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  1. Aww ya see I got the e-mail invite from Ubi and filled it out and just kept checking my e-mail every so often. I didnt realise there was a screwup..(oh wait its Ubi) I am well within spec and hoped that being a Crossfire user I would be a shoe in(there was a choice in the survey about ATI SLI?? meh same diff) Ah well ya win some you lose some, thanks for nothing Ubi one day I will learn not to even bother....(sadly I still haven't learned)
  2. Happily I got the Invite today and quickly filled it out. I look forward to being involved in the next installment of GR.
  3. Got my Email Invite today. I have basically let GRAW gather dust on my PC but I look forward to testing out the latest installment.
  4. Ditto for me, I dont think I coulda waited for it and the Lang. Pack sorts it just fine. I havent played anything else since I got it a few days ago.This IS the game I have been waiting for and it will only get better and better if the support for OFP is any indication.
  5. Just aim as high as you can. I am currently running it on the Rig in my Sig and High/Normal/Low settings and no shadows and getting 40-60 fps depending where I am it can drop into the 20's I will admit I am still trying to balance IQ with Perf but I will get it right soon enough. I have been taking SS's galore as it just so damn beautiful.
  6. Well after finally finding some working usable GFX setting I am SO loving this game. Even when I was having problems keeping it above 20fps I still couldnt stop playing it(dying, lagging, cursing and all) So this is my "Victory" shot after finishing the Convoy Ambush mission on settings I could finally be happy with.
  7. Great Googly Moogly I just found the site before I came here and saw this and was already D/L it. Wow what a cool game I can hardly wait for this thing to come together fully. I mean my only issue is getting to run nice AND look nice(it can look really nice if I like it at 20FPS(which I might add in my case is totally playable)But I suspect Im just asking too much and will find a playable balance between FPS and good looks soon enough WOW goodbye GRAW, AAO and maybe even RO for me this game is the ######!
  8. I have had my copy of 46 ordered for a week or so now. Expected release in Europe right now is Dec 15th.
  9. This "may" have been enticing 4 months ago, but I have bought the complete [GR] at least 3times now(the first time was GR/DS and IT seperate so that was $120 CDN. and already have 2 copies of GRAW at full price. It is far too late to really market this as the fans that would be interested in this game have long since bought it and for the most part shelved it(tho I wouldnt mind the belt )
  10. LOL there is nothing wrong with the watertower(I recall you saying something about this before) I have checked out that water tower at every angle I could(last time it was mentioned) it is NOT a mixing texture its a checkered paint job...
  11. Crashlog from GRAW Co-op(LAN) 3 AI 1 player, Map: Strongpoint, Crash at Resupply point attempting to change kits Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: _data in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\extensions\hudinventory.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\hudinventory.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\hudinventory.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\hudinventory.dsf(0)
  12. For the the Snd Issue you could try grabbing the OpenAL32.dll and wrap oal.dll from your system32 folder and replace the older versions that are in you GRAW main folder with them. I havent had any issues with sound with my X-Fi but then I generally do that from the start with any game that uses Open AL.
  13. Playing [GR] Co-op yesterday came across this VERY "melted" soldier....
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