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  1. The tangos look like mercs is that what they're supposed to be?
  2. do you mean now or back in the mid 1970s to mid 1990s?
  3. I cant wait to see that resident evil mod
  4. Ok guys I've just started working on a campign simlar to the SEALZ operation iraqi freedom but it on operation enduring freedom but i'm alittle short on sources could i get some links that have maps,detailed reports on the ops like operation anaconda,some info on units that were involed in certain ops stuff like that. I'm very new to IGOR also so I would really be greatful is some veteran mission scripters could give me a big hand on this too. just PM me if your interested.
  5. It would be nice if they did pay some attenion to it
  6. How do I make a fast rope insertion like on mission#5 of direct action?
  7. I like all the missions but the mission that impressed me the most was mission with the fast rope insertion and then the passcode thing with the SAS guys. BTW who voice was that of the SAS captain?
  8. I saw and article about this game in this month's issue of gampro magzine and it looks like a battlefield 1942 type game.
  9. I saw the trailer awhile back and I was very impressed by it and looking at the screenshots the graphics are superb
  10. I'm not a trouble maker I just have my views on things and if you dont like em deal with it, because no matter how much you whine and cry I will not change my views. So ether ether respect em or keep your mouth shut......
  11. You mean I had to do through that slow server for nothing
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