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  1. PSN halojones101 beta looks good and controls are managable I can't do console shooters either, but I am going to make a real effort with GR:FS, might even get one of those PS3 keyboards if it helps. its worth trying to get a handle on the sixaxis, i mourn no keyboard for consoles but i have persevered with sticks and its doable... see ya on the beta
  2. Thanks for all you efforts and bringing us some of the best gaming that stands.
  3. me too and are we getting diaz in sp too Bo? thanks
  4. Nice work u guys!!! i wont lame out on the next one honest .... good job 'Deleyt' ....... well done im still fighting to quit ..... :'(
  5. Hummm im trying to quit again ..... i quit before but it dont seem to be so easy this time
  6. IT suck's from experience "i was a skill at arm instructor" ... it was fundemental flawed and all the mods in the world wont fix it .... as a ranges rifle its ok and the susat sight was pretty good but the cheap construction and the poor design flaws never gave me much confidence in it "which for a SSA instructor training recruits didnt make me a whole smiling little teddie bear...as for "babydaves", coments totaly correct, i get realy cross about the whole defence budget and thing and am happy to be out now cos its got worse since i left in 2000.... and dont even start me on the LSW...
  7. just to wish everyone a good new year .... xx maria
  8. YUp its a nasty one all right i got it googling random images the other day...was hellish to get rid of as the "spy sherif" auto installed GRRRRRRL...it was only the trackback option in XP that let me get AVG on it hackers
  9. A big have a good one from "the Halo*" to all at Ghost recon.net. a big thank you to Rocky for starting this madness lol..and too everyone who has made this year fun......i wish you all a prosperous new year....XX maria
  10. Totaly its driveing me insane waiting lol hummmmm pergatory awaits
  11. wow Now second woot.......................
  12. once again Nice Job, and thanks to you and all for doing this im sure that those who are away and those missing them will both appricate this. Big seasonal XX to all
  13. will grab rockys finds and have aplay tomoz
  14. Double redundency is a good call....and yup im sure we are all gonna 'Abobe' some more stuff this weekend. Dannick i was ok while i was rough editing, but the first time through in iTunes, onced i finished got me weepy for sure ... her voice is quite haunting as she reading the piece though.....
  15. That is so so cool n funny lol....but i am " totaly preparing for the life of dumpsters n tinfoil hairdo's." too lol
  16. I can too if "Dannick" has no luck. Got a nice widget for extracting audio from just about anything and can export convert it to most other formats u have my MSN i think dontcha, also here is another one for the project
  17. What Zjj wrote is totaly the most important thing. the whole point of a anniversary is about wanting to share your special time with a special person.....xx i hope you both have a good one 'Ronin'
  18. nice job the force is truly strong in this one xx maria
  19. Hum! 600X600 mtrs and 'Dropshots' or even 'coy morter det' .... not a whole lot of room for fire for effect, on those size contraints but i could see that laser targeting for Heli support being ok though.
  20. Thanks colin i'm sure when im done being "arghhhh" with work i will give this my fullest....
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