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  1. Question for you.... how do i add the ACOG and HOLOSIGHT to the M14? and the M203 to the M468?
  2. tell me about it.... ever since i read this topic thru and posted ive basically done nowt but regressed into playing [GR] like i used to.... ive downloaded all my fave mods ( i could remember them all ) and been playin pretty much non stop....
  3. put act 2 bundle in with act 1 and played on.... got a warning about a tree or something not being found... (have i missed a download or something?) cos i got a CTD when i tried to start the mission
  4. I agree with what most have said.... New Graphics but the same [GR] gameplay EASY MOD SUPPORT [GR] STYLE ( thats a big one for me if you couldn't tell ) Mod tools out of the box to allow mods to be made faster GRAW style kit selection ( love [GR] but like the custom kit option GRAW offers ) hell id be happy with the same old [GR] but new graphics.... kinda like the Crysis custom visuals tweaks that are all over the place...
  5. Played up to Level 3 the night one... loving it... i will say this the snipers aer difficult to kill on level 2 with owt less than the barrett..... especially the ones on the roof of the checkpoint.... took a fair few hits from a M-14 to drop him but only one from the big .50cal PS played it thru... LOVED the twist from "The Unit" in the last mission
  6. Gave them a try after finally gettin them (thanks Rocky and Bogie)... well i love them... keep gettin my ###### handed to me by the sheer volume of enemies that seem to appear round every corner love the fog training mission and the 1st mission.. ace twist at the end
  7. Dont know if its already been mentioned i couldn't spot it.... but the ACOG on the SCAR Marksman is off.... the actual Aimpoint is on the 8 bar on the vertical line.. below the actual crosshair
  8. Bretzzies im loving the revamp..... any plans to include an ACOG option for the M-14?
  9. tried it.... gonna uninstall the new drivers and physX drivers and revert to earlier ones... you can still get the CUDA 2.0 drivers of Nvidia's website and the physx drivers too.... will see if that works
  10. At the minute im not bothered about max resolution... id just want to be able to play a smegging level... its started to do it in the single player campaign now....
  11. Has anyone managed to get Ageia Island working with the Cuda pack? i keep getting this crash message Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Unhandled exception - -529697949 C STACK: kernel32 (???) : RaiseException graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Any Ideas? Ive got GeForce PhysX enabled... its just after or during the insertion is crashes....
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