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  1. I clicked on the link DS gave and it took me to the nova page where you select your country. Then I click on USA and it takes me back to this forum. That is weird. Edit: Now I go back and click it again and it takes me straight to the page about the game. Weird.
  2. If it doesn't take up half the screen then I don't mind.
  3. If I can get more money I will probably be putting dual GPU's into my new rig that I am going to build.
  4. Any good? I would download it but I'm on 56k.
  5. That sucks. I will donate this to you so you don't lose too many brain cells.
  6. Have any links to some info on the game?
  7. EA's PC Nascar game is going to try to be as close to realistic as possible.
  8. This looks like a great game. Hope it delivers.
  9. I could swear seeing a projectile go down range when I have seen tanks fire.
  10. I doubt too many people at this site play the game. I wouldn't bother to install it. I doubt any update they could do would help the game.
  11. Matt03


    Another game to put on the wishlist for 2005. There are a lot of games that could be pretty good.
  12. I just read an article over at www.extremetech.com , that says a Christmas related email virus is starting to spread. So heads up. It also says it could come from someone you know.
  13. I finish most of my games. Sometimes I can't beat a level or something and I give it up but usually I will come back after a while and beat the level and end up finishing the game. Most of the time the only games I don't "beat" are games that are too difficult or to boring to complete.
  14. Well I plan on having 2GB on my new comp coming soon so I hope your test show something.
  15. Look at the post count for the people who are doing what you say. I'm sure it probably isnt' that high. Most people here love others opinions.
  16. Both of them are the same old stuff that has been there. No Santa hat or anything like that for me. Wierd because the news story says something about it.
  17. Maybe the only problem that I have is the variable lenght that is created when the array is created. It is set to the value that you say i.e. (int[] i = new int[25]) lenght will be 25 while the array only goes from 0-24.
  18. But shouldn't writing a program be easier for the programmer? The computer doesn't care if the array starts with 0 or 1. So why not start with the one that is esaier for people to understand.
  19. But aren't we talking about a computer language used by people?
  20. It is a number but it is a lot easier to understand when you start at one. It is just easier for people to think starting at one than zero. Think about it. When you start counting you don't start at zero do you?
  21. Copy and paste it somewhere then.
  22. It seems like the colleges are starting out with Java. Is this the case that most of you who have started out recently seen? I assume this is because it is Object Oriented. http://www.cs.nps.navy.mil/people/faculty/...97/java_ans.htm Article my Java teahcer gave the class. Something to think about when you are paying all that money for your Java class.
  23. I heard they didn't put those in because flashbangs weren't useful in the outdoor arena and smoke grenades would kill low end PC frame rates. That is just what I heard.
  24. Duck season started this past weekend and it wasn't a good weekend. But the thing that matters is that being in the duck blind having fun with family. Hunting for most hunters is something that helps control populations and a by-product of conservation. Most hunters love the outdoors and protect it. Poachers are people who don't love the outdoors who don't care about nature. They are selfish and don't care about others.
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