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  1. I can confirm that the Toshiba Sattelite A75 does NOT work with GRAW. Can also confirm I cannot spell Satellite.
  2. So, My internet connection has been very intermitant recently. Every other day or so I boot up my computer in the morning before I go to work. and no internet. I mess around with it, reboot the computer, cold boot the modem and router. Nada, nothing. A couple days ago this happened and I noticed that my laptop was stil working on it's wireless connection. Why would the desktop not work and the laptop does? They're on the same router. So just on a whim I tried a system restore back to a day I knew it was working. Success! Today same problem, nothing I tried worked. Even the system restore di
  3. Not quite as fast as you'd think. I can't log into my personal homepage.
  4. I'm trying to design a new tatoo, but I'm having a little trouble with part of it. I want to put 3 zodiac signs in a circle. so basically I need to cut the circle into 3 equal segments. I can't figure out how to do it. I drew a 5 pixel ring in PS, and I can bisect the ring w/ a 5 pixel line, but I can't figure out how to make 3 equal shapes in the circle. Needless to say I want the lines 5 Pix wide. Hopefully I'm explaining this right so someone will understand. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Dilligas
  5. Dilligas

    Nikon D50

    I have the D70. It's a great camera. It is a bit much for the average user. I'm hoping to grow into it. Never used the D60, so I can't really compare the two. Guess I'm not really much help. I really like the brand though, and I've never had a problem with mine. Anyway, take it as you will. Dilligas
  6. Ditto. 12 hour days are killing my creative abilities. Dill
  7. Excellent! Nicely done everybody.
  8. Here's one, I'm gonna work on some more at work tomorrow.
  9. Is that Charlie Daniels? ← P.S. I agree with Ronin. Nice Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Sorry, I didn't answer sooner, I'm away (sort of) while I have family in town. Yeah it's legit, my last command sent some stuff out to them. We got back some letters thanking us. It was pretty cool. It's nice to know something you do directly helps guys who need it. Dill
  11. Not sure if this has been shown before. I thought it was pretty cool. Video Link
  12. Well this one is an awful lot like Goose Bumps, so I'll try to come up with another one. Here it is for you to enjoy though. Dilligas
  13. Alright, it's about time for me to jump into this GDC thing. So, here's my first try:
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