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  1. Just saved myself $130 this week after playing the Crackdown and GRAAAW 2 demo's. TYVM XBL
  2. Found out yesterday the motherboard was fried. They are looking for a new one and it will only cost $60+labor once they find it. Now if none turn up, the cost will easily go over $300.
  3. Can't say moms too happy right now, not going to be any happier if a long distance bill to Iraq somehow shows up in the mail.... Luckily the PC repair guy is good with his prices, only bad thing is making an appointment, always booked up and away on business.
  4. Just got back. From the looks of it, my sister killed it. Two weeks ago she did the same to her own PC. Both PC's were 5 years old and had a 56k connection, my sister would talk +5 hours daily over AIM, browse the web and use a headset to talk to her husband all at the same time. She burned out her motherboard and processor, and it appears to have happend to my mom's PC. Taking it to a repair shop tomorrow.
  5. Hey all, need a bit of help if anyone would be so kind. Got a call a few minutes ago from my mom because her PC isn't working and I have no clue whats wrong... Here's what I know so far from the phone call, -When PC is powered on, skips Windows start up screen, goes straight to desktop -No icons, taskbar, start menu, nothing -Only thing showing is the desktop picture, and a black/silver border around it -Can move mouse arrow/cursor -Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work Fuzzy Specs HP Pavilion Intel 1.5Ghz Win Xp Sp1 512MB (more on demand later) Was working fine this morning (check
  6. Still trying to track down the elusive Glock Revolver....
  7. Easy way to capture the GRAAAW team. Open door, wait for them to walk in, then shut door.
  8. Only good things go in the microwave. Like popcorn and kittens, never poo!
  9. Aussies got laser guns!? Now they need to utilize the local Kangaroo hopping technology. First.Quake.Army.Ever.
  10. Wonder how much longer until it's bundled with a Splinter Cell title or Lockdown.
  11. Just saw GRAAAW on sale at Walmart for $20. Upon closer inspection, someone put all the copies in another games spot.
  12. Can walk down to the local flea market and pick up a few bootlegs fresh in from Mexico.
  13. GRAAAAW PC being like GRAW 360? Some would say that it would be a change in the right direction.
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