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  1. Hi, This crash is related to a corrupt or incorrect made custom level. Please remove the level from your custom_levels folder and try again.
  2. Hi, Are you trying to create a server on a custom map?
  3. As many of you might have noticed GRIN performed open tests together with players from GR.net last week. This was made possible by the fact that we only tried out some server side changes during those tests. However, I can confirm that a new patch containing both server and client side fixes is in the works and will be released sometime during the next couple of weeks. I can't comment anymore on the exact release date nor the full content of this patch. I know you're keen to find out but I trust you understand why we can't give you more information at this moment. Thanks!
  4. No Sui, it didn't crash actually. Although the laptop that was remote debugging the server did go into hibernation. This testing session is now over. Thank you all who's been participating, helping out us devs and having fun at the same time. We will let you know when we can use a helping hand again. That's it for now. GRIN out.
  5. Hi people, Some info for you who have been helping us. The server did go down again today. As you know by now we are doing some testing with a really slow server, so basically all circumstances are extremly bad (I've even put the lights out in the server room ). This helps us find some issues. We might put a server up again today for some more testing, I'm not sure. We will definately put one up sometime tomorrow though, most likely around noon (CET). BPR_MiK; thanks for the tip, but unfortunately we can't use this when debugging.
  6. Just to let you all know, the server is down again and we will wait until tomorrow before continuing since we need to adress some new stuff. Once again, thanks for helping.
  7. Server no 1 is up again. If you feel like it and have the time, please join in. As said, all we need you to do is play on the server. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the report. We've had this crash here also. It's happens because the server and the clients have different versions of the exe. (Which means it won't be a problem once the new patch is out.) We will take the servers down for a while now to do some fixing and then kick them back up asap. Thanks all for playing and helping out. Great fun!
  9. Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! It really helps a lot. The no. 1 server did crash yesterday which wasn't exactly what we hoped for, but it was still valuable since we got some important information out of that. We will change some server settings (based on some very valid points in here), and then kick the server back up within an hour or so. Some GRIN guys will try to join in during today as well. I trust I don't have to repeat the purpose of this test once more, right? /GRIN QA Manager (not the PR guy)
  10. Same with me First off, I need to clearify; This is not the official un-official beta testing. This is an open-for-all stress test of the server (thus all the changes are server-side and you don't need to update any files to participate). This also means that no other fixes can be tested now. That have to wait until we release a beta version of the next patch. The problems with the version check should be solved. Very sorry about that. Please note that the server is slow which is needed to stress the game, hang on during the loading times. We might put up a second, faster server later.
  11. Hi guys, We have continued to work hard trying to identify and fix the bugs you have helped us find during the last month. The latest fixes now needs to be tested in an open and demanding environment. Therefore we have set up a test server for you guys to play on. Have fun! Who knows, we just might pop in ... All you need to do is start up your copy of GRAW, look up the server and join. You don't need to get any special files. Server name is "GRIN test server", mode is TDM. Thanks!
  12. Technologies progresses hand in hand. Faster connections make possible more amounts of data being synced over networks. That is why you could play a game on a 28 kbps modem back in the days. It has nothing to do with programmers forgetting about the noble art of net coding. There is a setting for connection speed in GRAW, and when someone sets up a server it should be used properly for optimal gaming performance. The game will then adjust the amount of data being sent between server and clients. Take note that a server hosting 32 players must in fact have 32x the bandwith chosen in the game interface.
  13. LOL! OK, not really LOL. Really had the same problem. In SP, the 'Ready for bear' mission. Right after the first badguy tank. Anyone else catch that crash? It's a known issue and will be adressed in the upcoming patch. Thanks for reporting.
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