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  1. is it just me or are any of you also experiencing some glitches with this new mission? i get to the camp and hold position and after killing all the tango's it will not progress. it just keeps telling me to hold position. I also seem to have lost some attachments that were previously unlocked (like the 30rnd mags for some of my weapons like the P416 and ACR).. edit: just took a look at the official forums: it seems a lot of people are having the same issues and the GR team are looking in to it. hopefully they will be resolved as soon as possible.
  2. from the patchnotes: can't wait to play this! not really what i was expecting but every interested what the devs have created for us. And i have to say: buying Wildlands, after not playing any games for a couple of years, has been great. i am totally hooked on this game. just i was back in the day with the original Ghost Recon. Now, only if i could create some weaponskins myself.......
  3. WOW!! how cool is this? Just to think almost 14 years ago i was sitting behind my pc thinking about trying to make my first weapon model. really awesome looking through this thread again after so many years and thinking about all the cool people i met and the fun projects i worked on (although most of them never made it). Great to see gr.net still up and running and the community alive and kicking!! i still remember how prous i was when i released this first little mod and how many hours it took to make. lots of late nights without sleep
  4. Great idea! you have my permission to use my mods Silent Warrior 1, 2, and 3.
  5. it becomes available to you at later levels, not sure which one exactly. i tried it myself last night and had a lot of fun playing the 3rd person cage matches (1 on 1). just be aware of people wanting to boost their scores.
  6. this is exactly how i feel about MW2 on the pc. in the beginning everything was fun but now i really start to mis the hours i spend searching for a nice server with a setup and people i liked. the killstreaks are fun at first, but after a while it gets pretty annoying when all you can do is hide inside somewhere waiting for all the lvl70+ guys and girls are finished slaughtering us casual gamers. perhaps with all the attention DICE is getting for using dedicated servers for their game, they (IW) will change their mind. what could happen? maybe earn some more millions??? but i do have to say, when you get to play with some guys who are of a similar level and mindset the whole experience changes and it becomes a great game. also i found S&D to be a nice change of pace from TD and FFA. has anyone here tried the 3rd person games? Is it fun?
  7. Looking back through some old twitter entries from robert bowling i found this: of course i had to look into it and it seems the old trick i used for my new camos in CoD4 still works, you can open the iwd files with winrar and the iwi to dds converter does work with the files of MW2. just not sure if VAC will accept any new/modified textures at this moment or where to place the new IWD files. and in my mind they would need to bring back the dedicated servers in order to run usermade maps or perhaps it will be more SpecOps oriented so modders can design new SpecOps missions. fingers crossed! @Mods, i did not see Tinkers post about this message, please delete this post or merge it with that post. sorry....
  8. the ultimate cd easter egg: Rick Astley!!
  9. Streamline Studios, one of the biggest dutch game developers, has been forced to close its doors. according to a press release this is because of cheap foreign competition and the fact one of the developers they worked it also went bankrupt and was unable to pay Streamline. Streamline Studios worked on some big games over the years, like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 & 2004 and Saint's Row. Over the last six months they downsized their staff from over 50 to just 15. Earlier this year i was lucky enough to be invited for an job interview at this studio, but didn't get the job. hopefully all the staff will be able to find new jobs!
  10. according to a dutch website the ratio in the benelux was for the first 24 hours: PS3: 47% 360: 32% pc: 20%
  11. Good news! Send him our best regards. definitely, send him my regards too. Hope you will get better soon, Dannik!!
  12. it makes me feel like it is the first time i ever played a game on a computer, i really need to practice my skills..... but on a serious note: i just started Act II and so far it has been an awesome ride. for me personally i would have liked to see a bit more depth to the story but the missions are epic. you get a bit more freedom to move around and it is not just wave after wave of baddies in front of you. Now they come from all sides To be fair, right now i feel like i am racing through all the levels just to see what comes next. might have to start again to take it all in. the Spec Ops mode is a very nice find, especially for a SP man like me. Great missions that are hard to complete and it leaves you wanting more and more. i haven't really tried MP yet, just to see how IWNet works and all i can say is: i got slaughtered. so first impressions: 1. Game looks great 2. Epic music 3. Civilians in the missions (the ones you are not supposed to shoot) are a nice touch, one you really need to focus on at times 4. Story a bit too rushed, you jump from location/character without all the info, maybe it will be explained later in the game 5. Spec Ops rocks 6. MP: i will wait for a couple of weeks to let it calm a bit so i do not look like a complete Noob
  13. hmm...not sure if i saw you that night. And a little question for Sparta, is it true 4 of your servers are down?, i can only see 2 of the Sparta servers in my Favorites window.
  14. what was your ingame tag? Or do I know so many people that I don't spot someone I know ingame anymore....lol swartsz and yours?
  15. Thank you for setting up the servers, after getting my boots kicked on other servers i finally got to play on one of the Sparta servers tonight and what a rush....... finally had the opportunity to really witness what CoD MP is all about.
  16. I think it is because you are overwriting the original DDS texture, try saving it as a new file. sorry didn't see the last part of your message!
  17. excellent, the only reason why i haven't played online that much is because i am getting owned on every server i try to play. i am a complete MP noob, the only game i ever played online before CoD4 was CoD1. So please be gentle with me when i join for a game :)
  18. I have had the same problem a lot when i started skinning weapons for CoD4, i think i know what is happening. always save your texture as a new DDS file and do not save over the original texture. Just to be save, here is a picture of the settings i use:
  19. looks great! i hope you do not mind me asking, but where are the textures for the characters located?
  20. Preview Download Use Winrar to unpack the file and place the z_swartsz.iwd in the Call Of Duty main folder. Enjoy! And a Happy New Year! Swartsz ps. I have only managed to test the skins in SP, i am not sure if they will work in Multiplayer.
  21. Made some progress on my desert skin today! Desert M4
  22. Ask away! i am also new to modding CoD, but like i always say: 2 minds are better than one
  23. and that wasn't even the last gifts i got yesterday. in another thread on this CoD forum, i posted a message about not having received my 2 copies of the CE edition of the game from Play.com and that i had to wait 21 days to find out what had happened to them. well, after 21 days i asked for 2 replacement orders which arrived at my door a couple of days later. But i when i got home last night i found another 2 copies of the game in my mailbox. so now i have 3 Collectors Editions... Santa must really like me this year
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