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  1. I just want to say thank you to GRIN_Wolfsong for being here and giving us hope I really like Graw 2 minus the few flaws. Seeing the activity on the boards is inspiring thank you to all those that are still attempting to make this a better game and community.
  2. To answer your question no I don't think expecting support is foolish the game is not even 8 months old yet. I am tired of gamers with this notion about support for a game, they've made revenue off their game if it fails or not support should be given aleast the first full year of a product. Put more time in the product and it will sale time being test test and more test rather than hype,hype or more hype.
  3. Well the title speaks for itself I love Graw2 very much, and tell what I know the rest of you do as well because if we did not like the game this board would be empty and no post would exist. I check every chance I get to see if the patch has been released or new info given.It just makes me sick of UBI and anyone that decides to do business with them. I have been here since the early beginnings rainbowsix urban operations and ravenshield however, I did not play ghostrecon on pc. The xbox was the first time I played ghostrecon it was a good game till the glitchers ruined it. I have since played [GR] on the pc here lately with my clan members and its much better then what was offered on the xbox in so many ways. Graw2 is close to [GR] than graw1 was and in some ways better dare I say graphics of course,no tracers,que for bringing up scope once your done running things like these were needed. None the less the game falls short on the server side and some major gameplay elements like getting wounded when shot or how the impact of being shot disables you from shooting back. I like how you can take cover if your fast enough or able to get behind something and shield yourself, with these things missing I understand the plea of those that played [GR] on pc from the beginning. I would like to ask the pc community to do themselves a favor and not purchase any ubi products if we do not get a patch which address majority of Graw2's basic or should I say major gameplay issues an add some sort of content. It may be a day late but its not a dollar short because they have my money and I want a fixed game even if I have to play the updated version by myself or with friends to get what I payed for.I am tired of the one year production rehashes which use to be expansion packs now cost full price offering really noting innovative.Ubi is not the only bad apple in the gaming scene, but they have become the worst one. Games I purchased that are still broken yet another one is on the way: 1.Rainbowsix Lockdown (UBI) 2.Rainbowsix Vegas did not learn my lesson (UBI) 3.SplinterCell DoubleAgent (UBI) 4.Graw1 good game but Graw2 should have been its expansion pack cost a mere 19.99 or 30.00 at best (UBI) 5.Graw2 waiting where is the patch (UBI) 6.John woo presents StrangleHold (MidWay) 7.ArmedAssault (Biohemia/Atari) Companies like crytek put in a lot of time and effort for crysis yeah it hit or misses do to the high system requirements, but I like what they have done. Taken a risk to give us true pc gamers what we have been asking for something to push the 300-500 dollar video card to its limits as well as the CPU and ram.Crysis is a work of art and a great game its only missing in the content and performance area which I am sure will be fixed in due time.This company deserves your money while other companies should be put out of the business for selling defective products.Sure it has the ea logo which is questionable I know their track record, but maybe ea can change with the exception of Madden/NBA live on Pc they have been giving us some nice products.I really like the risk they have taken with the need for speed series Pro Street is awesome.Plus they have Spore ea has listened to the pc community to some extent and UBi could careless all they seem to want is revenue. They have hurt us where it hurts ruined several top tier games so I ask you to do the same hurt them were it hurts their pockets make informed decisions when purchasing any games and spread the word on companies doing bad business.After all they have the government protecting them with the bogus return policy laws if something is defective I should be allowed to return it. Now if they can deliver a grade a title with grade a support then a purchase is surely in order key work grade A.I am not against the company just against the companies bad practices making a quick buck off of uninformed customers.Lets spread the word they may not read these forums but I bet they can read their bank account statement!!!!! INSUFFICIENT FUNDS Thanks for reading happy virtual hunting.
  4. I'm just correcting statements that are not entirely true. Not answering questions... well... I think I prevented the Fort thing from happening again... anyone tries it... they will feel what a bottomless pit is like. Also fixed the error in the "info stand" collision on that map. Not really involved in the GRAW2 patch at all, just do minor fixes I stumble opp on and can do something about without taking time from the project I'm actually working on. Is it safe to assume your the person to correct the collision with the trees and other flaws with collision in the game then Wolf? Do you know if we will be getting back the old way of selecting our kits I had to ask? I know you said you not involved just looking for any intel you can or is willing to give.
