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  1. Happy Birthday Ghost Recon!! Thank You GR.net for your work.
  2. Steam username: RogueDOC Long Live Ghost Recon!!
  3. Man this stinks. Still no 2nd email. well guess i don't get in. ** But still holds out hope for the 2nd email** *HINT-HINT UBI*
  4. InsolenceAndHeresy I got the same email. filled everything out but never got the second email.
  5. I have a laptop that will run it no problem. But on the email form i was sent it didn't have my specs (video Mobility™ Radeon® X1400, dual-core intel). So i had to put "Other-Unknown). and i think that is what screwed me.
  6. If you haven't gotten a secone email. i'm guessing you didn't get in. I didn't get in.
  7. I'm guessing we won't get anything until tonight. Everybody is busy downloading and playing.
  8. Well i don't need the BETA that bad. Just would have been nice to know it was for subscribers to begin with.
  9. Aggh. it says my system specs are to low. Intel Dual-Core 2gb ram Mobility™ Radeon® X1400 What the heck **Subscribers only!!!**
  10. o'well. a day wasted hoping to get the BETA.
  11. That stinks. I got mine in, but did not get picked.
  12. I was wondering the same. o'well, guess i'll have to wait.
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