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GDC Sandbox: Soldiers Holiday


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Thanks to Google Images for helping me! Here's my contribution....I hope I have not created any duplicates but in a bit of a rush here.........





If anyone wants to take a stab at sprucing up Rocky's finds and maybe adding a Holiday greeting of some sort, have it ... :thumbsup:

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Ok holiday revellers ... here's the tally. 

So far we've got 19 great tributes (pagey I may nix the GRAW tribute because its a bit off topic) putting it at 14 seconds per tribute round about ... so if we can squeeze out just a few more tributes over the weekend, that would be da bomb, yo!  :)

Of course it was offtopic...

It says: ''And for the others..Merry Christmas..in March..'' :thumbsup:

referring to the gamer...

I was tryin to b funny. :unsure:

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Nice. Can't wait to see it.

Well for tonight it will just be the soundtrack ... I am hoping to have the thing ready by Tuesday night and post it just on this thread so you guys get a sneak preview before Rocky puts it live Wednesday!

Damn, I got a lot of work to do. :lol:

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