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  1. I like the Ruger 10/22 but what I would really like is a break open .177 air rifle for those sneeky silent stealth missions!
  2. I wanna ask - Is there a amount of realism in this game? I know its Fallout and based in post-apocalypse DC (?) however I can get pretty irritated when I shoot something in the face with large caliber bullets and it still is charging at me. Or I kill somone and the authorities can use psychic abilities to find me despite my stealth (Oblivion).
  3. As for good input, I love the Shrike, thats probably my favorite weapon now, I like all the machineguns, support & rifleman are my two main roles. Really gotta fire in bursts though, otherwise the recoil takes over. Prison Shower Texture - http://img242.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot30rr1.jpg (Photo frame stuck on it) "Trafic_Columbia" map Texture (Located in drug manufacturing complex behind the mansion) http://img242.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot29jm3.jpg (This is from the Desert Seige map with the shanty huts, thats the TV thats in the radio station, a
  4. I've played it with the clan and I love the mod, I'm just reporting some bugs I encountered. I think the missing or mis-matched textures are from pooling the maps together aswell, they do have textures, but they arent always the right textures. I got a screenshot the other day, I'll post it later. Its on the SOAF "Prison" map, when at the shower center, the bench and some of the pipes have a texture on it that looks like a pictureframe (that should be in a different map?) stretched around the model.
  5. Alright heres more feedback, The SCARs you used look a bit small compared to some of the other weapons, for example not far from the SCARs in the kit selection is MP5 w/ CMAG, compare that to the SCAR w/ CMAG to see what I mean. The MP5 looks bigger than the SCAR, even the CMAG looks bigger on the MP5, and thats for 9mm rounds, compared to the SCAR's 5.56 rounds. The SCAR also looks small compared to other weapons. Realism/Factual error?: I think the SCARs usually come in "Dark Earth" now and not Black, such as Natsanwa's SCAR pack for example. I could be wrong but I think those might b
  6. You can disable the mod by going into your Ghost Recon folder and opening modsset.txt with Notepad, deleting the line with Heroes Unleashed, and saving it. You can also just delete the modsset.txt I think, GR will create a new one itself, you just need to activate DS & IT again. As for Intro movies, you can enable/disable those in options once you get into the game. Sounds like something at the beggining of the game like Intro movies or menu/sound? The full release of Heroes Unleashed sounds good, look forward to playing it!
  7. Hmm sounds good then, although despite the lack of proper ranges in GR, I could basically walk around with that huge rifle, turn and then be ready to shoot. Not that big a deal but for a rifle like that it seemed a little too accurate while on the move.
  8. I did find something somewhat of a immersion breaker though, some guns seemed to have alot of recoil/reticule spread but others seem to recover fairly quickly. HK XM8 (Its now the M8 BTW) for example, or the Russian .50 sniper rifle. Both of them fire the reticule never spreads very much while other guns seem to do it alot. The M60 though has a pretty big ret spread when fired though, although its a machinegun, shouldnt the sniper rifle take longer to recover aswell as some other guns? It also seems like I caught alot more rounds in my armor than most of the enemies, which is fine but it seem
  9. I liked Rambo. I didnt watch many movies this year..
  10. I think its already flashed to the latest, IIRC I checked not long after installing it. I didnt check the ASUS forum though Happy New Year.
  11. Not really "not enough", I dont play many high-intensity games, really I'm starting to care less and less because honestly theres not really many games that I'm looking forward too/that have been released lately that I thought were worth buying. You are right, I do need to upgrade, but I dont think its a issue with outdated hardware, that would just be slowdowns and maybe a crash every now and then on games that require alot of system power. So far my problems happen in many games, not just the ones that may require more than my system to funtion correctly. But thanks anyway, and Happy New
  12. I'm still getting the errors posted above, Despite reseating, de-dusting, and messing with USB devices I still dont know whats causing it. I didnt narrow it down that much but I did do a driver update and really I think I have a hardware issue that will probably only be resolved whenever I do my next upgrade/overhaul. I'm just guessing its a Video or Memory/RAM related problem, but I dont have anything to test with (Which means no swapping out sticks, I could try running Memtest but thats it), also since I got a BSOD after Defrag once before, I really am leaning towards Memory. Then again I do
  13. I got Gmail and I like it. Really the only thing that sorta concerns me is possible privacy issues - then again this is the internet...
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