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  1. My best wishes (or is it congratulations, I forget which goes to who) to the bride. To the brides mom: "The adventure continues!" SAW
  2. In that case, you'll want to keep your distance.
  3. And here I thought President Bush would go with John Kerry. What was I thinking?!
  4. If you live in the States and are of the age, be sure to log off for a bit and go vote. This ain't political it's just civics. SAW
  5. Strongpoint indeed. I have had them go way off route frequently in this mission. More so than any other. One time we headed for the far bunker taking the back way and Kirkland and Brown went out on the road and got mowed down by the .50 cal in the bunker. "What were you thinking!?" Also I had Brown wander up into a sort of graveyard or pile of headstones on the way to the power station and he got stuck there. I couldn't get him to move and finally left him there walking in place. I know it's a bug and I should have put it in the bug thread, but I just restarted and made sure he didn't go poking around in there again. But, in NORAD On The Line, the AI was superb. I set them all to cover the building Ontiveros was hiding in and then crept up and took good cover. As the bad guys came visible, Brown, Kirkland and Allen picked them off one by one. It was so amazing, I did that part of the mission three times just to watch through the different cross coms.
  6. Welcome to GR.net. Sure wish you had read all the other postings before you posted this rehash of what's been discussed for the past few months. There's about a gigabyte of complaining already posted here. Take a read around before you stir it up. Sheesh
  7. Ditto Parabellum's points #1 and #2. A State Trooper I worked with was killed entering a building when the round entered just under his right arm but just above the wrapped part of his vest. The entry point was narrow and he was forced to enter sidestepping. He and I were taught to shoot squared to the threat in order to keep the ballistic plate face on to incoming rounds. Real life situations sometimes suck.
  8. How long have you been playing GR? Since August of 2003 How much do you play on average? I play as often as I can given that I try not to let it get in the way of work, family or other obligations. But I usually play 4 or 5 hours/week. Do you play primarily single-player, multi-player (are there single- and multi-player options?), or online? I only play single player. Are you or do you know anyone who's in any sort of GR group (a clan for instance or a team), and if so, what do you/they do in it? I don't know anyone outside of "knowing of" the people in this forum. What do you like best about the GR games? I like the immersion (including GRAW) and the challenge of figuring out what is essentially a giant puzzle. I also enjoy the occasional surprise both visual and audio. Do you find yourself at all compelled by the narrative/fantasy element of the game (i.e. pretending to be a Captain Mithcell)? Going from mission to mission is only compelling if there is a plot or story line that weaves them all together. However that is provided is fine with me (pre-mission briefs in GR or audibly in GRAW) To what degree is one able to customize in GR (weapons and characters and such) and how much do you care about this? I think much of GRAW is still a work in progress, but taking a look at my hard drive I see there is a lot of space begin used by weapons/skins/vehicles, etc. for Ghost Recon. I love playing a mod or campaign using different weapon mods or skins. What sorts of external participation do you engage in? GR.net Do you read and/or post to forums (including this one) often, and if so, why? I visit this forum pretty much every day. Mostly I am entertained by the postings. Sometimes I will add my two cents. Have you created any sort of GR media -- wallpapers, fan-fics, video clips... etc.? If so, did you make them available online? I ditched my "Start Windows" music in favor of a GR voice: "This could get ugly." Have you ever created informational pages--walkthroughs or characters bios or the like? None Have you ever been to a GR lan party, tournament, or other event? And if the answer to any of the above participation questions was yes, do you know why you engage in this/these activity(-ies)? As in, do you know what you enjoy about them? No. What other games do you like, and do you participate in those fan communities as well? None To what extent do you think your participation in the GR community derives from a desire for closer connection to people, as opposed to closer connection to the game? I found this forum as a new player looking for hints/tips to improve my game play. I think there is something in me that enjoys the virtual company of like minded individuals (although we certainly don't all agree on everything - the understatement of 2006) and I enjoy reading threads that center around other players' in-game experiences: best kill, most embarassing self-kill, funniest moment.... Do you feel you've gotten to know people through either the game or the fan community? Yes, in a virtual way. Do you feel you've gotten close to anyone through the game or the fan community? If not, are these things you'd be interested in? Well, I've given money to Rocky, so I feel a little closer to him And I've traded some PMs with a few members which seems to be one step closer than a forum.
  9. @Rocky: Look what you've done! You and all the admin crowd. Good work. I'm loving the community - even the whiners.
  10. That's kind of where I'm leaning. The place is so secretive, and the idea of it really does border on terrifying, that just the possibility alone is dramatic. The news is full of international response and no one really knows the truth. Now that's power. Did you hear Bolton this morning on NPR? Someone suggested that this was all provoked by Bush's "axis of evil" speech a few years ago. Bolton's response: "Get a life." That guy is classic.
  11. Maybe This might be splitting hairs, but it's still worthy of thought. Sabre rattling has been a national past time over there for a while. The larger question is: What's he trying to accomplish?
  12. I didn't mean to stir up an old controversy here. I was just trying to not start an entirely new thread and really was interested to hear if anyone else has had the same kind of run in with Louie as I had: "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, interrogative." I do agree with JASGripen, howevre, that being told to get back in the war is better than running into the [GR] invisible walls.
