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  1. Thanks Tinker, That is what I thought it was or Ft Chaos-a long time ago on an internet far far away. I have yet to find the right settings to make it evolve to anything other than the NorEast quadrant and into the upstairs bed room. I have set up a 4 workstation LAN--and teaching my 9 yr old the finer points of being a sneaky ######. but some farm day slaying is in order now that he is good enough not to tk me. "=wWw=Others" is in training him now-lol a loose cannon in the making! Peace out =wWw=NOX
  2. I do not rememeber the mission pack nor the parameters-anyone remeber the mission pack and params for the Farmday map, Defend upstairs in the farmhouse? Thanks NOX
  3. Oliver North had an RPG blowup right next to him (closer than tha explosion looks) and was propelled back from the blast but is still alive today.
  4. I spent a day on the "Farm" this past weekend, but this whole GRAW 2 release just makes me want to wander off into the "Wilderness". I for one if asked my opinion would gladly vote at the "polling Center" after all my vote is worth a "MINT". But I feel as though I am a lost sheep at the "Market". In my solitude on this "island" I hear the thunder and run scared into a maze of sugar cane. I start to build a "village" but soon the heathens and pagans seek not to "console" me in my loss, but seek to confuse me with their dillusion of retail electronics, They chase and rip at me with claws of m
  5. I will be over at the PS3 forum, waiting in breathless anticipation-OMG! how the mighty have fallen.
  6. I hope they don't= Sell the rights UBI!! The beta was not there for prime time US EST!!! You cannot admin an FTP server, you have no right project managing squirrels fornicating. But I will send my resume to you in the AM you need the hired help!
  7. Well break out the OS/2 or your MAC, my 8125 PDA failed as well..Ha ha you is so funny. Looks like the FTP is repopulating wait a few and try 8:28pm EST They are modifying it 08/31/06 12:41
  8. [8/30/2006 7:43:38 AM] 214 QUOTA : graw-betatest, you use -0.23Gb of 9.31Gb The FTP is empty at the root ftp:\ "nothing listed" I am using CuteFTP Well, well, well! I am suprised that they asked me, then they did ask UBI's "Consensus"-that is me by my pen name, but... NOX or Consensus-if by any other name a rose! I think that I will drink some of this beer, a 12 pack (Budweiser) in plastic bottles! It was free from a friend at MacDill-so it is cold and ready-after 12 I will get into the "little yellow bus" and drive over to the FTP site. Rocco "says" do not cluster your
  9. I had multiple traces come back the first two nights, and had a "Bell South DSL IP". I made Archrival aware of this, and he may be located be here in Florida, but was unsure. Well Well Well, I was hoping that you-"######" would show up and tell me otherwise, but we got friends in "low places". Making my job easier. By the way that glop IP in RU. is not happy-ha, ha. His name is Wouter. and he is a spammer. He lives in Amsterdam, and is working on a non MS OS that they are using to send spam-if you have ever recieved phony investment refferals that is one of the e-mail sources. Thanks for
  10. These are my contacts for tropical Met. info. The next 21 days will be rough. http://www.nlmoc.navy.mil/cgi-bin/main.pl?tropical http://www.eglin.af.mil/weather/tropics.html http://www.edwards.af.mil/weather/ http://www.edwards.af.mil/weather/ukmodel.htm (United Kingdom Model) http://met.psu.edu/tropical/tcgengifs/ http://moe.met.fsu.edu/tcgengifs/
  11. I like the day-glow orange jump suits, makes me feel at home in the Pen. I mean at the correctional facility-I miss it since I broke out, I mean left without notice. It is shock and awe!-I am shocked! and AWE!
  12. Got me 6'1 3/4 215. Can't dunk no more and no where near a 4.6 40, but as Toby says- http://rhaplinkslegacy.real.com/rhaplink?&track=8639135 Got friends at Hulbert-919 SOG if you need a fly by. OK IP 123=7B 24=18 7B18=31512 Hexadecimal 31512 is a multicast AS from the below ISP JSC Logica Attn: Sokolovsky Vladimir 402 office, 7 Shkolnaya st 692900 Nakhodka, Primorsky kray Russian Federation phone: +7 4236 679340 phone: +7 4236 676801 phone: +7 4236 676802 fax-no: +7 4236 645596 e-mail: lir-adm@click here to reveal Port 1031 is a UDP port s
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