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  1. I've been playing a neat Mission(War Cry) over and over again. Sometimes the LAV-support is being destroyed and when the BMPs are rushing in, I always want to tell my squad to retreat - but there is no option for that..at least one that I found. Can I, before I enter a village/objective set a "fallback-position"-point where I am currently standing and then later just command my squad or whoever is left of it to just retreat to that before defined fallback-position ? If that is not possible, is there a small mod allowing the squad-leader to do so ?
  2. Some seem to forget, that CoD4 lived happily ever after without a Co-Op at all. This time they at least included a Co-Op - which is a step forward. At least for me. I am looking forward to going it, playing through the missions back-to-back with a buddy. Of course I don't like not being able to play through the campaign with a couple of friends, but I understood why they didn't include it in CoD4 for the same reason - at least this time they created some 2player-missions. I barely played on modded-servers, so I don't care as much that mod-support won't be there this time around. And if you know where to look, you'll never pay the full price. Main-reason behind that will be, to make us pay for the content that console-owners had to pay for with CoD4 and CoD5. But they are not getting my money for some small things like maps - so I don't really care.
  3. Before going all mad I'll wait and see how it plays out in the end once the game has been released. Maybe it sounds worse than it actually is - but sure, it doesn't sound good at all..now.
  4. From the latest gameplay one can tell, that this will unfortunately not be the case. I couldn't spot any recoil. Weapons hop right back to the spot you've been aiming at. I really hope that can be modded in - but then again, I was hoping for so much modding in CoD4 as well.
  5. I am honestly suprised that they can keep going after the bad reviews again. So glad that the title is popular enough, so that they can keep on supporting it and even announce an add-on! There still is so much more potential here with minor improvements in the interface and the campaign. Yeah, I am an ArmA-lover.
  6. Sad to see them close their doors. Their efforts on the forums here to include as much of our suggestions as possible were highly appreciated - even if Ubisoft just didn't allow for too much to happen. Anyways, I read that some of the Ex-GRINners already started a new studio(think it was outbreak studios) so in that matter, for every ending, there is a beginning. We will see them again, for sure. Good luck on the job-hunt. I've been there.
  7. Now I just want them to work on the animations(the shaking and the transitions) and Codemasters have themselves one more buyer.
  8. Now I haven't been a big fan of [OFP: DR] all the way since I first saw ingame-material and I was convinced it would turn out to be a game I don't really want to play. But with the new video, showing the game off shortly before its release and in a final state, I am pretty much sure I will end up buying the game, if PC-footage does convince me. Also a german preview states, that since their last review back in april, when they had been sure the developers could never finish the game properly until june, that they are now really impressed with the game the state it is in. On a notebook with a 7600GT the game runs smooth whilst still looking nice. Looks like they really used their time and they still have more room for improvement until september/october. Man, I hope some PC-footage will be released soon. Now I really want this game to be good.
  9. In the recent past some huge PC-titles already cost 59,99$. So far it didn't spread. But def not all shops will sell it for that price. At release day just look around your local stores or at your nearest mall. There is always shops selling it cheap the first couple of days.
  10. A button in the game-menu that is making something possible, everyone here wants simply by saying and supporting: "Click here to play the original GR with a new engine and technologies!"
  11. Crysis does it kinda. Only screen I could find quickly, since I am too lazy to fire up the game now to make one myself. wiki-linky
  12. This was meant to be released as another target-trailer, what they wanted to achieve with the visuals - obviously they did not release it since the graphics are way off but it has been leaked shortly afterwards. @viiiper - Yeah, I know with Red-Dot you see the surroundings, but I was hoping that we finally see the surroundings with a sniper-rifle as well.
  13. Anyone know what's up with the black around the scope ? Is it really, what I think it is ? Can't we get this in DR at least ?
  14. As long as only one of the games has been released, noone can tell for sure. Wait until Dragon Rising has been released in September.
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