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  1. I've been pretty clear before that I am in favor of the reuse of any of my material.
  2. If you just want good coop gaming sessions, go with Heroes Unleashed, a massive mod which pulls together just about every custom map and weapon out there. You'll have loads of different terrains to play on. If you want well-scripted campaigns with custom maps, weapons, kit and missions, I'd recommend (in this order): Frostbite Year of the Monkey Rockall* P2 * Main focus is on coop gameplay. That will probably be enough to last you for a long time, but other mods that I can recommend for coop from personal experience include: 9ms Tactical Gamer 3.0 Project Sentry** H-Hour's Server-side Mission Pack** 8 Days and 12 Weeks (the original coop mission packs -- stock maps only) ** These were created by me, so take the recommendation with that in mind. There are lots more, but these are the ones I have used myself in coop gaming sessions over the years. If you're pulling in people who are new to Ghost Recon or who may be very rusty, I'd recommend starting with Frostbite, Year of the Monkey or H-Hour's Server-side Mission Pack, as many of these missions include lower enemy counts that are more reasonable for small or out-of-practice teams. If you want tough inserts, try Rockall, P2, 9ms or Tactical Gamer 3.0, all of which were created for experienced coop teams.
  3. Wow, surprised and flattered! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the mission so much. Maybe I'll make another like it! Had two more YOTM maps in mind for the same treatment.
  4. If you actually read the thread you just posted in you'd know that Apex already plans to script more involved missions.
  5. I already sit on a couple IRC channels most days, so I would make use of a GR-specific IRC channel from time to time if there were people on it that were interested in coop. I can rarely schedule gaming time these days, so having a channel with some idlers would be useful on those occasions when I can unexpectedly hop in. But that depends on other people being around, of course.
  6. You might find this collection of urban textures recently released under public domain useful.
  7. Some nice texture work on those concrete partitions.
  8. pz3, you can have more than 2 shermanlevels in a map. The command map can only show overlays for the second level, but all other aspects of the game work fine with more levels. Also, levels don't need to be at the same height, it just makes it easier to deal with the sherman level boxes. The map is looking good. Having just tried AW for the first time, I'm taken with the possibilities of a run-down industrial area. I understand the balance between work-load and output that is involved with creating indoor areas and I think mostly streets, with a few interiors for objectives, is great.
  9. If you're going for a street grid layout, you might find these street textures I made useful. They are just the transparent lines and some wear, so you'll need to lay them over a tile-able 256x256 texture for the asphalt.
  10. Looks very promising. Can I make one suggestion? Half the number of streetlights. You'll save yourself a lot of time in the lighting tool and create more pockets of darkness to sneak around in (if you're planning a night version).
  11. I'm a veteran GR player who has just started playing a little GR:AW for the first time. I love the city atmosphere, but I am frustrated by the strict linearity of the gameplay. Was any modder able to achieve more of the sandbox-type gameplay more common in the original GR? Can anyone recommend a mod that gives me the objective but lets me get on deciding how I'll take care of it (and possibly with some more permanent status enemies, rather than just those that pop-up when I walk through triggers)?
  12. I think it's great that you and others keep this going so well. Those like myself who pop in-and-out every few months are really lucky to have all this infrastructure still churning along.
  13. You probably know this, but I will mention it anyway. If you make the base platform of the tanks so that they can't be walked on, you could make each of the elevated balconies walkable without creating extra sherman levels, since they occupy exclusive xy space. You'd only be able to place/teleport units there, but that would be enough for most use-cases.
  14. Looks very promising! I like your texture work on that main building and the oil drums. Two suggestions, take them or leave them: 1. If you're worried about polycount, turn the rungs of the ladder into a single poly with an alpha texture. 2. If the base of the large tanks is wide enough for a soldier to move between the tank and the edge of the platform, put a ramp up to the base. It looks like it's just high enough to provide good visibility over the oil drums, pipes, etc, and could be a useful overwatch position.
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