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  1. PMSL .. Can anyone confirm this cos if this is true it`s pants ..
  2. Just a quicky ... Is there anyway to determine what is a console ban and what is actually a ban by the AC software ?? If there is no way to distinguish between the 2 then that could be difficult to offer players the chance to come and appeal a ban !!
  3. Thx for that, I know where the banlist is .. What I meant is .. Is there a method to create a custom banlist that is completly seperate from the system one and have that load up also. If there is a way of doing it then it would make AC organisations life easier to support this game. Another problem is authenticity verification of screenshots because no AC organisation will be happy taking a screenie at face value it must be verified. But I think if the server/clan admins of the Graw2 community pulled together then we could have a global banlist available so at least we are all on the same page when it comes to keeping our servers clean !! However to do this i we must find a way of loading a custom banlist. I will have a look to see how the official banlist loads later ..
  4. There is no server_settings.xml, do you mean add these lines to the dedicated_game_info.xml or am I missing something ?? Hi, yes thats the one I mean. Sorry for being indistinct. // Mattias Wiking No problem just got a little confused and at my age thats happening alot ... Regarding a comment about a place for us to post screenies for a community banlist do we know yet if we can run a custom banlist and how to command it to load when the server starts ??
  5. There is no server_settings.xml, do you mean add these lines to the dedicated_game_info.xml or am I missing something ??
  6. Shame you had to bring this here rather than bringing it to our forums. If you type ELITE SHOOTERS UK into google we are at the top of the search so you could have found us easily enough. To bring this here rather than our website shows the lack of respect you have and had in our server the night in question. I have been at the head of this clan for 6 years now and contribute to all of the Anticheating communities. I refuse to comment here as to why you were ejected from our server as here is not the place to do so. If you wish to appeal your ban then feel free to do so, all the information are on our forums. We are a mature clan and do not ban just because players are better than us. Our name does not reflect that we are elite. We are simply a respectfull clan having some online fun. I WOULD APPRECIATE AN ADMIN LOCKING THIS SUBJECT, IT HAS NO PLACE HERE AND I HAVE GIVEN THE PLAYER THE OPPORTUNITY TO APPEAL!!
  7. No I am hosting this off a dedi box. I thought the last update allowed you to do this ??
  8. Normally with a ping like that it normally means that they have ICMP not showing in their router settings which basically blocks the correct ping value, thats all. What you are explaining sounds like lag, I do not know of anything like you are talking about in the way of a cheat !!
  9. Hi Guys I am having real problems running a GRAW2 campaign server. The server shown and lets you join it but it won`t start. We ready up and it just sits there. I login to the console and use the /start command but it says unknown command. I have tried using the start condition command in the ini file but it still won`t start ?? Here is my config file any help would be appreciated .. :0( <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <game_info password="xxxxx" admin_password="xxxxx" internet_server="true" internet_speed="1800"> <gametype_settings> <auto_balance value="false"/> <auto_balance_limit value="2"/> <clan_game value="true"/> <immortality_duration value="5"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_players value="4"/> <name value="ACAU Elite Shooters UK"/> <punish_tk value="false"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> <start_condition value="4"/> <teamkill_kick_limit value="2"/> <vote_enabled value="false"/> <vote_kick_starters value="0"/> <vote_map_starters value="0"/> <vote_ratio value="1"/> <vote_time value="1"/> </gametype_settings> <match_info level="mission01" order="1"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission02" order="2"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission03" order="3"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission04" order="4"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission05" order="5"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission06" order="6"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission07" order="7"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission08" order="8"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission09" order="9"> </match_info> <match_info level="mission10" order="10"> </match_info> </game_info> Thanks In Advance .. [Thread moved to correct forum]
  10. Another new cheat thats all over the servers is a speed cheat. I had a guy in our server the other night and he was kneeling. He then scooted from one end of the map to the other in seconds. I could not believe my eyes and let him play quite a few rounds. Once I saw this map after map I banned him from our servers.
  11. Can someone please shed some light on the console commands for GRAW2 ?? I have a printout of the commands but not ever playing GRAW they seem a little confusing. I see the commands like /set_balance <0 / 1> ?? So does this mean the command is /set_balance 1 or /set_balance<1> I am trying to lock the server with a password without dropping the server and changing the xml file manually and cannot seem to do it. I put ... /set_password xxxxxxx /set_password_enable 0 (without the <> and with) /reload Nothing happened. Do we need the <> and also do we need to use the reload command after making changes ?? Many thx in advance ..
  12. The AC really is not the issue here its whether we will be able to stream a global banlist and whether we will have server logs so that AC Communities can support this game too. No AC is rock solid but the likes of PsB / RA / ACAU & SAC which are all AC Organisations helps server admins keep out the filth by the way of catching known cheaters via IP & Aliases, screenshot/fraps reveiws & MD5 checks. We have to think about how many bans the actual AC puts on a list compared to the likes of PsB & other AC communities !! But all I hear here is maps this, gamemodes that. There is no point in any of this without the fundamental admin tools as stated above !! If all else fails I guess we could modify MINESWEEPER to take 32 players !!
  13. I`m not that interested in the stats of GRAW to be honest I am talking GRAW2, will a patch add the functions in my original post. Will PsB support the game and offer us a streamable banlist, will the AC be supported propperly ???? So many questions ;0)
  14. Well the game has been out a few weeks now and I see plenty of people playing it. Hats off to Grin for the latest patch which seems to have fixed many bugs within the game. However, as a Clan Leader and a member of staff at an Anticheat organisation I may look at things slightly different to others. We as a clan have made a decision to possibly leave the Ravenshield community with the intension of taking GRAW2 as our new game. Now originating from the original GR it`s going to be nice to get back to our roots gamewise. However it concerns me as to how much support GRIN is actually going to give this game and I don`t mean that disrespectfully to Grin. I remember [GR] coming up with an AC called Kidbu$ter and needless to say the game slowly died. Now GRAW2 has the potencial of being a great game, one to follow in the footsteps of RvS & [GR] providing it gets the support and the right support. Things are needed from an admins perspective in order for server admins to run a good server and the AC community to work with the game. Server logs are needed so that admins can trace people who come into their servers. These log files need to show their game names, their IP and also their game ID. Along with this their needs to be the option of the loading of custom banlists when the server is started. Those custom banlists needs to be edditable so that bans can be added manually if needed. The main banlist of the game needs to be somehow streamed to all servers. If someone is caught in one server they need banning from all AC activated servers, surely this is just common sense. Replays should also be available like in the [GR] for reveiw purposes after matching. I would be curious as to GRINS opinions on these small matters. We are going to need to make a decision as to whether to play this game as our clans primary game but there are so many unanswered questions. I know you need to keep the AC close to heart, I understand that, but genuine admins needs some reassurance that the software is going to be updated. This is where streaming comes in handy, it keeps things live. IMHO we could really do with PsB coming onboard to run an MBL eqiverlant for GRAW2. The method is so simple yet so effective. The game will soon lose the interest of clans if we have to wait months for AC updates.
  15. above is our script that we use for no respawn 20 min matching. Also this match only had 3 maps. besides the admin pass ( i changed that). It also shows the command for the server join pass from our last scrimmage. Some of the server admins may find this interesting. Auto balance false does work if ran from a script. Just not in game from the console enabling. (no restart server command to save it i think is why.) Also note 725 network speed. Even at that you can run 20 players clean without physics lag Do not leave it on default of 3000 even if you server can handle it bandwidth wise. it will swamp you do to physices. on 32 player servers i suggest 2000. Does setting the even round to false only allow the same map to run twice, once from each spawn ???
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