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  1. OMG! Nice job on the oasis map. If you ever wanted to make someone slow down and act sensible, I think you found it in that mission. Jeez! I used a sensor to localise the enemy at one point and still got killed before I could get to em! Damn! Granted, I guess that's an admission that I'm not the greatest soldier in the virtual world if the A.I. handed me my ######, but I'm still impressed with that mission. I never wanted em easy anyway! Thanks!
  2. O.K. I'm a twit! I was wrong. I'd forgotten to reinstall my WOI mods after uninstalling and reinstalling my GR files to cure the sabre team priority problem I was having. Sorry guys! Silly mod manager was still listing all previously installed mods. Gotta try and figure out how to fix that too! Either way thanks GIWEX for the advice! Cool, I've reinstalled all my WOI mods and now it's all working like a charm. The mission with the road still gave the objectives in the briefing in German or whichever language it's initially in, but the briefing itself is in English so I'm not really too concerned about it. But I did like the first mission that I ran. Quite nice work Six!
  3. Hey, I'll recheck that all the other mods are still installed on my PC. I'm pretty sure that all WOI mods are reinstalled though. I had a problem with Sabre Teams causing a crash if it wasn't activated period. My GR wouldn't run without it. Got a little frustrating when trying to check out new skin mods. Anyway, I'll recheck! And the English Patch for UTBS is in the actual file. Just go into your mods file and open the file for UTBS and you should see I think three different files for the language patches. I.E. Italian, English, and I can't remember what other's are there. Just extract that into the mod file and it should overwrite the mission files with the same thing in English! Hmmm, now that I think about it, I bet I'm crashing because I have Afrika Corps installed but not activated! I turned off all WOI mods to play Sixpence's SEAL mod! Thanks Giwex. Always good to be shown what I've read and forgotten / overlooked I.E. mods need to be activated as well!
  4. Arggggg! O.K. I've managed to chew my way through the download for the mod, but I've hit another snag! Anyway, it keeps crashing to desktop when I try to start the first actual mission after the introduction mission. Anyone know what this is from? Did I mess something up with the installation of the english patch? I unzipped the patch and pasted the mission file into it to overwrite the original files for it. Was I supposed to add the file elsewhere in the mod and leave the regular files alone? Anyone have some insight on this for me?
  5. Hey Six, just wanted to say great work on your Navy Seals Mod! I've been playing it nonstop lately, and I'm waiting on my 56k connection to chew it's way through the download of this mod! Anyway, that's my problem to solve, but thanks for the great mods! Hmmm, actually, for some reason it won't let me download the mod. I'm confused! Everytime I click on the download icon it starts to open a new page, but all I end up with is the page refreshing to the same thing I was looking at when I clicked the download button. Hmmmm, maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I can't read the language on the download page so maybe I'm not setting things right. Who knows? I'll keep trying to find my way around it! Well, I found my way around things and it's downloading, So if this is to be believed I'll have it in 15 hours. Yikes! I need cable. Either way, your work's been worth the wait everytime!
  6. Just wanted to add a comment about your work. IT'S GREAT!!! I guess the best praise that I can give to a modder is to state that I've grabbed this mod despite my 56k modem. It's sometimes hard to not run my head into the wall while waiting for mods to dl, but it's always been worth it!
  7. Great looking Defenders man! Are these for your British Special Forces mod? Are you still making that. The one with The SBS skins? I hope so! I'm patiently waiting for it!
  8. Wow! Those pics look great! I guess I'll have to cave in and buy FarCry if the GR maps are gonna get retouched like this. I've just not been into the whole mutant army fighting thing! I got too into GR to change over to that, but maybe!
  9. Hey Chems, I've been waiting for this mod for ages. I'm patiently continuing to wait on your mod now. I've been downloading for two hours already, since I got off of work, and I've got another forty-four and a half minutes left to finish. I only cry like this because I want you to know how much I've anticipated this mod. I'm also desperate for the special forces mod you mentioned before. I'll give you some real feedback once I finsih downloading the beast. God I miss my old cable modem!!! I hate 56k!!!!!!!!!
