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Obsidian Edge - a mod for FarCry


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Im intrested in helping you out abit, I wanted to have a go at the chr models, if I do the models, and just send them to you, you can export and all right?

Sure Chems, we'd love your input. We can be reached at teambsr@cox.net or sign up on www.obsidianedge.com, I'll give you access to the developer's section.

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Well done rugg' and all at OE. Those skins look fantastic :thumbsup: .

All I need now is for my copy of 'Far Cry' to arrive, and a completely new PC to play it on :wall:

I've always been expecting some sort of GR/FC get together. I assumed though that modders would have copied the GR skins! Are there any other FC mods out there like this?


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That body armor looks like plastic :huh:

..whys it shiny?

I can remove some of that "shinyness" by altering the alpha channels of the skins. My main goal was getting the models in game so we can turn off the "golden triangle" above friendly teammates. We wanna test out the good 'ol Mk. 1 eyeball for IFF.

Ive got far cry, can I download a beta of this and drop in to play with you guys sometime?

Chems, go to www.obsidianedge.com and fill our a beta testers form (top left of the page) and sign up on the forums. As soon as I see your name on the form I can activate your forums account w/all the info for the download. I know it's a pain to sign up on another forum, but we really really really want the opinions of you old school peeps. So far not one ex-GR player has had any complaints, just suggestions. I'm psyched about that because as all of you know GR was the best FPS ever. I'm pretty sure that at the very least those of you that sign up to test will like it as much as you did GR. Some of the old schoolers like it better.

If any of you wanna beta test fill out the form and sign up on the forums. I check my email early in the AM and in the afternoon when I return from work. I'll get you hooked up ASAP.

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"Wow that's one slickly produced and edited trailer! Who did that!? Wish the game had as polished (and minimal) a HUD as the video implies (hint hint)..."

hoak some aspects of the hud may change, but we will not be removing it.

of coarse, as it is no advantage (a disadvatage more or less ) for those of you who feel the need for a "minimal" or no hud, there is a client side variable for it.

i dont remember off the top of my head but the hud can be turned off at will.

p.s. is this a new thread? i dont remember this one (unless its the other one moved)

the shinyness, on the models (not just the vest ) is caused by the way they implamented the normal mapping, if i also recall correctly ( though its a "faint" memory ) there is a variable in the material that handles the reflectiveness of the material, and as well, there is a chance ( memory thing again ) that there is a engine configuration setting that handles globle shinyness, that is set to 100 by default.

of cause tonight is game night so i wont be checking for them to experament. but im sure rugg can remind me this week to look into it.

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