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  1. Im sorry, I dont remember that. Been awhile since I wrote the code. But I fond one of my old posts with alot of other info. You might already have seen it, but I link to it anyway. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...mp;#entry494359 // Mattias
  2. If I remember correct the "capture_time value=5" means it takes 5 sec to capture a zone in Seige mode. // Mattias Wiking
  3. Hi Not 100% sure (been awhile since I made it) , but try \n for a new line. Mattias Wiking
  4. Ahh, then its something else. I dont read the offical forum anymore. To bad they cant get their facts right. Well I know that the netcode been worked on, the anticheat, screenshots, server logs and some more server stats. Becouse I did that before I left Grin. The shotgun is also added. The other things I done remember. But I do know that some more maps where added. Mattias Wiking
  5. Well, the first post in this thread has a partial list of adds & fixes, although it is mostly incorrect. ######ing incredible, ain't it? For not beeing any public post from UBI or GRIN it doesnt matter what the first post says. .wiking /ex.grin
  6. In januari I will start to work as an Associate Producer at Starbreeze here in Sweden. Ive had the chance to work with two great projects (Graw1 & GRAW2) but now its time for me to move on. I will still be visiting the community so you wont get rid of me that easy. Cheers! Mattias Wiking
  7. I just checked the code quick but as it looks it only enable/disable when players is tagging each other. I'll look for the "tag players in spawn" and see if its possible to disable. Didnt write that part so im not 100% sure how it works. // Mattias Wiking
  8. Hi th33f, yes, you can put allmost all the values from the "sb_server_settings.xml" in your "dedicated_game_info.xml". There is some settings that will be ignored depending on the current gamemode and I think there was one or two that could mess up the gamemode if you give it the wrong value. Dont remeber exact what it was, had the problem a couple a month ago. But I remember it was kind of obvious. (Something like switch_side="true" in a Deathmatch with only one team) =) // Mattias Wiking
  9. Hi. The problem in v 1.40 is that the file system can not save filename's with a * in it. This have been changed and will be patched. Regarding that a player with a [ turns up as "command failed" is new to me. I look into it. Please try both capturing him on his nickname and his player id. To get all player id's use /list in the console or chat. // Mattias
  10. Screens was enabled in 1.4 so it could be something else in 1.4 cant find member I think is a a pathing issue. Hi, it has nothing to do with the Auto Screenshot., but I have looked in to the crash problem and it should be fixed in the next patch. // Mattias Wiking
  11. After you have selected "lan only" and you are about to create your game. You can select "Lan campaign" in the menu. Do that twice. Even if it shows "Lan campaign" select it again. // Mattias
  12. Hi guys. Do you still recive "Kicked for altered game files"? I made a fix for this to the last patch (1.04) and I have not heard anything more about it. // Mattias Wiking
  13. Right now there is a bug that when creating a LAN game it can end up on the internet. You need to select "LAN" twice in the Create Server menu to make sure it is a LAN game you are going to create. This issue will be fixed. // Mattias Wiking
  14. There is no server_settings.xml, do you mean add these lines to the dedicated_game_info.xml or am I missing something ?? Hi, yes thats the one I mean. Sorry for being indistinct. // Mattias Wiking
  15. Hi there! Somehow I have missed this topic. Well if you just start the server with -q as argument no pop-up window will be showed. Example: c:\games\graw2\\graw2_dedicated.exe -q // Mattias Wiking
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