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  1. Hi Rocky, been a while... 😛 is it possiblIe to reupload MissionHX by harntrox? Link is broken and i cant findit anywhere...
  2. Broken link here, and cant find the mod anywhere...anyone can post missionHX dl link or upload it somewhere?
  3. Hi all, im back gaming old Gr, is someone have a working dl link for this one? Thanks...
  4. Hmm ill chck it out, it was runnin perfectly lst year with the same install im sure, me too im having little issues, i installed everything yesterday. For me rite now i only have ONE hostie on map i just noticed it...., even on XL and XXL and im sure it was given 2-3 hosties back then...and more enemies... Ill try to find why...Invisible hostie happened tough in HU when youre very close, but then chck map and bump him.
  5. Yes. ... its called POW Rescue gametype in HX5, EDIT: but with HU, you can virually play anythin from SAR to other gametypes, like DEMO and others. And its a new story each time, a real new story..:) Fer me no other game i know can give you that control over gameplay...:) Ans like i said the enemies behavior from random in the game makes it really fun. Really...:) The SAR in HU has 3 levels you can pick it too..from SAR, SARXL, SAR XXL for larger maps of for more enemies and harder missions.. HU SAR gave , 2 or 3 hostages depending on levels, H5, give 3 hostages on all maps, but static insertion for the player. Please go give a try lol.
  6. Yep...a Classic one for sure. Harntrox is a legend lol...One of the first i think) to use all the possible randomness in GR but didnt include it in his SAR gametype in HX5. And other gametype. Its include in missionHX tough but mod was buggy because of the different map size. HU corected that..:) Now i can play Castle day SAR (forever) and never play the same thing twice...And i see stuff and enemies behavior i dont see usually...:) Ill never get bored of this..:) The moddable randomness of GR is for me, by far, one of the greatest part of the game.
  7. Hey Wombat....! Works...!!! thanks so much...what wd be GR.NET without your assistance.....:) Its ur HU usb drive im using btw, thanks again for that...:P I also install your HU mod v4 for less restrictive scope view, much better now. I install HX5 becoz, when playing with HU and HX5 i prefer the classes it uses when bringing AI backup, compare to just HU activated... i ike the weapon too..
  8. Hey guys... I install GR GOLD, fresh install from brand new purchase, then HU and HX5. Cant see enemies on map which is part of HU i assume..the thing is, i use to see enemies AND objectives from playing HU before... Not seeing the hostages or any objectives is a pain rite now, i read the readme and search with no clue so far... Anyone? Please?
  9. Looks fun...reviews are good...:) https://www.facebook.com/BlackDayGame/
  10. Custom Campaign can be played in LAN. You can alson pick missions form some of the campaigns
  11. Hi... I just DL the latest version of HU. (The older version i had was some kind of buggy. (my fault i used it with other conflicting mods probably) I just cant open the zip file. I use 7z. I have a corrupted data n files message. I search posts on dl page and on this thread. I tried some program that can repair it without sucess so far. Now i feel tired and lazy lol. Anyone went thru some kind of problems here? I noticed too that when i start the dl the only options i have is a ''Winrar'' or ''allfiles'' option. Is that ok? Thanks.
  12. If its for GRAW2, he can go here... https://gamerecon.net/graw2/ He can get their ''Launcher'' there; more infos; and under ''gamerecon'' the status of their servers...
  13. Jeez Zee.... That was true when the game came out; it was indeed terrible, buggy as hell and all; but grin worked hard (well some members) to fix stuff and add modding tools and exchange a lot with modders right here at grnet ( and release the OGR coop ). But it tooked time to fix it i admit. And by GRAW2 it wasnt that bad. Modders that we all know as John and others created hundreds of maps and very cool weapon mod. GRAW and GRAW2 has some of the nicest ezxplosions ive evr seen in a game at the time and years after. You cant compare graphics as graw went out in 2006 anyway. The other thing is the GRAW series lives many years with the work of modders. What will be WILDLANDS life esperancy with no moddingtools, im talkin for for coop players...Thats my biggest concern.
  14. Hi Richard... If that could help; in MHX, when all of the OBJ are completes, a random extraction zone is generated. As soon as it appears on your map, the enemies will charge it; very realistic; ive never seen it that way in any mods...Try iy youll see what i mean..:) MHX is only 2mbs btw. Love your work...goodluck!
  15. Wombat, the gametypes your talking about are in (of course) HX5 mod. The usage of their secondary weapons in MHX is (i find) much higher than in other mods. Ive been blown hundred times by them, funny stuff. I wont have internet for 3 more weeks so i've been playin SP in the last 2 months, few missions but mostly ''Return 3 POW'' gametype from HX5 gametype, MHX and couple more mods... The hosties on map are placed randomly so you basiccly never play the same thing twice...thats what i like a lot about Harntrox stuff, the randomness in all aspects of GR. EDIT: The randomness always gives unexpectably behaviors from enemies, its my favorite aspect of GR (modding)..:p
  16. El Nino Foxhound made that move 10 years ago, from ghostaholic to armaholic and did a great job at it. Lets leave it that way, before offending people. (me)...:) http://www.armaholic.com/index.php https://www.youtube.com/user/TheArmaholics
  17. Tough it looks heavily scripted, im having hardtimes seeing where its scripted and where its not, or some kinda randmness/reactions. Feels like halftrailer/half ingame, weird feeling. The voice acting, what is it? is it overdubbed or from ingame? Whatever it is, its horrible!!
  18. Its allgood now Struth, All servers are there, i wasnt able to join Rahnman4, coz of a missing map, but it looks just fine. Its just not very populated..:( Cheers.
  19. Hi... yep i see it in the servers list but not ingame...yesterday... I joined ''togetmaps'' with no problem. Ill chck again tonite, thanks for all the work struth..
  20. Works perfectly Struth. Do you guys planning the use of Rahnman's sometimes?
  21. Absolutely! The files are very small too, and you can switch from players, angles, slowmotion ect. (1.2.3.....F1, F2, F3.....+or- for speedup or slowdown replays, ect) Be sure you noted the exact mods activated at the time of the record and activate them in game when ull start it, or it will just crash the game. Have fun.:)
  22. Thanks for this upload! Hope the version im lookin for is avalaible in 32bits...It wasnt so far. checkin it out.
  23. :S The Division Is Having A Bad Time http://kotaku.com/the-division-is-having-a-bad-time-1771622433?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow
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