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  1. Stop w/the persecution complex, Mary. If you post something I agree with I'll say so. I disagree with many different people about many things on these forums. Go read any of my posts in the GRAW1 section. I disagreed w/99% of the people posting here. You're flattering yourself if you think that you even make a blip on my radar Easton. I don't care what your (or anyone elses) join dates are or what you post here. But don't think that you're so important that on an open forum that your opinions are always correct and that you should have the last word. What's nice about boards like this is discussion. With that comes opinions that differ from yours. That's how the adult world works. I'll let you in on a little bit of info: Our RvsA server is up at this very moment. The objective part of RvsA is awesome. I think that if you removed the tagging and had no respawns that it would even be more intense than TDM. That's my opinion like it or not. I have never seen a forum troll like you who has been more insulting and or condescending who doesn't use curse words! Bravo Ruggbutt. For immature kids like you who have superiority complexes because they've played a series since day 1 that must be quite an accomplishment. Very good use of implied meaning and innuendo, not to mention a little misdirection. I prefer to be a bit more direct though, it just feels more honest. So I ask you this, is it possible for you to chime in on a debate or discussion without insulting anyone from HOT? Or does your huge ego just not allow you to do so? You claim so much experience at this game that we have no idea about but you gotta love the fact that you have ducked every single challenge we have issued your team to scrim as well as you guys never competing in the TWL ladder for Graw 2. On top of that you banned every HOT member that has tried to join your public servers immediatly upon joining. If you guys are so good and so experienced then despite your milk curdling personality we would like to play you. Lets do some RvsA Thats right ruggbutter we've called you out publicly. Stand up and be a man about it. Get on the ladder and prove to us how much you know about this game. Maybe if you beat us or some other teams your opinions on what works and what doesn't for competition will carry more weight?
  2. On another thought, for those who haven't played it, no respawn Hamburger Hill really would fix a lot of complaints. Camp in your spawn -- lose. Run-n-gun -- lose. Play aggressively but carefully -- win. Yeah i agree, It would be pretty cool if we could figure out some decent rules and balanced maps and have a scrim with you guys on some HH like that. Let me know if you are up for it. It would make for an interesting experiment with the gametype for the very least. Some of the HH maps are kinda unbalanced and/or silly. For example Calavera the spawns are super close to eachother and easily GL'd. And the Cut one side gets there much before the other can from their spawn on the start. However Lagoon is a fairly balanced HH map from what I can tell. Maybe something like 10 minute rounds and 200 tickets or something. Talk to me on xfire about it and maybe we can get our teams together and mess around with it AFZ?
  3. Thats just being silly. Thats what invulnerability is for. Some maps are made for spawn camping unfortunately. However in this game I must point out that you can't BE in someones spawn or you will get rolled cuz of their invulnerability. Therefore trying to kill someone as they spawn is impossible. Maps like Nowhere and Timber come to mind for being very easy to set up very forward positions once an opposing team gets to a certain point in the map, the teeter-totter tips and it just turns into a spawn camp of sorts. You just wait for them to run out and bang. The point is, its not the points or gratification that leads to spawn camping. Its one team or person overpowering another along a certain a route to the opposing spawn in a map. I mean a few of you might be happy to sit in a bush and wait for someone to come along, but I find that boring and so does most of everyone I see in servers playing. Most people want to engage not camp. So if a player keeps moving forward, eventually the player ends up at the opposing spawn. Now they can't move forward anymore, and its very risky to run side to side so they stay in a good position with cover, outside the spawn. Eventually people figure it out and either through GL's or nades or teamwork clear out the camper. I ask you this though... how is this kind of camping any better or worse than camping a high traffic area hiding in a bush?. They are just simply at the end of the road! Camping is camping no matter where it is on the map. Admins all you need to do is give your server a few extra seconds of invulnerablity. I have timed it, most maps do not have enough time at spawn to get to cover from your spawn with the default invulnerability delay. Thus people the get ###### camped out of them because no matter what they can't find cover fast enough. Put it up to ten seconds at least. Yes the lack of points will deter some spawn rapers. But its not the real solution as I see it. Its more a gameplay/map design issue than anything else. Give people a means to escape the spawn on the maps where spawn camping is really common. But then we are just gonna have posts about bush campers instead of the spawn camping posts.
  4. Get out the GL and blast your way out is the best way. You may have to eat a few deaths but it sure works. In fact sometimes I switch teams to the one getting camped just to work my way out again. There is only one map that really sucks to get camped on and thats the cut. At the bottom of the hill the campers can sit really protected and there isn't always a whole lot you can do except wait for the round to end.
