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  1. SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike Platform: PSP Genre: Action Simulation Release Date: October 2007 Sony is planning on releasing another SOCOM title for PSP owners. Stepping away from it's first/third person shooter history, Tactical Strike will be an on-the-fly strategy game (You give orders while under fire and then sit back and watch them executed). The controls of TS are described as: "a cross between Full Spectrum Warrior and the squad command element from Brother in Arms. You're in command of four soldiers broken into two smaller fire teams, and you're able to issue c
  2. This game spells the death of PS3. For most gamers there are only two reasons to buy a PS3...the Metal Gear series and the Socom series. I know that it is still very early into production, but the released trailer ( http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=4856 ) was absolutely awful. Sure The lines are smooth but there is no realism there. These do not look like my SEALs. Also, I have no time for online gaming now. Single player campaigns are all I get to play. They have turned SOCOM into Americas Army. I, for one, have always personally enjoyed sneaking my teams into proper
  3. I still check in daily hoping that Rocky puts up an ArmA site... -
  4. Yeah Whisper give us all the dirty details. How is it looking on your system (graphics and performance)? You come across any bugs? Let's see some screenies! Have fun with it. I'll be active once there is an English version released...
  5. I don't think the GR community went anywhere. The varied subjects and combined interests of the members here has had me coming back daily since registering. I have many online friends that have all originated from this site. I even found my home base (Tactical Gamer) from a post at this site. I rarely play [GR] anymore, and I never bought GRAW, yet I visit GR.net on a daily basis. This community is a strong one for sure...
  6. This really puts into words the overall feeling of the ArmA community. Your quick summary of the game and its comparison to similar games on the market was very well written and speaks to most of us tactical realism fans who don't want to be restricted in our quest for the ultimate mission experience. I would definitely urge you to do a short review of ArmA. Your expertise at writing, combined with, having your finger on the pulse of this community, would make for a very fair review and most likely expose a few lost souls to "THE GAME" which will finally satisfy their craving for comp
  7. I can't find it anywhere on the US site yet...
  8. This is on the front page...but it is for UK residents only. You may want to clarify that... CLICK ME
  9. I think the swimming will be a good thing. Presents many more approach angles to targets located on the shores of small lakes or rivers/streams. My only other concern would be how well the enemy AI could detect the player while in water. If you started to receive fire whilst swimming...you are in big trouble... Then again a real tactical team would probably provide cover with a few snipers or designated sharpshooters while the swimmers made their way over. Just talking about all of the possibilities is getting me quite excited!!! It's going to be a looong couple of months for us North
  10. I apologize if this is previously discussed info. I found this video over on Youtube showing swimming in ArmA : Can anyone confirm if the released version will allow swimming? The ability to insert from water without a watercraft has always been a desire of mine as a mission modder... -
  11. This is based off of an Intel CPU correct? Because I have an AMD CPU and they run at a lower GHz but are comparable to Intel CPU's that run at a higher GHz... Wasn't there some comparison chart?
  12. I am absolutely blown away by the AA footage... This video is also available on google video : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...71667&hl=en but the quality is much poorer than the download version... -
  13. Should be plenty of weapons available in this one. -
  14. I know it's a bit early to judge, but this title caught my eye, with its slick screenies, small squad stealthy (optional) action, and a promise of decent AI. The map system could prove very useful in keeping players supplied with randomly generated maps, making each engagement feel fresh and new. Plus, the maps are supposed to be very large, offering unlimited opportunities of approach and minimizing map memorization. Bethesda Softworks is the publisher behind The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, so they know what it takes to create a top notch game with staying power. There is alot of time b
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