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Obsidian Edge - a mod for FarCry


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Quoting Knight from ghostrecontwo.net:

I got in on the Beta2 testing of the Far Cry (Ghost Recon like) mod 'Obsidian Edge'.

I have been following it for a while as since playing GR for three years and looking for something modern to take over i've been dissapointed again and again by all commers, comercial games and mods alike.

Obsidian Edge is still in Beta phase so it's still in the process of morphing from Far Cry to Ghost Recon (although it's influenced by more than just that game i'd say GR is the primary inspiration). The lush FC graphics which are not all jungle as you can see in the excellent re production of the desert GR map 'Tank' really enhance the GR experience. There is more freedom as your feet can leave the ground, so jumping off a cliff into a river is an option. The physics in general are much better.

The game has been slowed down to a more GR like tactical pace too. If you hold the hand gun and use the stamina/running key you can move a quite a clip but nothing rediculous. You can jump when you have to but it' ain't gonna help you dodge bullets.

So far the beta is pretty new and i only had 1v1 stand offs but already i'm freaking psyched about this mod. I'ts well worth buying FC for ifyou don't already have it.

In future updates there will be more GR like weapons and quite a few GR map trubutes. I'm really looking forward to Village.

I'm not a developer of the mod or connected in any way except being lucky enough to have a beta of it. Im just posting this as I've finally found something that out Ghost Recons Ghost recon, and in my opinion/guess just might be better than GR2.

Check it out at http://www.obsidianedge.com

You will be hooked if you cared anything for the original GR

Out Ghost Recon's Ghost Recon. That's quite a statement!

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If you ask me the Character skins look a tad bit.... um, unrealistic. The skins look too much like the AVP marines. Are you planning on making more... modern skins? If so, I might even buy FC to get this. Will it be a SP mod?

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some model pics

m1 high poly


m1 low poly




ka-bar knife


not much but were working on more stuff

Images changed to links to keep from breaking the tables, please keep large pics to the Wikid Photo thread.

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now that im adgeumacated

i got this puppy in game


testing my first character attachment,

while doing that i found that crytek had put a santa hat in the game



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