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  1. He didnt suggest it was. It's interesting, though, i wasn't aware of quite how effective it actually turned out to be. Certainly less invasive than this system, and it lasted for a year longer. I doubt the financial ramifications of the lawsuit had anything to do with it (ubisoft did not stand to lose anything there, only starforce, and even then weren't in any real danger,) but it was a rare instance of ubisoft paying attention to fan backlash.
  2. Interesting article on a small indie developer's blog: http://blog.wolfire.com/2010/03/DRM-can-be-effective
  3. Wk, i don't mean any offense by this, but don't make assumptions about groups and cultures and activities you know nothing about. It is quite common in piracy circles for a cracking team to claim the game works perfectly and be completely wrong, through lack of testing/using a copy they'd already been experimenting with. It's unheard of for a publisher to spread false information to try and pretend a crack doesnt work. What's MOST likely/most commonly the case is that the crack functions but only under a specific course or order of action, that either is or is not included in the instructions (perhaps followed by chance by the cracking team) or is not understood by a decent % of the people trying to apply toe crack (perhaps because they need to rtfm). <deleted>
  4. I take that back. This is cool: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/03/05...all/#more-26477 draconian and unfair as this may be, it's at least an interesting angle on DRM. Actually, reports are still pretty mixed. It's possible someone just leaked a broken version of the game on torrent sites, or that some users suck at reading instructions. I'd snag it and try myself, but i havent got the hard drive space or patience to pirate a game for science.
  5. Also, cracks are not all created equally. There's 'unzip and play' style cracking and then there's 'do a ridiculous rain dance involving blank dvds, changing file names around, and editing registry entries' kind of cracking. One, obviously, leads to more pirated copies than the other. Snagging the readme for the crack out of curiosity to see which kind this is. Also, i mean, while this is totally foolish and not getting anywhere, whoever made this drm -- inhouse or out of ubi -- pretty much sold the higher ups snake oil. They're out of touch for believing a system like this would be hard to crack, but not crazy for wanting to protect their product. Ubi loses a ton of sales in the PC market to piracy, while they lose very few sales in the console market. This was a (misguided) attempt to push back into the PC platform, which i would have thought the posters here would appreciate. I mean, it was a completely, ridiculously stupid idea, but they were trying to do what you all have been demanding of them. Make PC games that they can devote big budgets to. update: unpack, copy folder, play. normal, easy pirating, ubisoft's drm does not work at all.
  6. Finishing a game for digital download isnt free, man. And it's very possible they have debts from development that they'll need a full boxed release to cover. Anyway looks cool. Dubious, with the developer's lack of experience on this kind of game, but if they pull it off and get it published it could be interesting.
  7. But unlike all of the babbling about RUINING FRANCHISES that still makes them money, this is at least a huge outright mistake that maybe ubisoft can learn from. The pc community has been railing agaisnt DRM for years. There is no excuse for something this draconian, whoever made this call is completely out of touch, and might actually take notice if all of their games underperform.
  8. The engine programmers are not level designers or mission scripters. The improvement of the graphics engine has literally no impact on the amount of production time/budget that goes into level design. Everyone on the team's job is to improve the part of the game they work on, and the engine programmers optimized the game to run better in dx11. Would you rather they just show up to work to collect their paychecks and it be a glitchy, low FPS mess on modern hardware architecture?
  9. If fallout 3 can ripoff of the fallout series with no relation to the original, why cant this?
  10. I cant vouch for the SP at all, and im actually not too optimistic about it.. but it may at least be stupid fun.
  11. Having played a lot of the beta, the game is really, really good. It's an action game, but it's an action game with a lot of depth and tactical options. And most of the griefing ###### are gone thanks to no prone -- its a lot harder to find glitchy, cheap ways to move around and camp without prone availible.
  12. The console version of graw 1/2's multiplayer was a completely distinct game from the singleplayer, and was developed exclusively by red storm. yes, you guys should be hoping for more of that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah3vozHfAgo...feature=related is what it looked like
  13. $5000 is a year of college tuition at a good in-state school in most of the US I love videogames, and a high end computer helps me for school/future career, but my current pc is around 400 dollars off and on and my total expenses over the last 6 years is no greater than 1.5k. It's a great hobby and it's worth spending money on but i don't see it being worth sacrificing other things in life. I would have a hell of a lot less ability to pursue hobbies like boxing and jiujitsu or to cover transportation costs and school if i dumped that kind of money on PCs -- but i'm young, and dont have a lot of income atm.
  14. One studio under the ubi name develops the game. Another studio in another place who shares nothing but the same vestigial chain of command answered this faq. anyway, this is seriously a horribly, hilariously bad idea, it doesnt warrant much further discussion. Ubisoft has silly ideas about DRM, ubisoft employees are forced to defend it in comical ways.
  15. Stardock does not do this. They outright do not. It's considered a bad idea in the development community, it leads to disastrous word of mouth -- people pirate the game, report it crashes a lot, people assume the game is buggy. Stardocks games are strictly DRM free - no attempts to deter piracy. Mixed success.
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