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  1. Thanks guys. I have not touched Recon in years now, I am enjoying the new breath of like. Rockfall is pretty good with these goggles abeit a little difficult.
  2. I just downloaded 7zip and tried with that. It worked. Just winzip had a problem ith it.
  3. I just tried again but its still not working for me I just keep getting this message. http://postimage.org/image/j2p6cv2ch/full/
  4. The comments section on the downloads page looks weird too, i was wondering if the two are linked in some way. The actual message i get is "Unknown Method"
  5. Fantastic! I just fired this baby up for the first time in a couple of years and I'm loving it.
  6. Hi Guys, i have not posted in a long time, but i do frequent these boards almost daily. I realise this may not be the correct forum, but i can not see one for Ghost Recon Online. I just thought that i would let you know i have got my hands on a Beta Key and i will be taking part in the beta testing. I will give some feedback on it as soon as i have played it, but obviously i must conform the the rules of the games makers before making any posts. Unfortunatly i feel that i might not be able to post screen shots or videos of ingame footage. Ricard This post has been edited by Apex
  7. I also loved the maps that were ported from Sum Of All Fears, that was a great game as well but playing those maps in GR gave me some of the hardest Close Quarter Battles ever. Ricard
  8. Hey ElectricdreamS If you wanna make the game even more fun, turn the threat indicator off all together i never play with it on, you will never run upright again in the game Ricard
  9. HX 40 Pah!!!! We used to play 60 on CQB Maps in multiplayer. Now that some quick decision making. Some of the ported CS maps were a ###### on GR as well. Im happy some of you guys are still modding, i have been tinkering with the editor recently and i was thinking i might make some new missions in this long cold summer we will have in england. The Recon part of this website is A+ Ricard
  10. ROFL [whisper]He didnt get it[/whisper] I did get it joseph, im sure its easy to sit there and get annoyed at other peoples post when you can run the game ok. I dont know if i will ever understand why one man cant understand another mans reasons for being upset. The reason i laughed at Sup's message was because A it was short, sweet and p!ss taking and B because it was the first reaction i expected to get.
  11. I played on the Ubi Servers once on GR and could not believe how people played. But that is what online war gaming is about fast quick games and death. My housemate still plays DE Dust on Counterstrike every night, i just dont understand it.
  12. thanks sup I really do hope people keep modding GR1 and keep it going. I will miss the Alpha Squad Tournaments
  13. I have been a huge supporter of GR for the last 3 years. I have bought numerous versions as my discs got scratched from over use. I have been looking forward to this one for the last two years only to find i will have to make serious upgrades to my computer to run it. Graphics were never an issue with GR we all loved it because of the gameplay. Now were expected to have the high spec computers to run it. I played a round on my friends computer recently and i must admit it looks great but the gameplay seems to have gone, the computer seems to only shoot at me. It seems this game was
  14. I was peeking around a corner my teammates were fully stood up shooting at the enemy i hadnt even touched the trigger.
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