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Direct Action

New 5 mission campaign by en4rcment.

SIZE: 139MB (Compressed for download at 74.1MB)

Download: Download Now!!

FilePlanet Mirror (Thanks Rocky!)


September 23, 2012:

  48 hours ago, an FBI swat team working with the Department of Homeland Security, took down a U-Haul rental truck in a suburb of Buffalo, NY.  Inside the truck were 5 Chechen nationals and over 200lbs of military-grade explosives.  The truck was enroute to a local football stadium where a sellout crowd had just begun to watch a game between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburg Steelers.  If that truck had made it to its destination, the US would have several thousand casualties on its hands right now.

  Only two Chechen nationals survived the high-risk takedown operation and they've been undergoing an intense interrogation session ever since.  They are staying pretty tight-lipped so far.

  US investigators are puzzled at the attempted plot.  The Chechens have been rather quiet lately and it was believed that they lacked the financial resources to pull off such a large scale operation overseas.  Also, the Chechens have not made America the target of their attacks in the past.

  The US President was informed of the situation and has authorized the CIA to conduct military operations within Chechnya to investigate and prevent future attacks.

  CIA intel knows of only one area within Chechnya that is a suspected hideout for radical Chechen terrorists, and that's where you'll be going...


New features you should look for:

-New Ghost skins

-New SD weapons

-Custom/retextured maps

-Extract cinematics

-Intro movie

-Intel Photos (There is an INTEL PHOTOS folder within this mod, consult it when needed)


-There are NO specialists included with this campaign. Most of the weapons you need will be available to all soldiers.

-Mission #3 mentions a new type of raid smoke called Night Terror. This will be an imaginary item that each soldier carries. There is no need to try and find it in the kits (it's not there).

-Mission #3 has a very intense smoke effect, mid-mission, lasting for 1 min 30 seconds. Those of you who experience FPS troubles with smoke effects are advised to lower all graphical settings before playing this mission.

-Mission #4 requires retrieving an item from a dead body. Those players that have dead bodies turned off may want to turn them on for this mission or memorize where the body falls.

-Mission #5 is unable to load saved games due to the unique way actors were placed on this map. Therefore, Mission #5 needs to be played from beginning to end without saving. Trying to load a saved game file from this mission will result in a Crash To Desktop (CTD).

-It was discovered that if you keep your Night Vision ON at end the end of any mission, the ending cinematics are shown SUPER-BRIGHT, almost washed-out by light. To enhance your viewing pleasure, it is strongly suggested that you switch OFF your Night Vision just before completing a mission.


Edited by en4rcment
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The truck was enroute to a local football stadium where a sellout crowd had just begun to watch a game between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburg Steelers. 
Bufflo Bills and Pittsburg Steelers in a sellout game?! That I gotta see :rofl: Sounds like a good one cant wait to download it
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I like all the missions but the mission that impressed me the most was mission with the fast rope insertion and then the passcode thing with the SAS guys.

BTW who voice was that of the SAS captain?

:thumbsup: Voice credits can be found in the readme file of the mod...

The SAS Captain was played by Jex....

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So there can't be just the missions?

:) Sorry I didn't get to you sooner Slink...

No, the missions cannot be played by themselves. They are dependent on alot of other folders contained within the mod (actor files, weapons kits, env and texture files).

I had several beta-testers who had 56K dial up though. They simply used a download manager program and downloaded the mod overnight when they were sleeping and no one would be calling...

If that doesn't work for you, you must know SOMEONE who has access to high speed internet. Just have them download it for you and burn it onto a CD...

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any chance of some screenshots :rolleyes:

:) At the current time, I have no webspace to host the pics and I have no time to go in and gather cool screenies.

:P However, I'm sure people who are currently playing it might be able to take an in-game screenshot or two...


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For all of you players that might be playing this Mod MP CO-OP:

It was discovered that the Kit restriction file for MP did not include the new Sniper Rifle.

It was also discovered that mission #5 causes many players to CTD in MP mode.

To fix these problems, I have a new Kit Restriction file (that all players entering the server must have) and I have made a new MP version of mission #5.

Anyone who may need these files...send a PM.

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Come on guys, you can have this mod. You just have to suck it up and let the computer chew on it all night. I've got 56k, and refuse to let that hold me back. :o= So you'll have to be patient like me and let it crawl in. As for the mod itself. I'm working on downloading it. :wall::wall::wall::wall: But 56k is estimating that it'll take three hours and thirty minutes. :sheep: I'll post some feedback if I ever get this mod downloaded. But it sounds good so far.

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