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  1. This is off topic from my original post but here a blog from Fileplanet regarding PC Games. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- PC Gaming on the Rebound Earlier this week in reference to Mac gaming I mentioned how often I hear people say that PC gaming is in trouble, thanks to the power of next-gen consoles and their ease of use. Bah! We've heard it before, and much as I love my Xbox 360, I still gotta disagree. Some gaming experiences are best enjoyed sitting up with a high-res monitor in your face and a keyboard and mouse handy. Fortunately fo
  2. I've played alot of games put out by UBI and one after the other I've been and becoming more and more disapointed. The main thing that really bugs me in that the products put out (in general) are incomplete. They always require patches to fix some kind of bug right away and after a few months the support for the games disappears. Why do I buy UBI games then? ... Well I've got to admit they put out good games that no one else does .. I am a big fan of Tom Clancy series and it is my weekness! I bought Vegas keeping my expectations low. Its got its problems but there no other games like it an
  3. Im not a troll!! Im a big Tom Clancy fan .. got all the TC games from Original R6 to RSV and GR .. didnt get GRAW because of the lacking support from UBI. I thought a million times before buying Vegas just because of what UBI is doing to my all time favorite games. I just found it really funny because I was comparing the game support with Valve and how they keep their games alive comapred to UBI. Oh how I wish at least 1 TC game could come out great and stay alive for at least 3-4 years without problems or complaints from players.
  4. "All things taken into consideration, it looks like GRAW 2's multiplayer could rival Counter-Strike Source for realistic team based online competition." LMAO!!! LOL LOLOLOL AHAHHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH UBI ...... rival CS:S ?!?! ROFL!!!
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