  5. Just playing the game today and realized what I feel is a missing tool; binoculars. I may not play as a sniper,but snipers have lookouts also it would be nice to scour the area before advancing. It added a nice level of realism to the game and goes perfect in this game. This would also add balance as to locate a sniper and use the tac map to find a path and take him/her out. There are many other tools that could be used however,I have only came up with this one so far. If an expansion is in the works please add the handy binoculars!!!
  6. Looking at the worst and hoping for the best .I have an Idea don't know if it would work,but would it be possible to use Coop modes as the basis to mod us an tdm and maybe other modes where we could choose our own kits like graw1 I think the kit restrictions put a damper on the game also. I still like the game and hope the mod seen can get something going positive sorry most of you feel the way you do, but I understand your frustration and disappiontment with the publisher and devs. Thanks for the replies you have given and lets hope the devs and ubi are paying attention seeing as they are part of microsoft games for windows maybe if we stick to our guns and don't buy any lubi tittles they will start to listen.
  7. This Game is not dead nor will it ever die because it was made for the hardcore tactical gamer. What I mean by hardcore tac gamers? These tactical gamers play this game faithfully never calling someone a cheat unless the proof is written on the well yes they may feel cheated,but never accuse the individual because like in the court of law you are innocent until proven guilty. This may be a video game (arcade anyone meant for fun) however,its a tactical game first. Its roots started there and thats where they lie. Other shooters pretend to be sims yes this one game GR:AW 2 is the real thing,and yes it has its faults just like the legal system nothing is perfect. I Applaud all who are putting an effort to making this game what it should be in the first place full of content and fun. Ubi may have hindered this series but Grin have tried their best within the limits given them to give us the game we all wanted and desire.I like the mods and mappacks that have been made thus far by our community and would ask you to not abandon us now in my opinion this game is starting to take off. I am still hoping to see a few more patches addressing performance,anti-cheat measures,autodownloading,true in game chat, and some more content from Grin which would be nice.Also more advertising would not hurt sales the PC game is not getting the PR it deserve!!!! I am currently beta testing Crysis,Frontlines Fuel Wars just got halo3 for my kids XBOX360 yet I still want my GR:AW2 its something I can't live without this is a great game given the chance it can grow so I appeal to the modders please don't stop helping a good game become a great game isn't this what you did for the [Ghost Recon]? Thank You all for your hardwork hope you all can get along. Peace see you on the battlefield Castle Day anyone:)
  8. New Drivers for download if you have not already, Released today.
  9. Crash in application version: 30621.2989 data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: stance_block in type <UE_ScriptExtension> Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded
  10. I tend to play on xe server and core, when I want more of a challenge bda because of the limited spawns. Those are the main ones I play on right now as I get the best ping in those rooms I generally shoot for a ping of 60-135.
  11. Only a wish but what company would you guys/gals like to see develope our beloved games R6/Ghostrecon besides those that currently do? I do miss the weapon selection of ravenshield and gameplay to some extent also the closing and opening of doors in ghostrecon.
  12. Well I am running two vista systems with four gigs of ram and it makes all the difference. I tested this, in one system I had six gigs of ram the other 2 gigs ran Rainbowsix Vegas simultaniously and noticed the 2gig system chugging.So I removed 2 gigs from the 6gig system and placed 2 additional gigs in the lessor system viola the chugs went away. My systems are 64bit setups both Q6600 cpu's and mid range graphics gards nvidia 640mb gts,and ati sapphire hd2900xt. I say get 4 gigs you will not regret it trust me on this one.
  13. Well the game servers are empty becasue of cheaters and constant cheat acqusations,along with a few game problems and high computer specs required to run this game. Its not the devs fault, we have high system requirements, but maybe a better anti cheat will help or strenghten the one already in the game thanks for the responses.
  14. Very Nice system it will work and with setttings on max. I have the Q6600 its a great processor only thing you may want to add is 2 more gigs of ram for future games other than that your fine.
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