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  1. Hey guys, agreed with everyone here - that being the level of difficulty needs to match the original GR more. I'll be honest, and I mentioned this is an off-topic post, GRW really reminds me of a re-skinned Far Cry 4. Out of the box, I really don't like much of it. In addition to the recurring suggestions above, I'd def say revisit the vehicles. I don't mind them at all and they are necessary for this Fry Cry open world template but cmon ... why use roads at all when you can just drive off any cliff and survive?? I don't mean to get salty but I was just really really hoping for something closer to the originals especially when its open world format.
  2. Guys, sorry for the drive-by posting. I do mean to stick around here more often now. Cpl - I stopped building and flying after the FAA got all gung ho with it. I still have all my gear and do plan to fly again but for now there's just so much bad press surrounding drones mostly because of people that just buy them without learning the laws. But I'll be honest with you guys. I was not very happy with Wildlands. Believe me I tried. But when I accidentally drove a jeep with opertors and package on board over a cliff, flipped over 5 times, and somehow managed to come out alive to get into another jeep which I then purposefully drove off an even higher cliff just cos I knew I could ... well, this was Fry Cry 4 reskinned in my opinion. Are you guys running hardcore coop sessions or something? I could see it having some potential then especially with some reality mods. But Wildlands out of the box is not GR to me at all.
  3. LOL!!!! Now THATS a blast from the past man!!!
  4. Hey man! Yea I am impressed that this site is still going strong - credit to Rocky I'm assuming. It's probably one of the longest lasting sites I know of! LOL and my avatar hasn't changed.
  5. Anyone play? Aside from the original PC GR, this is by far my most played game ... nearly 3k hours logged lol.
  6. Hellooooo gr-dot-net!! Man, I am so surprised that my user account is still active lol. Rock? zjj? You guys still around? I came by because I saw that the new "open world" GR is about to do a open beta in a few days. I might try it out. I really have not been a big fan of the GR incarnations since the initial PC release. I've been playing a crapload of Ark though. Close to 3k hours of it LOL. Really fun game. Anyway, just wanted to pop by in case this new GR is worth its salt, wouldn't mind teaming up with some OG GR players.
  7. ... but you can't take Ghost Recon out of the player! Great to see this place still up and kicking!! Rocky? ZJJ? (sorry was it ZZJ?) Ledaneck? Hope you guys are all doing well. I have not been playing GR at all but it's clearly still on my mind. I recently got into quadcopters to take footage of us surfing. So I've been giving this "DJI Phantom" model quadcopter a little bit of Ghost Recon theming. First, some digital urban camo as the base for good measure ... Having had a hard time finding GR related decals, I decided to just make my own LOL ... I also got a buddy to 3d print me a custom front with the GR skull behind which I plan to mount an LED for some illumination ... And if you're curious, here's what footage from one of these things look like (before camera gimbal installation) ... Anyway, I couldn't keep going with this without stopping by here and sharing the GR madness with the OG crew. Really hope all of you guys are doing well.
  8. Thanks for the votes of confidence guys lol!! Great to see some old faces. I keep stalling on getting this because I just finally started playing BF3 in earnest and feel kinda like a lush if I were to go out and get something new. But I'll probably get it anyway because these gameplay videos are looking really compelling. If you guys are on Live, we should throw down!! I'm still "THE RONIN" on Live but I forget how I spelled it cos I couldn't use normal letters since it was taken I think it's like T-H-E R-[zero]-N-[number 1]-[N] or something like that lol. I'll check on my gamercard.
  9. As a big GR fan do you guys think this would be worth adding to a Blu Ray collection (saw a few copies at Best Buy) or best just watched online for free? (Or is the online version a shorter version or something?)
  10. I'm not sure I'll subscribe to the numeric scoring on this one since what I'm looking for (and I think what most OG GR people are looking for) - completely open ended tactical gameplay - won't score well since its too boring for the general console gaming public lol. I try to pick out little hints and nuggets in the reviews instead. What I found encouraging was an analogy I think IGN called out that GRFS is like a Splinter Cell meets GR. By no means the pure tactical play the PC version was (likely asking too much) but definitely encouraging. Still debating whether to go ahead and pull the trigger but leaning more towards that after reading it and seeing gameplay footage of the sync shot mechanism.
  11. Ledanek!!! LOL dude wow talk about a blast from the past!! Great to see you man! I was seeing so many names I didn’t recognize wasn’t didn’t wanna say hi and everybody go who the heck are you dude. lol I brought 3 xbox games with me to work in case I decide to go trade em in after work for the new GRFS lol.
  12. Curious to see if any of the old PC stalwarts have played this yet. Just read through the reviews on IGN and Gamespot trying to pick out nuggets on tactical play. The "sync shot" thing sounds pretty cool and if soldiers actually do use discretion / judgment on how to attack (if at all) the way the IGN review describes it, it could be pretty cool. Definitely not the OG GR but I don't think anyone in their right mind would have expected such. I might pick it up after work but might just wait until the weekend.
  13. Thanks for the welcome, Riley. There was a time I would go back to the OG GR group of games on the PC. But after a while, the graphics just got way too outdated. I've since filled the shoot-some-rebels urge with a spattering of BF2 / BF3 which of course is nothing like GR but at least rewards you for teamwork. I do keep a GR2 on Xbox which I'll fire up now and again. Although I always do get the latest GR hoping that I get even a semblance of what the OG GR was like ... which is pretty much just he name on the box lol.
  14. I just came across this on Blu Ray over the Best Buy. Got me wondering and of course the first thing I thought of was my good ol friends at gr.net. Hi guys good to see some familiar names! [edit] << LOL ... House of Ronin ... that's awesome.
  15. I just got this game and am loving it. It’s no GR PC but it’ll do for now until the next GR comes out.
  16. On a "regular" TV, the biggest difference will be the text. They are a bit tough to read. On an HDTV, you'll find that the text is very crisp ... of course the overall picture is night and day. For best results, go for HDMI connection and never ever spend more than $5 on the cable.
  17. Very cool ... I think the average gamer, I for one, tend to take for granted the amount of thought that goes into level creation. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Just found out about it and downloaded it last night ... can't wait to get a chance to play it. Hopefully there will be more DLC ... definitely keeps me coming back for more.
  19. I'm around a lot on Live ... hopefully I run into you guys. THE R0NLN is my gamertag (it looks like THE RONIN in Live).
  20. Is it just me or are these soldados on steroids? It's like I've come up against the elite land speed record crawling brigade. Being too impatient for friends to join up, I did manage to complete Caves all by my lonesome - all objectives, no respawn, no indicators. Good times.
  21. Haha never claimed to be a diehard. At least not since I got married I didn't know about it until 2 nights ago when a Live buddy messaged me. I got to squeeze in about an hour of playing it last night. Very cool stuff.
  22. Just found out about this tonight while playing with some buddies ... it's off to Gamestop for some points tomorrow. It's like Christmas all over again.
  23. Might just be the theme I've chosen to view the forums but my name is now capitalized!! Officially, it's "the.ronin" as opposed to "The.ronin" ... I know. Blasphemy on so many levels.
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