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  1. Playing w/ compatibility mod. I cannot see the first target during training. From my perch between the boxes I cannot see the church yard at all. This is due to draw distance not going far enough. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I will test tonight! I am most excited about the 300 m draw distance plus the extended enemy sight range. I also like the idea of it mattering if your teammates get smote during the campaign. Thanks a lot Wolfsong!
  3. Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to your update for 1.05 patch, and that I personally love the use of MULTICAM for the ghosts. Another detail I enjoy is that the Marines look better and don't have the failed XM8 as weapons.
  4. For those of you talking about tanks: You just got to sneak up on them very very carefully, plant C4, and blow them. Piece of cake right?
  5. Let me 2nd what NoQuarter just said, I LOVE 1911 GOODNESS. Can't wait till the weather improves so I can shoot mine somemore.
  6. I unbundled your entire mod and it works alright with the 1.05 patch. As you already said, you can't use the new GRIN weapons, but I could do the new coop map retrieve. However it looked like not all the kits where availible, not sure what's the story there.
  7. GLORIOUS!!! I can't wait to go home and install this guy! I also can't wait to play with the M240 next week. mmmmmm Support dude w/ m240, Me with Mk 12 & Sig 552, filled out with M468 guy & M4 w/ nades. Awesome! PS, MULTICAM is the bomb
  8. Argh! #1 was right, I forgot the decals folder under effects!!!! Thanks a ton Agent Smith!!!
  9. Thanks a ton. When I use your mod it works fine, when I try to switch around my Local folders and use that simple file nothing happens.
  10. Hopefully in the next patch I might be able to figure something out about this.
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