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  1. I was waiting for this kind of game for a long time I have to admit that I'm getting bored of the Battlefield series.
  2. It is the first time since GRAW that I didn't buy the game and I don't think I will either. The main reason is that the game is third person shooter which I don't like this game play. Ubi sent me many beta keys for Ghost Recon online which I tried a few time but didn't like at all . You can see that this game is a console game and if they did a PC version of it is because they didn't want to relive the GR2 moments . But if you do like this game play then you should give a chance to the devs to fix it .It's well known that all fps game that cames out need to be fixed more than once .I just hope for you PC players that this time the devs will do there jobs till the end.
  3. This patch is more than welcome and prepare the Back to Karkand arrival the dec 14th ,already the second patch so far and I am quite satisfy with the works that the devs (DICE) does with this title.
  4. I am part of a clan in BFBC2 and we're on TS and we cought a lot of cheaters that PB could not detect.Problems with cheaters is that they bought undetected multihacks. The ones that codes hack are always ahead of punkbuster cause everytime PB change there security codes they've open it up to see what PB modified and fixed there hack and there ready to go again. I really hope someday they'll find a concrete solution to counter cheating, but for now on PB is useless. In GRAW if you let the mods get in the game you'll have some unexpected bugs that will come with it. Falling through a map half body is not a cheat but a map bug. When the anti-cheat is on I don't remember seeing cheaters I mean on the coop side never played much multi in GRAW. Check that also when a map comes out you have always a bunch that will search for "glitch" in it and exploit it at your expense then. Also if you have very high ping or the other players had then you'll probably have a hard time to kill him or get killed by. In GRAW there's is not a lot of servers so you have not a lot of choice.So I guess there's must be high pinger that are lagging the server...just one is enough 300+ ping.
  5. In BFBC2 they've used Frosbite engine and they upgrade it for BF3 to Frosbite2 and it will use directx 11 as well.Imagine this quality in a full 64 players multiplayer with vehicles,tanks,apc,Jets,transport heli and Choppers.This game will be very hungry no doubt.I just hope they make it run smooth and they fixe high ping which they were unable to do with BFBC2 yet.
  6. <BR> <BR> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdnG7ld0tY8.swf <BR> <BR>
  7. I think they have no choice to make it PC before console cause if they want to make it at 64 players multiplayer,console won't support more than 32....and like you R0CKY I will buy this game for sure but the difference is that I was sold out the day the rumours came out ...
  8. Also if you buy MOH you'll be able to be a part of Battlefield 3 beta
  9. This will be a good one to played this winter as long as they keep the spot system on....BTW I don't like hardcore because it's the home of hackers it is very hard to see the enemy but it has always a cheater that see you and broke your fun....and if you don't have a good pc then don't play this game cause you'll be unable to killed someone...don't check the min required but the recomended spec Interface : Windows Vista ou Windows 7 Processeur : Intel Core 2 Quad ou supérieure Mémoire : 2Go...I will say 4Go Graphismes : 512 Mo Carte vidéo (GeForce GTX 260/ ATI Radeon 4870) mmmm...1go min will be more appropiate Support contrôleur : Support pour Logitech G15 et G19 clavier LCDs en multijoueur
  10. rock n' roller bang! bang!

  11. Tks to steam for this offer cause you just make me save 60$ ...this game is the same as COD4(MW) + more maps with no dedi servers and a lots of cheaters .
  12. Is this gameplay?It looks like real characters fits in a video game...Well if gameplay looks like this,I can't wait to tried this one out...for me the more a game looks real the better I have the feel that I am not in a game. The closer they will get to reality,that's what I expect from a game...to be tactical,emersive and a great story. I have no problems at all with the path that this game is taking mean all the future gadgets and I don't care if most peoples doesn't agree with me ... Before saying more....I'll wait for a real time gaming video...but this looks promissing!
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