  10. Well, I'm excited about the fact that Aus-Viper is working on another mod now. Op stabilise was great, and now his web-site says that he's working on an Iraq mod for ADF. This should be good. Aus-Viper is a great modder, and he gets great help from his friends. And Yeah! Desperate from something new from Jack57. And I'm waiting for British Infantry mod and the special forces mod that Chems is working on.
  11. Well, it's time for my input. Let's see, I'd like to see the ghosts able to carry more, but within reason. Maybe carrying packs that they can dump in a sticky situation. Kinda like dropping your rucksack, and having your web gear left. Maybe be able to sneak in and stash your packs with the kit you'll need, and be able to go to work on the locals, then come back for the demo or what not. I'd also like to have more control over the commands I give. I like the idea you guys have floated about controlling the stance and formation, but I'd like to be able to make my teams run to point A, then slow the hell down and get smart! I want to know that I can trust them to go from running to recon without me having to hover over the command map. You can already pick multiple points on the map for them to travel, why not be able to preset the pace that they move from point A to point B. Like recon to point A, then attack to point B, then Suppress while Alpha moves in. Grabbing the kits of fallen soldiers is an absolute MUST! No more demo guys dead so mission is over. I'd also like to be able to drag my guys around once they're down. Like in SOCOM, I liked to try to bring my dead out with me. And I really want them to either add the Columbian Campaign to this one as a side deal for pc's. Or just give it to us as a patch for GR. Cause I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been playing ghost recon since before it was on a console, yet they gave the console that little perk that we didn't get. We carried the game for so long. UBI didn't keep it alive. The rockin modders of the community kept it strong. If I only had GR, DS, and IT, I'd have probably moved on long ago. Great additions I'll admit, but If it wasn't for the modding community that does what I cannot. I'd have faded away like the guys I used to always see online. Speaking of which, anyone heard from FritzdaKat! And your modders have kept you alive so don't lock them out. As far as the seeing the weapon, I'm not for it. I can see the point you guys have, but it's not the game we've known. If you include it, put the toggle switch right under the TI! Other than that, I've been a fan for a long time so Impress me again!
  12. Man, you guys might have hurt Jack57. Now that you mentioned royalties, the game will probably revert back to Baker's Dozen as a working title. Let's hope not. Anyway, I've gotta say I'm interested in this one. I've seen alot of WW2 games, but I've yet to stumble across a good squad based one. Mostly just solo run and gun. BUT!!! Credit where it's due. WOI has filled in nicely so far. But a new game built from the ground up with a fresh approach sounds good. Let's see what they crank out.
  13. Sneaky as can be, and managed to get to the camp and throw out the smoke. But as luck would have it, apparently my laptop cannot handle the smoke. I got bogged down and couldn't keep up with things once they went into slow motion. Anyway, my attempt to storm the camp failed. I'm wondering if I could stand off on the ridge and eliminate the guards before I deploy the smoke. Maybe I should just kill my settings for that mission and see if it runs smoother with lover graphic settings. Either way, I haven't made it out of mission three yet. But where there's a will there's a way. By the way I like the scripting of the patrols so far. Every time I engage one patrol there's another one real close to jump in. It's making me think twice about going in with the guns blazing.
  14. I said I'd post feedback, and I meant it! The first two missions have been great. I had to go to work today, so I didn't have time to get any further. I almost had the second mission, but I got pinned down on the LZ. Either way my saw gunner and demo guy were the only guys left, and they didn't make it to the chopper. Which leaves me with my only gripe. If memory serves the Blackhawk in Operation Stabilise actually can engage from the air. It'd be nice to see my guys get a little support during extract. Maybe you can work that for a patch. Either way, from what I've seen your mod is great. Nice skins, and that second map is pretty nice. Either way, don't read to much into my helo gripes, I just hate getting that close and not making it. But at least they went down fighting
  15. Come on guys, you can have this mod. You just have to suck it up and let the computer chew on it all night. I've got 56k, and refuse to let that hold me back. So you'll have to be patient like me and let it crawl in. As for the mod itself. I'm working on downloading it. But 56k is estimating that it'll take three hours and thirty minutes. I'll post some feedback if I ever get this mod downloaded. But it sounds good so far.
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