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  1. while i fully agree on most points, i think ubi has gotten its fair share of bashing in numerous posts around this forum. still:
  2. the only person who turned this into a "high horse" discussion is you, using that expression several times to ridiculize colin and discredit him as naive and childish when all he did was argue in a civilized manner. some may call that "childish". by the way, it's the OP who directed 100% blame on ubisoft and not only colin. i wholeheartedly disagree. and i might add that saying the pc version is sub-par compared to the 360 version comes across very "high horsed" from someone who worked on the 360 version of the game! all you seem to contribute to the PC forums is statements on how bad the game is, and how great [GR] and your other past projects are in comparision, throwing around terms like "heritage". you are in no position of accusing colin of a biased opinion. yeah, right...
  3. locking this thread is long overdue... just for laughs: www.blackfoot-studios.com/
  4. seems like it's well playable even on such a, relatively low spec, card, although the low framerate might be a disadvantage in multiplayer.
  5. great job on the mockup, it looks like how a good serverbrowser should look like.
  6. If gamespy is really so bad, why aren't you moaners spelling it as gaymespy? because that could let people believe they were spies (bond-like), only gay. gayspy seems appropriate though
  7. it's remarkable to see another patch out so soon after the hotfix! thanks for your dedication GRIN, long live GR:AW!!!!
  8. after seeing that video, i'm gonna be laughing all week!
  9. is that you in that picture? if so, what are you yelling???
  10. you are a funny man. you must have had that same teacher as that american kid i once met who asked me if we had tv in germany and if the berlin wall was still there...
  11. after reading that the xbox360 version did very well in sales for ubi, i was wondering how the pc version was doing. all i found was that it's at sales rank #175 in comuter&video games at amazon.com. i was hoping graw pc would sell like crazy, so there would be a huge base of players for mods, after-sales support, etc. if any of would like to share some numbers, it would be appreciated! cheers LosOutlandos
  12. of course it performs better, it's five years old. i run pacman with 500+ fps, and still consider newer games worth buying because of (among other things) neat graphics that immerse the player deeper into the game, adding to the atmosphere. GRAW is hardware-wise among the most demanding games i know, but it's also (along with oblivion) the most beautiful game i've seen, surpassing HL2 and BF2 by miles. that being said, i believe this game will see major, lasting support as time goes by. when you're getting a first release out the door and being pushed hard by your publisher like grin was, it's bound to have some issues that have to be adressed at a later point (like dedicated server files). i'm sure grin will deliver
  13. i agree, the points mentioned in this thread would make a great addition, especially in multiplayer. i think grin has done very well creating the right "feel" to things in other aspects of the game, so i believe when they chose to implement it in a patch, the experience will certainly be awesome. maybe they should do it similar to the explosions in day of defeat, where your vision was all blurry and shaking for a few seconds. that effect makes you vulnerable for a time by disorienting you. perhaps this could be done with some sort of randomness, like in rpg games where there are certain chances of things happening. i personally would prefer this over just making the ret go wild because in reality, being hit by a bullet would leave most disoriented for a moment (even the ghosts). anyway, some sort of effect when being hit is definetly needed!!
  14. while i can understand your frustration with some aspects of the game, this seems to me like a form of extortion which jeopardizes the link between grin and the community, weak as it is already. coming from other games, i never encountered the "gimme gimme" attitude that ghost recon seems to cause in its community before. all this loyalty and conservativity regarding the series also makes it very difficult for developers to please the community. bogrin has already left gr.net, which is quite a shame but understandable. maybe it wasn't meant to be...
  15. i see what you mean, still i get the feeling many believe their old geforce 5900 boxes should be able to run the game. those cards were mid-range two years ago, so to start complaining it's not running well is almost presumptuous. i think the game looks GREAT, it's got very nice graphical details while having a superb viewing distance, hdr, etc., so it's only fair it puts a little load on your gpu, right?
  16. seeing that i didn't wake up as a systems retailer/grin employee, i couldn't care less...
  17. to be honest, i didn't quite read through all those papers you linked, but i thought taht with deferred lighting you'd get lighting that was more real than in previous games, i.e. exact, per-pixel lighting when you character steps from shade into the sun,making possible a seemless transition(for example, only the front of your character is illuminated while the back is still in the shadows). i'm not sure this REALLY is what deferred lighting does, but to my mind this is a must-have feature for a sneaky-ninja game like ghost recon, as you really have to consider the surrounding light when choosing places to hide. anyway, the demo runs perfectly on my system and it's not "uber" in any way. i think the engine is nice and i love the lighting, either way how it's done! cheers LosOutlandos
  18. assuming you are talking about the part where there's a tank in front of the parking garage in which the vip is, just walk up the ramps the cars usually take. the ramp is located at the entrance, pratically in front of the tank.
  19. this may pi$$ off some, but most of the posts in this thread seem to be of hardcore-gr1 players who are afraid to lose face in saying that graw is actually fun and promising. i found myself much enjoying the demo and probably will buy the full version. maybe some open-mindedness would help appreciate the different approach grin has done. if you wanted gr1 with today's graphics go for a hl2 mod. also, i find it quite amusing that people are actually offended that the game wont run on video cards that were mid-range 2 years ago. it's a fast-paced industry, and i for one am glad graw is such a resource hungry beauty.
  20. if there should really be no internet multiplayer possible, it might be possible to play via hamachi, a tool simulating a lan using the internet. it can be found at hamachi.cc
  21. i now see what the obvious frustration with ubi is based on, still i think ubi is far away from that "giant octopus" thing you'd expect from some of the bigger publishers. take ea for example: i've been playing the battlefield franchise for quite a while now and they really don't seem to care at all for their customers. it feels like they don't give a damn because they already sold you the game and made their money (just take a look at the "booster packs for $10). even if it is like you say and with graw ubi DOES acknoledge that their way didn't work, it's still a game that couldn't have come from many other publishers because their business plan doesn't cover titles designed to non-mainstream customers who like a very tactical title. with ea, graw would have been another battlefield with mexicans instead of "mec". anyway, RELEASE THE DEMO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
  22. why bash ubisoft? i've had some ubi titles, and the support has always been there. while grin has done all the actual development, ubi has had the guts to let them do it their way in developing a title to a very specific, non-mainstream audience. for that i am grateful.
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