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  1. Very nice map can't wait for CO-OP version .....................
  2. I am not going to gripe, I was just wondering if there are any more patches to come. 1.05 brought more issues although some good things & the game crashes in Multiplayer CO-OP are getting to joke status. This game has so much potential but it is so frustrating to play. Really U can not leave it like this..................can U ? [Thread moved to PC "general" forum (as not a specific tech-support issue)]
  3. Thank you for your efforts. Trying it out now.
  4. I totally agree my other games work fine with the latest drivers & I do not want to use older drivers that create other issues that have been fixed. My opinion only!
  5. There are no dedicated that I have seen but a few of us play of an evening regularly look for FOXSYDAU or Sydney Hardcore you are welcome to join us.
  6. This is probably a silly question but how to you scroll through all the maps when you get more than what can be displayed on the map selection screen. Arrows, mouse wheel nor does page down.
  7. To run mine in Vista, Right click on icon go to properties run it in XP SP2 compatibility mode & I disabled visual themes & desktop composition then hit apply & this seemed to fix most of my problems. I hope it helps.
  8. Thank you for the Patch. I have only been able to play briefly but the thing I noticed was that the hit box issue seems to have been fixed. Any thing is a bonus. I think too many expect too much all games have bugs but if you like them you adapt to the bugs. My opinion only. Thanks GRIN
  9. not able to check it out through the link Sorry but you are not authorized to view or download this Attachment Is the message if you are not a member
  10. It is a great map apart from all the baddies that need to be killed the lighting changes are excellent and add to the excitement of the map. Thank you Biro your effort is appreciated. I hope you have more maps to come.
  11. Thank you for the link in english.................lol. & thx for the new map
  12. Good work it is a very interesting map with a lot of surprises ............especially spawning at the extraction zone. thank you
  13. Probably silly question but does your game have the latest patch installed 1.4. some servers are not running this & you get altered files comments. Just a thought.
  14. Not going to complain but you would think this would tell UBI something...........it is not rocket science. The constant crashes and errors are becoming a worry. The game in concept is excellent I love it........................"BUT"
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