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  1. Hi guys - apologies for the 'newbie' question... I am trying to convince my multigaming clan - [RIP] - to give GR:AW a go. We have a few members already interested - but we really need to set up our own server to test out the co-op mode (which is what interests us)... Our server guys said 'fine' as long as I find out all the info about setting GR:AW up as a server game - so, can I ask you guys....HOW? Basically, what do I need to get GR:AW on a server - are there any resources or FAQs for this I should look at? ALso, what about Admin - are there any Rcon/Admin control apps out there you would recommend? I'd appreciate any advice that you can give, so I can pass it on to our server people! Cheers!
  2. First of all, thank you to everyone for your forthright replies... My own opinion is this... I have been completely underwhelmed by the GRAW demo, even though I have a moderately well spec'd PC (I play BF2 so it has to be), GRAW moans and groans under the strain. -- Something that a couple of you picked up on is that I don't get the same feeling of 'threat' - the enemy in GRAW seem like a bunch of shop window dummies. I was hoping to drop GR1 and BF2 in favour of GRAW, but this simply will not happen. I - like many others I suspect - am in the position where to get the 'best' out of GRAW I will have to spend upward of $250 to upgrade my graphics card. I don't have that kind of cash at the moment... I'm much happier being able to play GR1 with all the graphics turned up to MAX (and playing Year of the Monkey). I'm gutted.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the big acid test for GR:AW... Maybe this is a little premature as we only have the demo as yet (and there are obviously some issues with that), but we are talking game play here, so techical issues aside, do you think GR:AW is the death nell for GR1? Or do you intend to keep playing GR1 until someone finally gets the message and simply REMAKES GR1 with up to date graphics?
  4. ...Yeah - we mainly played the Co-Op - but did enjoy little shoot-outs at 'The Castle'!
  5. Blowing stuff up with C4 is fantastic fun - BUT is also a very handy tactical ability. I play BF2 just now and C4 is used a lot (and has it's own class - SPecial Ops - to use it). Blowing bridges is an obvious tactical advantage - but we also blow tanks, booby-trap flag areas and - and here's where you will probaly NOT like C4 - create 'Jehad Jeeps' (suicide vehicles). We have even attached C4 to aircraft - and watched with glee as the plane takes off and flys off into the ditstance and then KA-BOOM! Seriously though - there are good reasons to want to blow stuff up - and if you work stealthely or in a team there is no reason why it is not practical in a tactical situation... After all, Special Forces REALLY DO use C4 in the field!
  6. One of the things I enjoyed about GR1 was the ease of which you could set up a small LAN game at home (or in the office!) for you and your mates... I read the latest news about multiplayer aspects of GR:AW but can't quite get my head around whether this ease to set up your own server will still be available (I *think* it will). Does anyone else here like to set up small LANs between your mates at home ~ and how do you read the latest news - will this be a supported feature?
  7. Hi there Joseph... Sorry to hear about the extra wait! But nice to hear that it will be available in Poland. It's going to be nice to know we will be cracking into this new game all over the world! I'm currently trying to get interest in GR:AW in my gaming clan (OBC) which is a European clan, and I hope theye will be giving the game server space (there's a good level of interest so far among members).
  8. You said it... I am ticking off the days on my calander! I have pre-ordered already on Play.com (UK) and will be booking a few days off work to co-incide with th release! NO other game has ever had me this excited about it's release. ...THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF UNHAPPY GIRLFRIENDS/WIVES OUT THERE COME 5th MAY!!!
  9. Absolutely not mate! As I have said before - I am playing BF2 while I wait for GR:AW and I DESPERATELY miss proper mission based COOP. Multiplayer teamplaye might come close but it is still a competitive game - COOP is teamplay for teh purest. There are no egos in COOP, we all have to do our jobs to get the team win. My fingers are crossed for a COOP mode as good as GR1....Or better!
  10. As a avid player of EA's 'Battlefield 2' can I just say this about the 'no jumping'... GOOD! Unless you have played a tactical FPS like BF2 that allows players to jump (uninhibited) you cannot understand what a game spoiler that is! Multiplayer on GR:AW would turn into the shocking 'bunny hopping' fest that it has on BF2... EA has had to do a patch to combat this 'cheat' (which is what it is), but it still isn't perfect. I think Ubisoft/GRIN have done exactly the right thing.
  11. Read the review ( -- LOL --) and it was fantastic... My only regret is that because we are now getting closer to the actual release date, reviews like this just make me MORE impatient for the game itself! ...It DOESN'T make me feel any better that YOU guys have had a play and we haven't! LOL That said - good review, you concentrated on the important stuff we wanted to know - EXCEPT... The now almost CONSPIRATIONAL lack of info about the multi-player modes and formats! This is doing my napper in! LMAO -- We all know that this is 'where it's at' really, SP is just 'training' for MP. -- A little knowledge about the COOP mode as well would be good - but I realize that your hands are tied and you cannot report on what you haven't seen. So fingers crossed that coop fans of GR1 will not be disappointed! ( -- I am playing BF2 at the moment to 'fill in' unitil GR:AW comes out, and believe me when I say that BF2s complete lack of coop play against a 'mission' senario is a fatal flaw in that game (as is teh so-called 'single player' part of BF2). SO GR:AW cannot come soon enough for me! --)
  12. Well guys - it's getting close now... Play.com have the GR:AW page up ready for us to purchase in advance of the release (to be delivered when released on 5th May)! Play.com(UK) GR:AW £24.99 (delivered) I'm getting more and more excited! -
  13. To be honest I think it's 'horses for courses'... I have a high spec games PC for my strategy and FPS games... I have a Apple Mac for my design work... And I have an Xbox for when the lads come round for a drink and wanna play footy or a driving game (oh, and SIMS for the kids). Each does what it does well. I don't believe there is a 'one box does everything' solution - YET!
  14. LOL - OT, but - Dundee mate. ...Funnily enough half my platoon in OBC is made up of Scots ~ keeps the 'Southerners' on thier toes!
  15. Well done with this mod add-on - I've posted my thanks on your forum. Nice to see the ANZACs represented... Don't think there is much more you can add *EXCEPT* (for fun rather than historical accuracy) ~ there has always been speculation that the British SAS took part in small operations... This has NEVER been proven ~ and will NEVER be confirmed even if it was true. But there is a lot of speculation and hear-say about it ~ so wouldn't it be fun to add a bit of this Vietnam mythology to the game by putting in a British SAS trooper. The favoured silent assasination weapon of the time was the silenced version of the 9mm Sterling sub-machine gun (also favoured by the Australian SAS). This would be a nice controvercial 'twist'!
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