  13. Seen the Crye Precision billboard in the Fierce Resistance mission?
  14. I've been playing around with some of the character sound files (thanks to Nemon and all the other debundler, file extractor wizards) and found this in Allen's sound files: Allen Farts. Someone tell me where that's going to come into play.
  15. I searched the forum and didn't see this anywhere so maybe I'm the only one it ever happened to? I'm on Fierce Resistance and, after destroying the first scrambler, I head south to get the one that is the furthest away. After a bit of this and that, I see I am approaching the gas station that I blew up a few missions ago. Without giving anything away to those who haven't been there yet, suffice to say I have a good reason (at least in my head) for going to the right of the burning gas station. As I'm sidestepping right, Louie - the guy with no left knee - shows up in my video feed and tells me I'm leaving the mission area. So, I take a few steps back left and then head forward. After about 5 or 6 steps Louie comes up again, only this time he says: "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot interogative" and it's "Game Over." I thought I might pee my pants, I was laughing so hard. Has anyone else had Louie swear at them? Never mind the pros and cons of the whole mission area thing: it is what it is. I just am amazed at the flaming I got from Louie.
  16. Kind of a rehash: 1) Cross com 2) Real time map view. I set the c4 on the radio tower, skeedaddled into the building and then watched it blow on the map. Great fun. 3) Weapon in view 4) Infil and exfil. Very cool and better than how most of the [GR] missions started. 5) Enemy that try to outflank you. and please make it obvious and make it concussive when you get shot.
  17. Sorry I'm late. I missed this when it first came out. This is great stuff and a fun revival of the [GR] passion. I know, I know: the passion has always been there. But it's taken a back seat during the GRAW flurry! Carry on.
  18. Nice kretzj! I confess to soul hopping as survival on occasion. But mostly I, too, would go back to the last save if "I" got whacked. One more thing I liked about [GR]: wise cracking teammates. I loved that they are cocky wisemouths. "Now I know how a nail feels" "Order up some coffins" "Stick a fork in 'em" All classic lines. My teammates in GRAW are a little too "all business." --
  19. Forget Bond. I want to see Best Bond Girl?
  20. I'm a bit of a lurker here spending more time being entertained than entertaining, but this poll was as thought provoking a thread as I've seen in a while. I voted [GR] for PC. I only play on a PC and have never had the console experience. Actually, Ghost Recon was the second game I ever played. Rainbow Six being the first. I played [GR] on a trailing edge laptop at low and medium settings with a pretty small screen. Still, I was completely sucked in by the story, game play and the fact that I got whacked in the first two minutes of mission one about 15 times before I started seeing the bad guys before they saw me. Being injured and having to adjust for it was awesome. Even cooler was having someone in the fireteam injured and having to slow down and wait while they limped up to my position, the whole time waiting for them to get picked off. How many times did I say, "Come on, come on, get here!" out loud as if they could actually hear me. I miss the injury thing in GRAW. I miss having my world spin and hearing/almost feeling the thump of a 7.62 hitting my character. And I agree with whoever mentioned clearing a house and the feeling of dread getting ready to go through the door. Although I've been almost there going into some of the warehouses in Mexico City, it's not quite the same. I have been surprised to get shot at by someone that I thought was dead and that's one thing I love about GRAW. Turn off the little red diamond things and life is very different. And the crosscom is, for me, the coolest thing around. It's being able to see through your teammates eyes without taking over their body. For me GRAW is a better game because you don't get to switch around at will. When you're dead, you're dead and it's Game Over. But it's so frustrating to be so far away from the last save point and having such a linear game means I cover the same ground over and over again. So the save point thing is really a drag when combined with the mostly linear game play. I do miss being able to wander all over the map (sort of like wandering around in this post, sorry). And the mods. The [GR] modding community is like having a few dozen game designers as best friends. They just keep cranking out amazing things. Frostbite, No Easy Day, Year of The Monkey, 12 Weeks, 8 Days Reloaded (just out), no list does justice to the amazing mods and modders. Will there ever be that kind of proliferation for GRAW? I worry. I'm on a leading edge machine now and the GRAW graphics are not a problem at high settings (I don't give a hoot about anti-aliasing: I've got more things to worry about than how the power lines appear) and I love the way it looks. But I am also playing [GR] on the same machine and "oh my gawd" is that how it's supposed to look? Awesome. I will play [GR] indefinitely; different kit, different skins, different weapon mods all make the game new. Being my age doesn't hurt either with the memory starting to go and all. Anyway. Perhaps my longest post ever to say I voted [GR] because it really is a much better game and for more reasons than I mentioned. But, there is some good stuff in GRAW that, standing alone and not compared to [GR], is a fun game itself.
  21. You bet. The four of them are an unruly little group running all over the map, getting in front of Mitchell and getting shot - Game Over - and all with pistols out like some kind of gunslinger movie. On the other hand, going through the campaign this time, I fumbled fingered and put Mitchell prone in the middle of the street and when I got back up, all four of them were lined up, guns blazing at someone around the corner. I wish I had a screenie of them in right echelon, changing mags, burning through the ammo like it grows on trees. Sheesh is that what tankers do?
  22. I think you may have been the recipient of some friendly joking here, MM. I wouldn't take Skratte too seriously. Which is my friendly way of saying, "lighten up."
  23. SAWmonger


    I'm with Bonehead (I've always wanted to say that)! I'm using GRAW Injection now, but I love being able to change on the fly.
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