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  1. Not unusual. When we hosted, we never got a completely stable server. Crashes often happen especially with custom maps. I don't know if it's a memory leak as that original dedicated server had or what but we were never able to find the root cause.
  2. Rocky and everyone, My take on it, is that it only works well with content optimized for it like Ageia Island as Rocky noted earlier. Below is my info and my experience so far. Let's see: OS: Windows XP Video Card: BFG Tech 880GTS 512MB. RAM: 2 GB DDRII 800 - OCZ brand CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 6600 at stock (2.4ghz) - no OC'ing Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Mobo: Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe HDD: WD 500MB SataII Monitor: LG Flatron 22" LCD (L227WTG) In GRAW2 here's my settings (without listing the Physx setting): Aspect: 16:10 Refresh: 60 Resolution: 1680x1050 Bri
  3. Rocky, There is a dedicated PhysX control that I think you might be able to turn it off with. Go into your start menu under Nvidia Corporation (the default install location) and look for Nvidia PhysiX Properties. There is a settings tab where you can turn off Physx acceleration (or select GeForce Physx or AGEIA PhysX). I haven't benchmarked it but try turning it off and see what happens. After I turned it off, Agiea Island was no longer available. I did notice that my in game Physics settings were still set to High however I did not notice a drop in FPS at all from enabling Physics or off
  4. since my original post on using Virtual PC - which I believe was from the demo, a variable in the server config was added to allow server operators to specify the port the game used. <var name="port" type="number" default="16250" /> While I never attempted it, you should be able to use 2 different install directories (or you will get file sharing violations), specify different ports and server names in the config, and be able to run the 2 instances on one box without going through the trouble I did messing around with getting the demo.
  5. I must admit, that news of all this does not suprise me in the slighest, especially considering UBI's propensity for quick and dirty ports. I'm glad to hear performance is good for users like Dia, but seems many others have a fair number of issues. But performance issues aside, there are no excuses for NOT making the port fit properly. Like supporting common PC resolutions properly or optimizing the menus for the PC. That just smells of lazieness or cheapness in the port. (like R6 Vegas and Splinter Cell for example). It's these simple things that you would think would be no brainers but a
  6. It would be nice if there is but I caution people to not get too excited. She'll know if there is a patch planned or not. This is NOT confirmation of future work only letting us know that she has been inquiring if they will work on the game more and that she should have a "yes" or "no" in about a week. With UBI, I gotta be honest. I sincerely doubt anything else will be done with the game. I'll happily eat those words if she comes back and says that a patch is in the works but really, I think it's a little premature to get worked up yet.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't aware that they left it up but butchered. Still it shows that persons or even a whole website/magazine can be "bought" - like Jeff's opinions or writing style or not (I didn't particularly)
  8. So I guess you missed the whole Atari paying off reviews for good Driv3r reviews. Or the whole Gamespot Jeff Gerstmann debacle of the Kane and Lynch scores. That brought to light serious issues with media's marketing departments putting pressure on the reviewers for higher scores. It might not be considered a direct payoff as was claimed with Atari and Driv3r, but it's still pretty much the same thing when a publisher threatens to pull at least tens of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue when they get a bad review. Notice, if I recall correctly, Jeff's review was never put back up by G
  9. While this is old - it's just indicative of what UBI is going to do with the TC name: http://computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=172618 Tom Clancy's Air Combat. LOL WE should be on the look out for the announcement of Tom Clancy's Mini RC Racing next.....
  10. Yes you read correctly.... wait for it.... wait for it..... yep that's the sound of millions of little hopes evaporating into thin air... Well it looks like TC is such a cash cow at this point that UBI want's Intellectual Property rights to everything Tom Clancy in the future. So they bought it. Well I hope I'm not the only one that sees this as a inherently BAD thing. UBI's been driving Rainbow and GR into the ground. Further and further away from what they were originally into Hollywood hockneyed B movie stories. It's terrible. [Merged with the existing thread]
  11. I have this in my notes that I made while hosting GRAW1. It MIGHT work for GRAW2 - you are just going to have to experiment and see if you can get it to work. "While it is not supported, enterprising admins have gotten the SADS files to run on Linix and Unix. Thanks to ben0 on www.ghostrecon.net here is some detailed info: “Its running on Dual Opteron 244, Tyan S2882, using the stock on-board VGA. Using slamd64, www.slamd64.com, current, think its V11 RC2. I installed X, and KDE, using Fluxbox as the window manager, mainly cos its lightweight. Using the 32bit version of wine from the s
  12. Yeah but that didn't happen all that often and usually you fell through the map if you went out side the mission area. Sucked but you just left and re-joined and you were all right. We hosted a GRAW COOP server for quite a while and it wasn't a real issue if I recall correctly. Still you would think that would have been a reasonable expectation to be fixed in GRAW2 rather than scrapping the whole design. I remember I complained about the kits and no squads and got hammered pretty hard by adversarial players who didn't really play coop. As if I had the nerve to suggest something for a
  13. Kris, I think you see the picture that some don't. UBI doesn't owe anyone anything. They are a business. And businesses want to make money or even more money. Given the comercial success of Black Arrow on the XBOX and GR on the Xbox, they saw the potential to make the series grow. Also, from a sales standpoint (esp in regards to piracy) the consoles were and still are a much safer bet. (See: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/?p=1263 for some real scary numbers based on a single day of 1 bittorrent site) You can bet that UBI and other publishers see or are beginning to see the PC platform as
  14. I'd thought since it's loosely related, I'd post a link to an article about Publisher Ranking based on game rankings. You might be wanting to draw a direct parallel to UBI tanking PC gaming and their decline in ratings but that would be a mistake as the rankings include all games and the article does not single out PC or console specifically. Infact it doesnt mention PC at all that I recall. Still it's interesting to note that UBISofts average game ranking has dropped over the last 2 years (starting from the 2005 rank). While lower ratings could be a sign of taking chances (yeah right UBISoft
  15. First off, the server is going to peg a single core cpu at or near 100%. That has been an "issue" with the dedicated server since GRAW1. If you have multiple cores or you have a Intel Hyperthreading compatible CPU that can appear to be 2 cores then you would see the load balanced a bit more over the cpus (virtual cpus as is the case with Hyperthreading). Also be aware it takes very high priority on other system resources like disk access and memory usage. So don't try to run anything else on the box unless you have alot of memory and it doesn't require a lot of hard disk usage. 1.3 uplo
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