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  1. KS: GHOST_Sup? http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/265188868
  2. Invisible, I totally agree with Huddex. that map pack came so late that there was nobody playing the game and furthermore, the only reason they did that was because the community was VERY agressive towards UBI's lack of communication. They released the game broken and made about 3 patches which did absolutely nothing (actually made the game worse). The community was responsible for creating the SADS... a very weak attempt at that, although they did work... sort of. After so many reports to the BBB, UBI finally released a map pack for a game where there was only 5 dedicated servers running and of those maybe only one was populated. Honestly, I think having Redstorm is a step in the wrong direction. Kudo's to GRIN for telling UBI where to stick it though.
  3. Wasn't Redstorm responsible for R6 Lockdown (possibly one of the worst games ever)? Redstorm also had a hand in Vegas which basically went unsupported. I'd say the days of good old Redstorm are well over. My days are over for UBI and anyone affiliated with them. GRAW2 was fun for a couple of months though... that is until UBI decided to pull the usual and not support once again.
  4. Valve or Blackfoot Studios or even GRIN if UBI isn't included in the deal.
  5. The pink diamonds have always been there Papa6. I guess this explains why I never see you in MP TDM servers.
  6. Biro, you could quite possibly save the longevity of this game with these maps. Thank You!
  7. The future of GRAW2? I'm personally getting bored playing the same 8 maps in MP over and over again. It would be a nice if there were a few "surprise, we love you" maps released in the next patch.
  8. My vote goes to UBI would never allow it. They aren't exactly the most consumer friendly business out there.
  9. Our members are spread all throughout the United States. While it would be fun, it would be rather expensive.
  10. Have an Audigy 2 ZS also but I can only select 'generic software'. My sound in arroyo is almost none existant. I can't hear my footsteps (except in spawn) and once I leave spawn they disappear and other players footsteps come and go., sometimes I hear them and sometimes I don't. The MP demo recongized my soundcard but the SP Demo and Retail do not. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling my sound drivers but to no avail. Anyways, patch looks great and looking forward to it. Me too BOTA..... running Vista 32, don't know if the OS is the Issue!! Remember... vista has NO EAX. Instead it uses Open AL. Check creatives website. I think they added OpenAl support to the Audigy 2 and might be why there is mixed feelings of why it works. Also download the latest open AL 1.1 If you need more help with it post it in tech support and we'll link you. ROCO, I solved one my teammates issues with just that. We wasn't getting the sounds right and I suggested the OpenAL wrapper and it worked.
  11. Getting back to the original question, I think UBI is the absolute worst publisher out there. I don't think EA is really any better with the exception of their prized jewel of the BF series. I really wish that more gaming companies would follow suite with gaming companies such as Valve. R6V had a lot of potential, yet they just threw their (and our) investment down the toilet. They simply do not care about the paying customer, plain and simple. Just rush out games so they can get their greedy hands on the money. With that said, I wouldn't of touched this game if GRIN had not of made such a loyal presense in these forums just because of the UBI logo. I'm satisfied with GRAW2 although I believe it will live a very small life if a map editor doesn't come out very soon. As it stands now there are a lot of empty servers and only a couple that are even populated at any given time in TDM.
  12. Heya Rugg! It was actually Killswitch that was having the problem but he resolved it via THIS thread. Figures, a Vista problem. Thanks!
  13. Being the "have the most toys" type of guy that I am, I too was suckered into a physx card. Total waste of money IMO. Anybody want to buy mine?
  14. GHOST is good to go. I would like to see a min of 5 vs 5 with TDM and NO respawns.
  15. No "whinges" from me. I agree about the kit selection option though.
  16. Heya Rugg! No, they actually had the M4 with the MP5 option available. @ Wolfsong, why weren't people kicked from the server...they somehow altered the kits.
  17. Actually I was on the WDA server lastnight and they had removed the M4 with silencer and pistol option from the rifleman kit... so it can be done somehow (why I have no clue). Bottobot, if you do find a way and remove the GL's you're server will be my new home!!! LOL
  18. From experience I would have to say that I personally am not fond of HOT's M99 awareness week. Why might you ask? Because about 5 of them were using the M99 exclusively in a server lastnight and it ruined my fun. LOL HOT are skilled players, anybody that has played in a server with them and cannot admit this is a fool. Lastnight I had 4 members from GHOST on the same server and what would normally be a competitive round of GRAW2 between HOT and us (plus whomever else was on) turned into a complete massacre. Props to HOT, I would hate to go into that situation on the same map (Crashsite) in a clan match.
  19. well on your server maybe I did play GRAW1 but never seriously , but ive played many games that you can shoot through buildings what i mean is that a player can be hiding not moving & someone comes up with a shot from nowhere There are a few obvious bushes that I always shoot into just to make sure there isn't somebody in there.
  20. viiiper, you have more then one IP to the server? Can you change the IP and use the same port? Unfortunately I have not found a way to force GRAW2 engine to go out on one of the other IP's that we have, but the main issue is many only have one IP and a multicore box so I'd rather have a solution to help all servers. We use "fire daemon 1.9 pro" and we can not get the system to push to a diffrent port or IP with it. The simple solution is for the game to unlock the default PORT like GRAW1 did via the server xml script file. Sounds simple enough... GRIN?
  21. That's really too bad. Not only is it hurting people who have invested in Box's but it's also going to hurt the typical clan that wants to rent a server from server companies. I'm sure the server companies will make it expensive to compensate for the fact that they can only run one GRAW2 server per machine. It really sounds politically motivated to me, as Gamespy is dictating what GRIN/UBI can or can't do as per their agreement. viiiper, you have more then one IP to the server? Can you change the IP and use the same port? Now that's a pretty good question.
  22. Has GRIN made any kind of statement regarding this issue yet? Seems like it could be easily fixed as long as there isn't some kind of political arrangement with GameSpy.
  23. This is rediculous! We were planning on sending out a box for co-location and splitting the costs with another clan so we can both have our own servers. I guess that's put on hold. So many simple to fix restrictions which seem to benefit absolutely nothing.
  24. viiiper, are you saying that 2 instances of GRAW 2 can't be run on the same dedicated box at the same time????
  25. Papa, we aren't recruiting at the moment.
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