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  1. Take for example the many innovations that were made by different modders in GR1, people like Inkognito, Chavez and Jack57 who using the same game engine added great new features and capabilities that were not part of the original.
  2. That isn't true. This forum is full of a lot of people who think they could make games but don't have any idea what it's like. Just piling on a bunch of 'Oooh, it'd be cool if we did this!' things is exactly what videogaming needs to avoid. ← I believe the forum is full of people who have terrific and creative ideas and preferences. I believe that a smart company will listen to their customers, but when they actually give them free ideas of what will sell them in the future, they really should take advantage of this. I know of no other forum that has as much of these type of discussions as here on this board, and it's a real treasure that should be mined by developers.
  3. I always have been amazed a what a wealth of marketing info this forum board could be to any developer that would use it. Any dev that would implement the sum total of the suggestions and wishlists posted here, would be sure to have a product that would be a superior fps. Since many of these individual features had been to some extent sucessfully done before, they could be copied and reproduced for new games, but instead we have seen devs insist on trying to "reinvent the wheel" and actually produce features that are inferior to what has already been done before. An great example of this would be how grenades are controlled, numerous games after GR1 have come out with a grenade tossing system that are badly flawed despite the fact that GR1 has already done this so well. A developer that would incorporate every one of the features that have worked in the past, and add real innovations, would become a leader in the industry that would set a new standard.
  4. I love flight sims, and I believe that the ballistics and damage models are the cutting edge in the PC game art. I'd love to see what would happen with these models in an fps like GRAW.
  5. connie lingus


    To talk about freakazoid fps games that had no demo.
  6. A topic locked and I wasn't in on it? I feel such a sense of loss.
  7. connie lingus


    Doom3 and HL2 were interesting single player games, but the after a week I had to move on. Quake? I hate Quake. Nevertheless, I think demos should be made mandatory by law.
  8. This kind of sums up my observations by showing the arcade PC fps CSS vs. the arcade PC rpg C&C players as it shows their rise from consoles to PC's: http://media.putfile.com/PurePwnage-MeetFPSDoug
  9. Without those arrows the CS players would be totally disoriented! Even after countless times on the same de dust map, they must use the arrows to guide them.
  10. Wow, you are a great brother! But this is a classic example, have you ever wondered why there are all those directional arrows spray painted everywhere on the CS maps?
  11. Oh no. It has just come to my attention that a console version of The Three Stooges has already been done, I'm appalled!
  12. Now that's something I'd like to see done realistically in a game, whereas people of your ilk would be happy with having Moe poking Larry in the eyeballs in a 360 rendition of The Three Stooges.
  13. Yeah! Really, what was Hatchetforce thinking, going against your professional experience? ← Ok, so let me get this straight. Hatchet says "Bunny Hop!", and you say "How high?"?
  14. It's good to see that vest stop the shot. I remember seeing that infamous bank robbery video where two men in full body armor were defeated by police using high powered hunting rifles.
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