2 then it would be considered a success.
  10. Just like the music industry is in the crapper with sales and with artists going online w/out them to sell a product, a small company like BF can do the same. Look at the new chopper sim coming out called Black Shark (Eagle Dynamics). They released Lock On with UBI and got dropped. They released Flaming Cliffs electronically as well as with a small publisher. UBI still got a cut of the pie cuz of legal reasons so now they're getting completely away with a new game engine and a new name. They'll sell the hell of their product as well. Don't discount word of mouth on the internet. Paris Hilton became famouse because of it.
  11. I recall very few people crying about rifle nades back in the day, especially when the squads that were good with it would fire 6 from each player as soon as the map dropped. Nowadays you blow up one guy and people complain like you just knifed their sister..........
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