  5. I can't say that I wasn't secretly praying you would guys would say "Nice Win!"
  6. Can someone please lock this thread? Its just getting dumb.
  7. The only type of SS which player take note of are PBSS from PB and if you want to have a go at faking a PBSS go head, at PsB we have got tool which can see a fake PBSS a mile of Back to this topic. Please let grin do there job, sometimes it can take weeks to come up with a patch to stop a hack, Grin may have to do a lot of recodeing to stop this hack so give them sometime and let them do there job.. SUDDENLY WE HAVE PB AND PBSS's? I was speaking about NORMAL Prnt Screen, screenshots. Something we would have if we had NO A-C. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST NEXT TIME, NOT JUST THE PART THAT LETS YOU SAY HOW GREAT PB IS. If we had PB and PBSS, we wouldn't be having half this convo? Keep up. (JUST HALF) And good GOD don't tell me what PB "would" do. Cause like I said, I played RvS from the jump and wasn't that impressed. I never got a response from anyone on PB staff about anything for years. NOW SUDDENLY you come around telling me what you "would do/could do." I'm guessing you just want Grin to contact you for support? Little bit more money, yes? They didn't come running for PB like you had hoped seeing this topic started??? And I AM letting Grin do their job. I'm just asking for some idea of what that may be? We all are. Skillsew you know I like you but man you sound like an ass sometimes. You can demand all the answers you want from GRiN but they aren't gonna respond because they can't! They can't talk about something they are gonna do, only things they have done. As has been repeated over and over. The patch is coming soon, lets see what happens and make our decisions then. Either way, why isn't your team in the ladder? I haven't come across any hackers in the TWL ladder so its been fair competition. The ladder is very open, and if you ever wanna challenge us, we'd be happy to take you on. Any gametype, any map.
  8. Yeah, using Fraps this way can be fairly effective. I think it would be better if our dead eyes view was exactly the same as the player whom we are watching - including HUD information. Of course, full replay (player view, free camera, fast forward, rewind, pause, etc.) capability would be better. Replays really are the answer, because even with a working anti-cheat system, cheaters still get through and we can catch those with the replay system. Even if it only sorta works as long as we can watch a player from their POV, although being able to have a free cam move in 3d would be WAY better, would be a huge benefit to the whole community. An aimbotter will always eventually screw up and be obvious. Its just a matter of being able to see them do it.
  9. I for one am glad and as a team we agree, that PB is bad and are glad that it isn't included in the game. That GRiN is working on their own solutions is a GOOD thing. Hopefully we can narrow down as best we can, what these hackers are doing and how they are doing it. So that GRiN can fix it. It also warms my heart that a developer is actually reading this thread, having been ignored for years by Dice and EA in the Battlefield series its just nice to know that someone out there listens. We just hate cheaters so passionately that we wish we could cut off their hands and tear out their eyes so they could never play videogames again. It just taints the game. Instead of people saying "Wow you are ###### awesome at this game!" When someone shows how good they are, people just yell "HAX!". Instead of us being able to give kudos when someone goes on a rampage its tainted by suspicion. GRiN I don't know if you are aware of this or can stop it even but MSX is developing cheats for GRAW, Punkbuster doesn't have the balls to stand up to these guys and so their hack goes undetected and unpunished in all games protected by PB. Which is one of the reasons we despise them. I pray to all that is holy that you guys can download their hack, reverse engineer it or whatever and protect against it. Because PB won't. Just youtube search 2142 hacks. OR at the very least please give us replays! So we can catch these guys and at least ban them from competition. EDIT: Please don't post openly links to these sites. Forward them to the appropriate contacts here or to Rocky. Thanks. edit: my bad, sorry.
  10. Oh man, we are gonna have a lot of Neo's running around the servers now. Where the ###### is Agent Smith when you need him. P.S. Constantine that is the funniest song I have heard in a videogame video TO THIS DAY. Is that from Pure Pwnage?
  11. Can you imagine playing Arroyo with someone on the opposite team that has unlimited nades in a competition? With our scrim last night and all legit players the nades were insane enough. And yes it is totally my fault that we didn't get a FRAPS video of this dude. But I was on the opposing side of his nade volleys with Morph right behind him watching me dance between them. It would be like BANG BANG... sweet I lived hehe.... BANG "You Have Been Killed by Viper". It sucked to say the least. *I just checked MSX and their hacks apparently don't have multi nades. So who the hell knows where this guy got it from. But we can be certain that their are at least a few individuals/groups developing hacks for this game. One thing we can be certain of is that as of yet there is no sure fire way to catch hackers in GRAW 2 yet.*
  12. It was a great time I have to say, some great shootouts and tense standoffs. Thanks guys!
  13. Hey guys, I used to be an admin in Cyberathlete Amateur League and I have put an application in to start a GRAW 2 League. If this got started would you or your clan compete in it? Please get as many clans as you can to post a response so I can prove to the Head Honcho's that there is significant demand. I know other organisations have been slow to start this up but I feel there is a VERY healthy community here and a great game so lets make it happen! I'd like to be able to refer to this thread as proof of that so all you clan'ers please post a reply! Also, what are your favorite competetive formats/gametypes? What rules or types would you like to see? example: RvsA 6v6 with 25 minute match time. or TDM with 3 respawn and 20 Match time. or HH with 4 rounds of 10 minutes with 200 tickets. You get the idea. -[HOT]Bottobot
  14. Any idea how to crack those bundles open to have a look at them? If i knew how to do that i may be able to experiment a little bit and puzzle it out.
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