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  1. You'll find us on the servers all the time, including this and other weekends!
  2. Play on GRiN Dedicated 1, it's the best of them! Honest!
  3. That one's a loading screen picture, so it's a touched up ingame shot.
  4. Yes and no, it's about the same only less gray/yellow-toned on top.
  5. Not to worry, those are added only in the trailer. The ghosts say some of the same things, but more "embedded" and not overlayed as in this movie. And you PhysX owners, we haven't forgotten you. I'm certain you'll be pleased.
  6. I saw some 1.35 testservers up yesterday! Hang in there a little while longer. We're making sure this one will plug the holes.
  7. Just to end further confusion: any and all fixes that we are testing/stressing are purely server side, and as we have not provided anyone with new files (for example files that would fix the client side GL crash) you will still experience local issues similar to the ones in 1.30.
  8. Just a couple of words of wisdom about the SADS and connection issues many have been experiencing. First of all, make sure the hardware you run SADS on meets the minimum game requirement. The server software calculates all physics and game values, so it's not easy on the system even if you don't need a good graphics card to run it. Secondly, we've fixed a number of the disconnect issues that have been plagueing players since the release of 1.30. Stay tuned for updates in that area. And now, back to the game. The third objective on this [GR] Coop map is really tricky. -- Stickan
  9. Don't want to steal TWL.Agent's credits here, he mentioned it first - but remove your custom_level maps for now, there are some new things with the new map downloader that doesn't play well with them. We'll address that. PS: this is for the ones getting startup crashes.
  10. It's not set in stone yet, the notes will be released in due time.
  11. Let me paste you the some of the lines from the "fixes" section: * Fixed aspect ratio bug with widescreen monitors. * Fixed shot/hit effect going off on spawn and sometimes when chatting. * Fixed issue where a player could get stuck in run animation. * Fixed glitch where you could run while crouching and still shoot. * Fixed an exit bug that would cause GRAW to perform an illegal operation when exiting. This is a great summary thread, much appreciated Roco and contributors! Stickan
  12. I'm investigating this now, but any crashlogs(crashlog.txt) or perhaps more detailed descriptions of the crashes would be very useful. Was it a clean crash to desktop or did it crash with a "C++ Runtime Error" window, for example?
  13. Can't promise that I'm afraid - if you want confirmation that someone is looking into reports then you're better of reporting them directly to Ubisoft than on a fan forum that we may or may not see. Always appreciated, of course, but there's no guarantee it'll reach us.
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