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  1. Yeah, the way I've been, I think a blanket permission for my stuff would be a good idea.
  2. Howdy. Sorry I have been incommunicado for so long. Started last Fall on my annual work trip. I didn't have much time to mod, and eventually lost momentum, you could say. Motivation and imagination disappeared, and other things were competing for my time. I'll try to get back into things, but my work trip starts again next week. Hopefully it won't sap me like last year. My apologies for abandoning you guys.
  3. Open up track view select object and position or rotation (square symbols are object parameters, circle symbols are position/rotation/scale) Click the parameter curves button. Click the start and end out-of-range buttons for cycle or loop (they both seem to work the same way). If you want your animation to ping-pong back and forth, select that option. Make sure your rotation and position animations are linear. That is the only mode that will work. Select position or rotation, then click the assign-controllers button Make sure linear position and linear rotati
  4. Try making it as a <n><dyn> object, with each part that moves as a <n> group within it. Make sure all groups have O helpers. I assume you added animation key frames, and set the animation to loop? If it doesn't loop, the animation may finish before you even see it.
  5. I made rotating radar dishes and spotlights on vehicles as dynamic objects, so I see no reason why an animated flag wouldn't work.
  6. cobaka


    You need a shermanlevel for all three floors, and shermantransitions on your stairs to link between shermanlevels. Your object list does not have a shermanlevel01_1.0. Also, you have the room grouped as _1; I believe _01 is not the same (check your exportdebug).
  7. Ghostrecon.net is approaching half a million posts! Awesome job, folks, and congratulations. That's what I call longevity! Time for a party
  8. cobaka


    1. Make sure you have your floor polygons tagged as floors. 2. In your object list in the picture, for all levels to be in the same room, make sure they are grouped as one room, e.g. _01. 3. You will need shermanlevels for multi-level rooms. In the case of three levels, you will need shermanlevel01_1.0, shermanlevel01_2.0, and shermanlevel01_3.0. Make sure each shermanlevel is tagged for the room and level. 4. For pathfinding, it is best if you have the stairs in separate shermanlevels, e.g. shermanlevel01_1.5stairs, shermanlevel01_2.5stairs, with shermantransitions at the beginning and end
  9. Happy Birthday, Saint, where ever you are!
  10. Was I supposed to be doing stuff for DANFOR? Because I honestly don't remember. I did a few models for that mod that I would have liked to see come out as well.
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