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  1. Please lock this thread.
  2. I was going to start a new thread about my account, but I didn't since this was up ages ago and it's still here. So now my issue is the future of this forum and myself. But it looks like I'm still here.
  3. But I feel my time is done here now.. don't make me argue with you zee.
  4. Why? This is for everyone ..
  5. I'm just concerned about this forum and my well being, I feel done!
  6. Happy New year folks.. make it a good one.
  7. hi all, got myself a new headset a razer tiamat 7.1 v2. Treated myself. I was almost going to go for the kraken series, but bagged this one. My photo
  8. Yes most definitely a contest or two. Oh how I missed the sig competition awards. I missed doing those.
  9. I love how old members are just dropping in out of no where then never coming back after making one thread. LOL.
  10. wow, well i'll keep this short and sweet, a very humble and welcome back ZJJ 😎
  11. Started working on my own atmosphere.
  12. These forums are dead, use youtube for tips nowadays
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